On Review: Norco Torrent 7


Announced late summer 2015, the Torrent 7 is Norco’s “aggressive” all-mountain hardtail and also happens to be the BC-based bike company’s first crack at the increasingly-popular 27.5+ game. Located within earshot of the ever-so-epic, steep-and-deep trails of the North Shore, you can count on Norco designing their rookie mid-fatty with the capability to handle just about anything you can dig up. While the Torrent’s figures seem to equate fervently …

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Breaking News: Santa Cruz Announces New Hightower 27.5+/29er

All photos courtesy of Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz has just announced an all-new mountain bike in their lineup: the Hightower 27.5+/29er. This new rig is available stock in both wheel size configurations and can be switched between the two without making any negative geometry compromises. The Hightower steps into the noticeable gap that was left by the discontinuation of the Tallboy LT 29er …

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Final Review: The Foes Mixer Enduro


I finished the Foes Mixer Enduro “On Review” article by promising to answer the question  of whether the new mixed wheel (29″ up front and 27.5″ in the rear) bike is a “gimmick or a game changer. ” I won’t make you read this entire article to get the answer to that question.  I will …

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Podcast: Eliminating Pain Through Bike Fitting


In this podcast we talk with healthcare professional and Singletracks writer Chris Daniels about eliminating pain on the bike through bike fit and other techniques. We also discuss the things that are grinding our gears including 27.5+ wheels, horse crap on the trail, and more.

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Podcast: What’s the Deal With Plus Size MTB Tires and Wheels?


In this episode we talk with Maxxis bike marketing specialist Bobby Brown about plus size mountain bike tires and wheels. After discussing the pros and cons of plus-size tires, we talk about the best applications, what’s happening to 29+, and why 27.5+ bikes seem to be sweeping the market. You can subscribe to the Singletracks …

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Test Ride Review: Knolly Warden and I9 Enduro Wheelset


I have always found Knolly to be an intriguing brand.  Between their reputation for hardcore durability and their unique Four by 4 suspension design, they always seemed to be a brand I would take to, even as they became somewhat archaic by modern standards, sticking with aluminum and eschewing the trend toward racing to be …

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Test Ride Review: Intense Tracer 275C Pro


Intense Cycles’ Tracer 275C has become the stuff of legends, but sometimes, unless you get up close and personal with a legendary figure, you’ll never know how much of what you’ve heard is fact, and how much is fiction. With the Tracer, despite its legendary status, I found that everything I’d heard fell in the …

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