Singletracks MTB News Podcast: Episode 4

photo: Greg Heil

In this episode we share Greg’s Intense Tracer review, Michael’s list of 50 essential items for an MTB emergency kit, John’s review of the Marin Pine Mountain, and a note about updates to the Singletracks forums. Tune in to tomorrow’s podcast for a conversation with myself, Greg, and Aaron about this week’s MTB news!

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Test Ride Review: The Updated Santa Cruz Bronson CC


While Santa Cruz has done away with official model years in their lineup, they recently released some new updates to the Bronson that dramatically change the way this bike rides. Latest Updates Compared to the previous Bronson, the latest rendition now sports a 1-degree slacker headtube angle, putting the bike now at an even 66 …

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Test Ride Review: Turner RFX


As I prepped for Outerbike, there was one bike I was particularly stoked to have the opportunity to try: the all new carbon Turner RFX 4.0.  Traditionally, Turner has made stouter-than-average bikes in every category, clinging to aluminum longer than most manufacturers.  At the more gnarly end of their continuum lay the all-mountain RFX, a …

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Test Ride Review: Intense Tracer 275C Pro


Intense Cycles’ Tracer 275C has become the stuff of legends, but sometimes, unless you get up close and personal with a legendary figure, you’ll never know how much of what you’ve heard is fact, and how much is fiction. With the Tracer, despite its legendary status, I found that everything I’d heard fell in the …

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