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added by Greg Heil World Champ on June 6, 2012
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Access the new Raspberry Ridge / Blackjack trails by dropping down the Homestead trail and picking up Raspberry Ridge as it peels off to the left.

Raspberry ridge is a technical climb complete with chunky rock sections and steep slickrock that basically functions as an access trail to Blackjack. Be warned: if you can't ride Raspberry Ridge, you are going to have some major issues with Blackjack.

Blackjack is advertised as a technical, black diamond freeride trail. Don't believe it because all of the other trails at Buffalo Creek are so buttery smooth? Believe it.

Blackjack is a gnarly freeride area that is tough in the easiest of spots and downright extreme in the most technical. Major trail features are labeled with ratings going up to double black diamond. Major features include steep chutes, drops up to five feet, chunky rock gardens, and steep slickrock rolls. Some sections have blue or green bypasses (although take note: blue and green by Blackjack standards is black by other standards), but many do not. Always ride in control and be sure to scout out the serious features before you ride them.
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on Sep 9, 2013
stumpyfsr on February 12, 2014
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Review: The most challenging trail I ever seen. But if a rider able to clean this one he'll never have any problem riding anywhere.
Lines are made with natural futures and super steep.
If not sure about your abilities, walk it first - there is no help close.
I rode/walk this trail a few years ago and want to come back. It's hard and scary, still addictive.

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Michael Paul on November 20, 2013
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Review: There is nothing else like this trail in Colorado that I have found. It is the definition of technical. Rasberry Ridge is 100% ride-able if you have the fitness, but BlackJack is another story. Steep long rollers and a few drops with a high cost of failure. Amazing views of the Buff Creek area. Tons of traction on the rocks. A great place to test your mettle and go back again and again to try new lines and work on skills. I rode this on my fat bike last weekend and found a new appreciation for a lot of the steeper rocks...definitely a different experience than riding it on my Niner! COMBA did a GREAT job creating this trail...just don't ride it alone if you are not familiar with it: easy to get hurt, and the trail can be hard to find in places. Despite the running joke, there is no medivac helipad it's a long walk out with a broken *whatever* when there is virtually no cell service.

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Review: Every now and then you need to ride a trail that takes you out of your comfort bubble and kicks your ass. Seeing features that you cannot ride are one of the few ways to truly push your riding...blackjack will do it. Rasberry has some great technical climbing as well. This trail is designed to be tough, so take off the spandex and ride like a true mountain biker.

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Guest on November 17, 2012
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Review: Really cool to find something like this out a Buffalo creek. Before riding it I talked to a lot of people out on the trail who said it was very hard or impossible. Its not as hard as most people claim, I rode it by myself with only a trail helmet on my enduro and I walked two features. One being a 7 foot drop and the other being the final rock garden. I didn't want to attempt them without a riding partner. Don't be intimidated by the trail, if you can ride the horse thief bench intro you can ride this trail.

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John Fisch on September 16, 2012
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Review: This is a real anomaly in the otherwise intermediate-friendly Buffalo Creek area. Even if you take the cheater lines, you're in for a hairy ride. The climb up Raspberry is great, but the descent down Blackjack will have 99% of riders dismounting at least once, probably more like a half dozen times. The pictures and videos don't come close to doing this place justice. It's Gnarly with a Captial G. Some of the features don't even have cheater lines. Come here if you're a super-expert looking for a challenge or if you're a super-adventurous rider who doesn't mind lowering your bike down a huge drop once in a while. There's also no way to get here without a few miles of cross-country riding, so it's not exactly convenient for the pure gravity, huge travel set.

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tcbroncs on August 27, 2012
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Review: This trail is not for the faint of heart. It lives up to it's hype. You would definitely have to ride it several times to conquer it. Very steep descents off rocks and plenty of opportunity to injure yourself. Don't ride it if you are not a very advanced rider. I've "ridden" it once but admit I had to hike many sections. Know your limitations or it could end up being a very bad day for you.

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zr140th on August 20, 2012
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Review: Had to see it, especially after all the YouTube vids. I'll say I rode Blackjack but honestly, hiked a lot of it. A very cool section of tech heavy features and I agree, be very confident in your skills and ride with a partner for safety's sake. The ride up Raspberry Ridge was pretty decent, plenty of slickrock climbs and well-chosen lines.

* Review edited 8/20/2012

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Santacruzbro on July 5, 2012
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Review: I rode this trail for the first time this past weekend and I loved it! definitly very difficult to ride. Blackjack is very steep and isn't for someone that isn't confident in there riding. Super fun though and I recomend riding it with someone incase you get hurt.

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Greg Heil on June 6, 2012
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Review: This trail is tough, no two ways about it. What makes it truly daunting is that you are in the middle of nowhere so if you get injured, you are truly in a world of hurt. I wish I could ride this on a regular basis to practice up on all of the amazing features! I definitely hope I can ride it again…. Maybe before I leave CO!

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Blackjack / Raspberry Ridge MTB Trail 4.56 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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