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The Bull / Jake Mountain system is full of single track and there is plenty of fast downhill throughout. The scenery is great, too. Mountain laurel makes tunnels over parts of the trail and there are creek crossings and waterfalls. The trails are basically split 30% primative road, 30% doubletrack, 40% singletrack. This area can be confusing so be sure to bring a map! Plenty of forest road intersections and bail out points.

Total climb for the entire network is about 3,000 feet, though there are several loops you can make with as little as a few hundred feet of climbing each.

Update 7/11/13 by mtbgreg1:

Some people have mixed feelings about the Bull/Jake Mountain trail system, one thing is certain: this trail system is one of the premiere mountain bike destinations in North Georgia. Sure, there are better trails in North Georgia, but there are definitely worse trails, too. If you're looking for riding in the Dahlonega/Dawsonville/Helen area, this is undoubtedly the place to go.

The trails have changed significantly in the past couple of years, and they will continue to change. The US Forest Service has been rerouting many of the trails that were built unsustainably. Again, these reroutes aren't without their detractors (as the new trails are very buff and smooth), but in general the riding in the Bull Mountain area is now the best it has ever been. And with new trails proposed in the coming years, the riding here stands to get even better.

Right now, the trail system can be split into two different halves. The Jake Mountain side of the system (which includes trails such as Jake Mountain, Black Branch, No Tell, Turner Creek and Moss Creek) is, on average, flatter and smoother than the Bull Mountain side of the trail system. If you're not from the mountains, don't let that fool you, though. Despite being flatter than the Bull Mountain side, nothing out here qualifies as "flat": you can still easily climb a couple thousand feet in less than 20 miles.

On the Bull Mountain side of the trail system, the trails on average are steeper, with longer climbs, and are rougher and more technical. The Bull Mountain, Whoops, and Lance Creek trails comprise this half of the system, and the Jake-to-Bull connector and Jones Creek Ridge trails function as the links between the two halves. Consequently, Jones Creek Ridge and Jake-to-Bull have more climbing than the Jake side, but are smoother than the Bull side.

Without a doubt, the full Bull Mountain loop is the main challenge, with long, steep climbs, fast descents, and some decent rocks to keep things interesting. The Bare Hare trail at the top of the Bull Mountain loop also reaches the highest elevation of any of the mountain bike-legal singletrack trails in the area, providing some pretty cool mountain riding.

When you come up here, be warned: this is one of the most popular equestrian trail systems in North Georgia, so be prepared to yield the trail to horses. But don't let that deter you from experiencing the awesome mountain biking!

For a loop route with the most singletrack riding and the least gravel road, and absolutely NO backtracking, be sure to check out the map for the Dirty Thirty recommended route.
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Q: Where can I get a map of these trails? -Guest

A: Simply click on the "Topo Map" button at the top of this page. Alternatively, check out National Geographic map #777... however, with the recent reroutes, that Nat Geo map is a bit out of date.

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System Trails (14)
System Trails (14)
Jones Creek Ridge Trail
Jake Mountain Trails
Black Branch
Turner Creek Trail
Jake to Bull Mountain Connecter
No Tell Trail
Moss Creek
Lance Creek / 223a / Fdr-77a / West Jones Creek
Whoop-de-dos / #223c
Bull Mountain Cutoff / Fdr-83 / 223d
Bare Hare / 223b / Saddle Back
Bull Mountain / 223
28a / 223k
Black Branch Connector
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June 3, 2015
Review: Anyone been there the last week or so? What are the trail conditions with the rain we have been having?

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Bunny Hop

May 26, 2015
Review: Awesome trails. Some serious hills, overall great place, take lots of water and a snack. You can easily spend hours out there.

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Bunny Hop

May 23, 2015
scabbydog Bunny Hop  
Review: Great single track, some hard climbs/hikes, and some beautiful descents that you can get some real speed on.

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Granny Gear

March 13, 2015
Review: 30 miles of pure Single Track Joy. Great Climbs and even better descents. Fast Flowing downhill. Smiles for miles.

Similar Trail: Chicopee woods

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August 16, 2014
GTechRacer Trailblazer  
Review: I feel like these trails don't get the love they deserve. I remember going here for the first time back in early January and it being 30 degrees and having a blast. It's my favorite trail since then in Georgia, just slightly better than the bear creek-pinhoti area. Here you can do about 35 miles, I believe, of a nearly pure singletrack loop and if you want to do more, just combine it with winding stair. The backcountry feel also adds a special touch to this place and it has some decent views. Avoid going through the first part of Jake Mountain during the cold season though which you can easily find a route around due to the deep creek. Also go down Bull Mountain and up Saddle Back for an easier climb and funner descent.

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April 13, 2014
Review: I meant to give this 4 stars. I've actually ridden Jake Mt with a friend and really enjoyed it. However, I could see getting lost without a map. Posts are numbered, but I highly suggest a map to make sense of them.

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April 13, 2014
Review: I rode Bull Mt yesterday, and a friend had prepared me. I enjoyed it, but it is a workout. Basically 6 miles uphill, a couple downhill, then some more work. This, to me, is a "I need to burn some calories or frustration or energy" ride. :). I would not call it flowy. I worked for the first 6 miles, but I liked it. I didn't see one other person until I got near Jones Creek. A few creek crossings. One that you will def have wet shoes or remove them. Removing them seemed like too much effort to me. I would definitely dl a map on your phone. It helped me. No T-Mobile service, so save he PDF or so something. Very pretty ride, but I probably won't be back until I feel like I need to punish myself for bingeing on chocolate or something. ;) Seriously though, it is nice. I'd just describe it as a great workout and not smiles and flowiness.

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March 25, 2014
Fit4Life28 Doubletrack  
Review: This is my home trail system so I could write details about every little thing but I'm only gonna cover the big picture today.

As other reviews said there has even a lot of trail work. The forest service has a new map out and there should be some in the kiosk at the Jake parking lot. If you like to plan ahead message me on here and I can email you a digital copy of the new map.

The only reason I don't give this trail a 5 star is because it doubles as a horse trail and you often times have to dodge fresh piles of horse doodoo.

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Bunny Hop

August 26, 2013
brcjacks Bunny Hop  
Review: Could be a 5 star if only there was better trail markings or a better trail flow, and better views.
If you're not familiar with riding the north GA mountains make sure you OVER prepare. Bring twice the calories and water you think you'll need and bring a good detailed laminated or waterproof map. You will be referring to it often and if you did like me, printed it and stuff it in a jersey pocket, your map will soon tattered and torn like a 100 year old pirate map to buried treasure.
Obviously, bringing tools and repair supplies goes without saying. Take the time to familiarize yourself with both the trails you plan to ride and the nearby trails so if you end up somewhere you don't want to be at least you'll know where you are.
If you ask a local for directions, be warned that they will refer to trails with names that are not posted, and you will be referring to the posted trail references, like 233E, and they'll claim they've never seen those signs. In my experience, their help did more bad than good.
For those who don't know, there are numerous dirt/gravel FS (Forest Service) roads throughout the region and the singletrack trails run between them. Eventually the trail you're riding will intersect with a FS road and it will likely NOT pickup directly across the road. In most cases you will need to go up or down the road for a bit to find the next trail or pick-up the trail you were just on.
Now, on to the surface review. The trails are excellent. They flow well, are diverse and challenging. There are a few stream crossing, one was over 2 feet deep and the others were easily ridable. The climb up Bull mtn going CCW is the most difficult by far. It starts with a brief but steep climb that feels like a punch in the face if you haven't had any warm-up. After that it settle down a bit and gives you a pretty steady diet of 150 ft up and 150 feet down before reaching the main climb at about 9 miles in. This climb continues almost non-stop for about 3 miles before a fast and furious 6 mile descent that will last for about 45 minutes. It's actually a 3 long descents broken up with 2 sections that are are fairly flat and last for 10 minutes each.
If you continue on to Jake mtn the climbs are only half of Bull mtn and the trails are most less technical. There is a lot of new trail on Jake as well. Again, navigating these trails is chore. My riding partner and I were constantly stopping and referring to our maps trying to figure out where we were.
We set out to ride 28.5 miles and ended up doing 35 with all the wrong turns and searching for trails. While this was my first trip to ride North GA single track, I had been to the area a few times previously just to ride the FS roads in preparation for the Southern Cross 50 miler. This is not a region to take lightly.

Similar Trail: Pinhoti (Snake Creek Gap)

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World Champ

July 11, 2013
Greg Heil World Champ  
Review: Be sure to read the information that I added to the trail listing above on 7/11/13. There's been some great trail work done on these trails in the past couple of years, and this trail system truly is one of the premiere mountain biking destinations in North Georgia. However, I'm still not going to give it 5 stars, as there's plenty of improvement that could still be done!!

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World Champ

July 27, 2013
Review: This is not a review ,but I did ride it back in Dec.2008 Yeh, it was quiet cold. I have a trail map from 2008 . I would like to know how much different has the trail change since then? If there is a way if someone has a copy of the newer trail map; could they email it to me at = muddymtbiker72@gmail.com ?

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Bull / Jake Mountain MTB Trail 4.20 out of 5 based on 57 ratings. 57 user reviews.
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