Your Dreams of Riding a Hover Bike Can Now Come True: Inventor Builds Fully-Functional Prototype


Colin Furze is a British inventor and mad scientist who is dedicated to building machines that defy common sense as we know it. His latest? A fully-functional hover bike prototype that actually leaves the ground and flies. Who hasn’t dreamt of literally flying on their mountain bike? Now your dreams can become a reality! Watch …

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Singletrack 6 Stage Race Schedule Announced

location: Salmon Arm, B.C., Canada

As the resident–and likely, lone–stage racer here at Singletracks, I’m always on the look out for fun and challenging events. The Singletrack 6–formerly the Trans Rockies Challenge–has been on my wish list for a few years now. The organizers have confirmed the dates and stages for the 2016 edition. All six of the stages take place …

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It’s a Man’s World


A really small great thing happened the other day. I had just purchased a new bike (Specialized Epic Expert, if you must know. Good for the metric f*%# ton of climbing I’ll be doing in the Trans Alp race), and while that in itself is pretty happy-making as you, dear reader, well know, the young man …

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Polar M400 Lifestyle Watch Review

2016-02-01 13.30.16

I have owned a couple of Polar products and been pleased with them. The company appears to have a healthy relationship between industrial design and functionality that is rare. Consider the M400 here, alongside a wrist-mounted spaceship from a fruit-based gadget company. You’ll notice that the Polar has some of the same swoopyness without looking, …

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IMBA to Survey Members about Advocacy Strategy

Photo via the IMBA Facebook page.

IMBA has announced that they are conducting a survey of their members to “gather members’ input and insight on IMBA’s plans for 2016 to 2020.” However, in order to participate in the survey your membership, including a valid email, must be active as of April 30th. So if you’re not a member, you must join …

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Over a Beer: Why Singletrack is the Holy Grail of Bike Riding

First singletrack ride in 4 months!

Editor’s Note: “Over a Beer” is a regular opinion column written by Greg Heil. While Greg is the Editor in Chief for, the opinions expressed in this commentary are his alone and do not necessarily represent the opinions of According to my Strava records, it had been almost four months since I had last …

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New 16-mile MTB Trail System on Tap for Kings Mountain, NC

Kings Mountain as seen from Crowders Mountain State Park. Photo:

IMBA and the Tarheel Trailblazers are working with State and National Parks on designing a brand-new 16-mile trail system on the NC/SC border. This project is particularly noteworthy because it takes place not only on National Park land (Kings Mountain National Military Park) but also involves land within both NC and SC State Parks. If you’ve …

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Lifebeam Genesis Smart Helmet Review


Lifebeam’s tagline, “We make the world’s most advanced wearable instruments for measuring human performance,” is a bold one, to be certain. Over the past several months, I’ve used my own cranium as a testbed to verify the efficacy of Lifebeam’s Genesis helmet and determine, once and for all, whether or not I’m as heartless as …

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