Canfield Brothers Announces Their First-Ever Factory Builds

canfield riot

Besides riding your bike, nothing is more satisfying than building your bike with a careful, well-thought, and personalized collection of your favorite parts. The reality, however, is the bike building process is a time-consuming one and, more times than not, a more expensive route than purchasing a complete, shred-ready ride. For a couple years now, …

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The Revant Elite HC3 Lenses Are Optimized for Specific MTB Environments – A Review


When I took my freshman physics course in college, my favorite block was optics. I could get really geeked out studying light wavelengths and how they could be bent, filtered, reflected, and refracted.  But once that block was complete and the test successfully passed, I did my usual brain dump to clear space for the …

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Hincapie Fission Bib Knicker Review

I'll rail berms in lycra if I want to

The Fission Bib Knicker from Hincapie is the perfect pair of riding shorts for cool spring and fall weather, or even as a base layer during mid-winter. While I had gotten along just fine riding in cold weather without the Fission, adding this garment to my wardrobe has radically simplified the process of getting out the …

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Convert Your 27.5 Bike to 26+ with Rims and Tires from WTB


Over the past few years many riders have purchased 27.5 bikes, only to have plus-envy once 27.5+ bikes started catching on. Some intrepid 29er owners (including yours truly) found they could convert their bikes to 27.5+ using WTB Scraper rims and Trailblazer tires. In fact, the Scraper/Trailblazer combo was designed with this purpose in mind. Now, WTB is …

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