Video: Kali’s Rookie Marvel: Nicholi Rogatkin

2014-08-16 kali

Kali Protectives is proud to announce the launch of, “Kali’s Rookie Marvel: Nicholi Rogatkin”, a new edit featuring Kali athlete, Nicholi Rogatkin. Rogatkin was a game changer in the BMX world when we met him five years ago, and in his rookie year on the FMB World Tour, he’s done nothing but impress us with …

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Video: Train Over a Set of Massive Jumps, Complete with a Superman & Backflip

2014-08-04 superman

Andreu Lacondeguy, Kurt Sorge, and a few others dropped in for a train down some absolutely gigantic jumps in Belgium… the superman and backflip to end the video are insane! FEST series – Loosefest – POV video from fest series on Vimeo. (Watch the video here.)

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News: Mitsubishi Launches Freeride Mountain Bike Ad Campaign Featuring Cam McCaul and Cam Zink


We’ve reported in the past about mainstream companies using mountain biking in their advertising campaigns, but Mitsubishi’s newest campaign might be one of the most far-reaching thus far. Instead of a single TV spot, Mitsubishi has put together an assortment of videos, complete with behind the scenes footage and more. And while yeah, we know …

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