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Canyon Creek Trail
Avg Rating: (5.00 out of 5) 1 trail review
Difficulty: Advanced bike trail - Advanced
Length: 20 miles Global Rank: #842
Tread: Singletrack Configuration: Loop
Ridden: 7 Wishlist: 11
0 trail check-ins
Average Speed: 4.1 mph Average Time: 4hr 30min
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Crest Trail is so yesterday! Last year I rode Canyon Creek Trail instead and wasn’t disappointed. One of the best rides of the year maybe ever. It was the perfect MTB ride for me. A ride up an old mining road almost to the top of Tomichi Pass. An alpine hike-a-bike. Ten miles of true downhill ! Mostly smooth singletrack with some fun technical sections.
Start riding up CR 888 following the road to Tomichi Pass.When the pass comes into view watch for Canyon Creek Trail to take off to the left (west). You can ride a short distance then it’s a 1 hour hike-a-bike to the top. The 10 miles of downhill is so sweet! One more little hike-a-bike some fun switchbacks and you’re back on the road. I thought route finding was easy but a wrong turn would be costly so get the guide book and a map. Saw no other MTB riders but this trail is open to motorcycles and I saw a couple.

added by lostcause Gnarly on March 4, 2009

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skipowder on August 30, 2010
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Review: Rode this last week. Not closed unless you want to keep it a secret. Out of the gate you start a slow climb for two miles then after passing through town it really begins to climb for 8 miles, the trail cuts off just short of the pass where you can push or carry for the next hour to the top of the ridge. From there: uninterrupted single track that is middle of big chain ring for 16 miles! A harsh hill near the end interrupts the flow but the bonus is another 2 mile downhill to the car park. Technically easier than the Crest trail but the climbing and carrying even things out a bit.

Similar Trail: Crest/Rainbow .. you're there already.

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