Holiday Gift Guide for Mountain Bikers: Repurposed Bike Parts

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year… again. And again, another holiday season will pass where, despite your best intentions, your mountain bike-related gift will be met with forced smiles, obligatory gratitude, and half-hearted attempts to use it. You’ve seen the way your significant other (SO) shops their mountain bike gear: weighing it in …

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It’s Easier Than You Think to Buy Mountain Bikes from Many Brands Online

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Earlier this year Trek made a big splash by announcing online bike sales, an announcement that was met with its share of controversy.  For many years it seemed as if online bike sales would never become a reality, despite virtually every other industry on the planet embracing internet sales. Yet here we are in 2015 …

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30(!) Offline Mountain Bike Brands You Can Buy From Online Retailers


Buying a mountain bike online is still a relatively new concept, especially among the big brands like Specialized, Trek, and Giant. But much to our surprise, we found 30 mountain bike brands, including Santa Cruz, Yeti, Niner, and Pivot, that are currently selling at least some of their bikes online to consumers. Here are the …

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Holiday Gift Guide for Mountain Bikers: Apparel

Photo: Greg Heil

Putting the proper components on your bike is half the battle, but the other half–especially during the winter months–is dressing the part. If you’re shopping for a mountain biker (or yourself) this holiday season, here are some key clothing items for cross country riders, trail/enduro riders, and fat bikers. Cross Country Shopping for the no-compromise, …

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Review: Deity Blacklabel 25 Bars


Warning: I am not reviewing the latest-and-greatest overbuilt 35mm diameter, featherweight carbon handlebar. No thanks. Give me something I can feel. Give me something that talks back to me. Something I don’t have to constantly paste, torque, and coddle every night. Something that, due to my artless, amateur riding, will bend before it breaks and …

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10 Mountain Bikes We Want to See Under the Tree this Christmas

Photo: Alex Molick

Some way some how, mountain bike engineers continue to improving the bikes we ride, year after year! This Christmas, we’re salivating over these 10 new-and-improved mountain bikes–hopefully Santa drops one off for you this year! The Marin Pine Mountain It’s retro: it’s rigid, it’s steel, and most importantly, it’s FUN! The newest incarnation of Marin’s …

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Lazer Oasiz MIPS Review

Sharp lines on the Lazer Oasiz

The Oasiz sits atop Lazer’s MTB line as their premiere trail helmet. Tested here is the MIPS-equipped version of the Oasiz, which retails for $160. It’s also available without MIPS for $140. Both versions are offered in seven color ways from the subdued Black Grey Matte (tested) to the pupil-searing Flash Yellow. Design Styling on …

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