News: Hermosa Tours Launches AZT Expeditions

All photos courtesy of Hermosa Tours.

Hermosa Tours has just announced a new branch of their company and tour offerings, dubbed AZT Expeditions. AZT Expeditions is essentially a long-term, exclusive partnership with the Arizona Trail Association to offer Hermosa Tours’ unique self-guided trip format on the Arizona Trail. AZT Expeditions obviously offers the tours for mountain biking, but they also cater …

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Planning Your Summer MTB Adventures


It’s officially spring and while there may still be snow on the ground in some spots, it’s time to start planning an epic mountain bike trip for the summer! Depending on your budget and the level of adventure you’re seeking, here are three types of bike trips to consider. Guided & Supported MTB Trips If …

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Little Rippers: MTB Kids


One of the coolest (and frankly cutest) things you can see is a two year old kid with an over-sized helmet and tiny knee and elbow pads pushing around his little pedal cart or plastic trike. I’ve been noticing a ton of kids at Joyride 150 this winter learning how to ride in the safety …

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