Foreclosure Hits Mountain Bike Brand Titus

And we thought foreclosures were just for homeowners! Last month creditor Factors Southwest foreclosed on Titus Bikes in Arizona for failure to pay the bills. British bike company Planet X Ltd. scooped up the brand assets late last month at public auction (though we weren’t able to find the price mentioned anywhere). Too bad Titus couldn’t hold on just a little longer – all signs point to a big recovery in the bike industry with players like Fox posting huge sales gains recently…

3 thoughts on “Foreclosure Hits Mountain Bike Brand Titus

  1. I don’t think Titus will go away. Planet X also owns On-One, and good things are happening there, lots of new hardtails coming out, in titanium and carbon at reasonable prices. I’m guessing Titus will be their higher end, full suspension company. Will be interesting to see what happens!

  2. I am the On-One and Titus “Voice in America.”

    We have the latest news on the Titus site
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