Get a Grip with the WTB PadLoc


See what I did there? Get a grip? Because this article is about grips. Don’t roll your eyes like that. Bad puns are required by law in this bicycle journalism game. Ask BikeSnobNYC if you don’t believe me. But now, to business. If you’re experiencing fatigue on the bike — and aren’t we all? — …

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Will Women Save the Local Bike Shop? Part 1


The local bike shop (LBS) is dying. Maybe not in the same lightning speed fashion 26-inch wheels are, but at the very least local bike brick-and-mortar is bonking. In fact, independent bicycle dealers (IBD) have been circling the toilet for quite some time, facing challenges both old and new sandwiched between a rapidly-evolving industry and customer …

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Will Women Save the Local Bike Shop? Part 2


Local bike shops (LBS) are dropping faster than a clutchless chain from a 1x drivetrain, while women are poised to drop men when it comes to “the business” of bikes. In part 1, we discussed a flailing local bike industry amidst the rising of a new majority of bike owners–women. Although most bike owners are now …

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Win JensonUSA Gift Cards, Tifosi Sunglasses, and RaceFace Grips in the Singletracks Trail Contest Starting Today!


The Singletracks Trail Contest starts today and we’re excited to announce our prize sponsors. It’s easy to participate: just join a team of up to 5 riders and check in at the trails you ride over the next 3 weekends. The teams with the most check-ins will win prizes! 1st Place 5 pairs of Tifosi Lore …

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