Spotlight: Hans Rey’s Wheels 4 Life Provides Bikes for Transportation


Wheels 4 Life has an unglamorous but vital mission: to provide bikes to people in developing countries in need of transportation. Famed mountain bike trials rider and MTB adventurer Hans Rey, along with his wife Carmen, founded Wheels 4 Life in 2005 and since that time, the group has delivered more than 6,600 bikes to …

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Video: Trail Ninja, Episode 14, Mountain Biking Argentina: “Here’s Why Argentina Is in Hans Rey’s Top 3 MTB Rides Ever”

2014-05-20 trail ninja logo

Dan Milner, Hans Rey, and Tibor Simai are in Buenos Aires, Argentina watching tango when they hit on the idea to do a massive, three-day, 37-mile mountain traverse in the north of the country. They’re starting in Tilcara and ending in Calilegua National Park, with A LOT of climbing along the way. They fight through …

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Flow Country Trails


photo courtesy This morning at the IMBA Summit, Mr. No Way himself, Hans Rey, gave a great talk about where he’s been and what he’s been up to lately. Hans brought some amazing photos to share including shots from many first rides and first descents around the world from Egypt to Machu Pichu to …

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