How To Start Bikepacking

Explore the wild via mountain bike. Photo Credit: Revelate Designs

Hopefully after reading the 10 Bikepacking Races to Put on Your Calendar article some of you may have felt a twinge of inspiration to head out on an adventure. However, you may not yet know exactly how to embark on said adventure just yet. This article is meant for you, budding bikepacker. In its simplest …

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Review: The New Easton 35 Cockpit: Haven 35 Carbon Low Rise Bar, Haven 35 Stem, and Grips


First of all, why 35? To paraphrase a friend of mine who is a mechanic, the biking industry is unique in that innovation makes its own predecessors obsolete. Like me, the first question that many readers may ask is, “why bother changing the diameter of a handlebar that has worked so well for so many years? …

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News: Garmin Announces New eTrex GPS Units


The Garmin eTrex is pretty much the grandaddy of every portable recreational GPS device on the trail and today Garmin announces two updated models, the 30x and 20x. Each supports both GPS and GLONASS satellites for improved accuracy and coverage plus color screens and 3.7Gb of internal memory (double the memory of previous eTrex 20 …

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News: FLY Racing Releases Prizm Knee Guard

The new Prizm knee guard from FLY Racing

Late last week FLY Racing announced the Prizm, a new low-profile knee guard. It uses a thin, high density foam cut in a ‘prismatic pattern’ that allows it to conform to your knee. Furthering the comfort level is the fact that the foam becomes malleable when it gets warm. When you heat up during your ride, …

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Kali Protectives Launches New Skate Style Helmet

Kali Viva

Kali Protectives just announced a new skate-style helmet, the Viva, that seeks to lower the profile of traditional skate style helmets. The company claims it’s “the most technologically advanced BMX/Dirt Jump helmet ever made,” all for just $50 MSRP. The Viva has been 3 years in the making and utilizes the company’s Composite Fusion technology. …

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Opinion: There’s Nothing Wrong with Your Bike

My buddy Kashief from the Faster Mustache Wheels to the Farm Race earlier this year

Fat bikes. 11-speed drivetrains. Boost spacing on hubs, forks, and frames. 27.5 (or 29) plus. Electronic shifting and suspension. Enduro blue. Visit any mountain bike website–including ours–and you’ll see articles about new products or standards that claim to be “game-changing” or “the next big thing.” The pace of so-called “innovation” seems to really have ramped …

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Review: Trail LED 3000 Lumen Bike Light


We get asked to review a lot of bike lights but truthfully, many are just knock-offs and re-brands of existing light systems. So when Grady from Trail LED reached out about reviewing a light after reading my non-review of the 5,000-lumen SolarStorm, I was hesitant. Then I realized this is the same company that produces …

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