Lance Armstrong wins Texas mountain bike race


This weekend Lance Armstrong won another mountain bike race – this time in his home state of Texas. Armstrong crossed the finish line first at the Rocky Hill Roundup just 48 seconds ahead of second place finisher Scott Henry. The 27-mile long course at Rocky Hill Ranch consisted of short steep climbs and fast singletrack sections – not Armstrong’s strong suit but apparently his raw power was enough to win the race.

The article points out Armstrong is now 3 for 3 in “regional competition” since announcing his comeback to cycling in September. His overall record in mountain bike competitions this year isn’t quite so perfect – 2 for 3 last we counted – but can you blame the guy? His only mountain bike loss this year came at Leadville where he placed second to Dave-frickin’-Wiens. It sounds like this may be Lance’s last mountain bike race for a while as he ramps up his road cycling training but who knows – we’ll keep you posted!

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