Mountain Biking Movie: “Path Finder”

2015-03-24 1 enduro mtb movie

"Path Finder" [FULL MTB MOVIE] from ASF Studio on Vimeo. Kick back, grab a beer, and enjoy this full-length 48-minute mountain biking movie! Official description: “Over 9 months took to prepare, a new Kross supported video called “Path Finder” Film presents the trip of old enduro stagers, Mariusz Bryja and Tomek D?biec who visited wildest …

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MTB Film Review: The Potential Inside


I’ve often wondered: are documentaries and shred films like the Collective series the only way to get mountain biking on screen? I mean, sure mountain biking makes a cameo in regular movies from time to time but it’s never been a central part of the backdrop in an on-screen drama. Until now. The Potential Inside …

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Race Across the Sky 2010


Last year’s Race Across the Sky was a great mountain bike movie that seemed to have it all: star power (Lance Armstrong), an epic clash between an outsider and a local hero (Armstrong and Dave Wiens), and a beautiful and harsh natural backdrop (Colorado, 10,000 feet above sea level). To top it all off the …

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Two Mountain Bike Films


These days mountain bike movies seem to come in two flavors: documentary and music video montages. Both formats seem to work well, though we’re a little bummed no one has found a way to make a scripted mountain bike film that isn’t completely cheesy. Anyway, this week we came across two mountain bike films that …

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Race Across the Sky Movie Report


Last night I watched Race Across the Sky, the movie about this year’s Leadville 100 MTB race and I gotta say it was pretty awesome. I was surprised the see the movie theater auditorium mostly full and I’d estimate there were at least 200+ people at my showing. The movie started off a little weird …

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Race Across the Sky MTB Movie in Theaters Tomorrow


… or today, depending on when you read this The movie is playing for one night only in movie theaters across the country and a quick check shows there are still plenty of tickets available. Surprising, especially since the movie features Mr. Dave Wiens himself (oh yeah, and also Lance Armstrong). My hope is that …

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