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on 4/1/14 by John Richards
Coal Creek Trail
Avg Rating: (3.33 out of 5) 3 trail reviews
Difficulty: Beginner bike trail - Beginner
Length: 10 miles Global Rank: #5608
Tread: Doubletrack Configuration: Out & Back
Ridden: 39 Wishlist: 11
5 trail check-ins Climb // Descend
+600 // -600 feet
Average Speed: 11.5 mph Average Time: 1hr 30min
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The trail is a 10 foot wide graded path that runs along Coal Creek. The trail is lined by trees most of the way, goes by a golf course, and is rather serene. It\'s not technical in any way, but will give you a chance to work on your spinning. Good ride to take with the young kids. There are a few livestock gates to pass through, and you may see a small herd of horses that are not afraid of bikers. The trail passes under the major roads in the area.

added by Rob Gramcounter on October 10, 2006

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trailsnet on May 30, 2011
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Review: This is a fun trail to get from Louisville to some of the trails west of Superior. I especially enjoy riding Coal Creek Trail to the new loop trail that starts in old town Superior.

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0621 on June 29, 2010
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Review: Coal Creek trail is a nice little trail. Bring your dogs with you! This trail is about as easy as it gets. Nice and smooth, a few short hills. There's a few nice short single tracks that run closer to the stream. Defiantly check it out if you live near by.

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arnolda14 on June 5, 2007
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Review: This is a great city path with a few little segments of flat singletrack that dart in and out of the main trail. Lots of Herons and Kingfishers plus the occasional housecat. As crusherfine trails go, this is a pretty good one. I'll give it a "6" with the caveat that this is the highest possible score for a crusherfine city trail. I ride it all the time.

Similar Trail: The best city trails around here are the ones that go up Cherry Creek and Boulder Creek.

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