Breaking News: SRAM Announces Entry-Level 1×11 Drivetrain: The NX1

All photos courtesy of SRAM.

With the release of SRAM’s GX drivetrain last year we finally exclaimed, “Ah, now 1×11 is actually affordable!” And that is undoubtedly still the case for that drivetrain: GX offers an incredible value for the money, and will serve most any rider well for a very long time. Just read Aaron’s in-depth review for evidence. While GX …

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SQlab 611 Active Saddle Review: Rider Tested, Urologist Approved


“Performance based ergonomics.” Perhaps just another way of saying, “If the shoe fits, wear it.” And if the bike fits, rip it! Yet there’s something very sexy in the suggestion of “ergonomic.” When we think of the term, we think: form-fitting, comfortable, an extension of our body, something God Himself would have created in The Beginning if …

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Spank Spike 800 Race Vibrocore Bar and Spank Oozy Trail Stem Review


Vibrocore is a complex, low density material filling the inside of the Spike 800 Race Team Edition handlebar in an effort, by Spank, to dissipate surface-induced vibration transmission. Here, I review the 800mm wide, 30mm rise Spike handlebar weighing in at just over 325g paired with a 50mm Spank Oozy Trail Stem, which will also be discussed. Spank gave …

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Breaking News: Santa Cruz Announces New Hightower 27.5+/29er

All photos courtesy of Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz has just announced an all-new mountain bike in their lineup: the Hightower 27.5+/29er. This new rig is available stock in both wheel size configurations and can be switched between the two without making any negative geometry compromises. The Hightower steps into the noticeable gap that was left by the discontinuation of the Tallboy LT 29er …

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What do you think about motor doping?


A hidden motor was discovered in a bike at the UCI Cyclocross World Championships this past weekend. The offending rider was Femke Van den Driessche (Team Kleur op Maat). This is outstanding as the first confirmed case of motor doping, also refered to by some as  “technological doping” or “mechanical doping.” There is some dispute about …

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Hope Slick Chain Device Review


Along with their crankset, Hope sent over their Slick Chain Device for review. It’s a chain guide intended to be run with a 1x drivetrain. Unfortunately, the Zen TRAIL frame that I used for testing the cranks didn’t have ISCG-05 tabs on it, so I wasn’t able to use it on that bike. My Kona Process does …

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News: Lindarets Announces the Boostinator

Bostinator DF Outside

Lindarets–makers of the Remount and Goat Link–have announced the “Boostinator,” a clever bit of kit that allows you to adapt certain 100x15mm front and 142x12mm rear hubs to the wider Boost standard. Assuming you have a wheelset with compatible hubs, it could save you a huge chunk of change when you upgrade to a new Boost frame and …

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