Cliff Cave trail work. Photo: Matt Hayes / GORC.

Congratulations to the 2012 Singletracks trail grant recipients, the Gateway Off Road Cyclists (GORC) of St. Louis, MO and the Birmingham Urban Mountain Pedalers (BUMP) of Alabama. Each club will receive a $500 cash grant toward building and maintaining mountain bike trails in their area!

We’re stoked to see so many active mountain bike clubs around the US and truly appreciate all the effort each puts toward keeping trails on the ground. Ready to get involved? Check out our list of mountain bike clubs in the US and Canada to get connected to your local trail advocacy group.

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  • Bubblehead10MM

    Good for them. and us. If I ever happen to show up and there’s trail building going on, I dig, but I rarely can plan ahead. I’m totally dependent on the people who do the trail work.

  • gottniner

    Thank you Single Tracks for the grant to GORC. It will be put to good use.

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