Revolution Helmet from Lazer Features Removable Chin Guard and Helmet Cam Mount

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This week Lazer announced the Revolution enduro helmet with a removable chin guard, similar to the wildly-popular Bell Super 2R. Not only that, this modular enduro lid also features an integrated SMS mounting system port for attaching a helmet camera or bike light. The Lazer Revolution offers more venting than a lot of the enduro …

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Norco Announces 27.5+ Bike: The Torrent 7


Norco quietly added a new bike to their website called the Torrent 7, a 27.5+ trail bike that looks like a blast to ride! The Torrent 7 is a hardtail aluminum bike with a slack, 67-degree head tube angle designed around a 120mm+ suspension fork for aggressive singletrack riding. Both the 7.1 and 7.2 Torrent models …

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Review: Minimalist Armor From Bliss


Of all avid cyclists, the percentage who ride with protection (beyond a standard helmet) is pretty low. Many of us don’t regularly ride terrain that really demands pads, and for those of us who do, the inconvenience simply outweighs the benefit gained. That’s all assuming we don’t crash badly, in which case we will probably …

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Pivot Announces Revamped Mach 6, New Aluminum Version


Earlier today Pivot announced a revamp of the Mach 6 that promises to “up the enduro ante,” and based on what we’ve read, this is a big upgrade. Already one of the top enduro bikes (the second most popular among mountain bikers, according to our recent survey), the Mach 6 will now be offered in …

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News: Fatback Announces Two New Fat Bike Models


Fatback announced two new fat bike models this week: the Skookum and Rhino. Each new bike is designed around a 4.8″ 26er tire and Fatback claims you can fit a 27.5+ or even 29+ wheel if you prefer. Both bikes utilize the Fatback-designed, 197mm rear hub spacing which keeps the Q-factor on the cranks totally …

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