West Hartford Reservoir

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added by GreenGiant Gnarly on May 21, 2007
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Something for everyone. Paved trails around the lakes for riders who don't want to get their $3K bikes dirty. Fire Roads further out for wannabees who think mountain biking means riding on dirt roads, and of course gnarly singletrack with awesome climbs, plenty of man made and natural stuntry.
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piotrek21 on February 14, 2015
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Review: Your experience in WH is proportional to how much you like to explore/get lost. This is a pretty big area, and you get to choose your own adventure. You can ride the asphalt loop, some fire roads, or pretty cool single track. Additionally, this is the type of place where you climb once and then dissent, save for a couple of short misc short climbs.

I park at the main lot in West Hartford, and then follow the fence up to the power lines. This is a pretty good climb, right off the bat. Make sure you're in good shape. Then I simply pick one of the single track trails by the power lines and ride. The blue trail, Metacomet, is a nice one. You rarely find people here. There are some skinny, and drops. Nice time. If you follow the blue trail you'll take a nice rocky descent (watch that tire psi) to a fireroad. If you cross it, there is a short and very steep climb (read: hike a bike for most) and then it leads you to several fun drops. You are now the furthest away from you car. From here, once you reach a trail crossing, you can go straight or turn right. If you go straight, the trail is pretty rought, and then you cross a bridge to the flood levy. This is cool as there is a little skills park over there. If you turn right instead, there is a cool ST/DT that will lead you to another levy. From there, it's again pick your own adventure back to the car. There is so many trails to pick from.

If it's your first time to WH, make sure you have plenty of time. The place is fun, but it'll take a while to find all of the gems.

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sssirois on July 21, 2014
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Review: Lots of variety: ST, DT, Fire Roads, & paved paths along with some features spread out. Not very well marked, so be sure to study maps/routes & landmarks...I've been riding here for a few years now with a "local". We still get "lost" & not always certain of where we are. Nice ST "loop" which circles outer perimeter of reservoirs (approx 10 miles)... Best/more demanding trails west of the powerline. Lots & lots of trails to explore...Provide for extra time to explore & get lost.

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Scrptigger on July 19, 2014
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Review: Great place for all abilities. But beware that they have lots of rules. As I got chased and chastised with the threat of arrest for not wearing a helmet cycling.

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Itzablur on April 19, 2014
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Review: There is great riding here at the reservoir and some of the reviews lead me to believe they missed some of the best stuff. You can run a 10 mile loop from and back to the main lot riding mostly singletrack. You'll climb at the bile inning but then you will be rewarded with a bunch of different options. Some cool man made stuff too. Wildlife is always a treat. Last week I had 2 deer about 20 feet away and last year a bear caused a detour. Ask a local for a route to be sure you will have fun.

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AT ONE SIR on November 20, 2013
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Review: mostly flat, some runners/walkers as you get to base, but a fun ride

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firecadet on July 31, 2012
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Review: Pretty good singletrack to be found if you go a few times and explore, not a lot is marked and a lot is budding off of other unmarked singletrack so some is hard to find but when you do it is definitely fun

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eastwood on April 9, 2011
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Review: mix of paved, fire roads, and some singletrack. Not a bad place to bring a beginner. More hills than would be expected.

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maineskiaddict on March 14, 2011
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Review: A pretty extensive network of Single track, double track, and paved path. There is quite a bit of hidden stuff so you have to look around and not be afraid of exploring. Do some research and find what people can give you for helpful advice.

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Smoothinto2nd on February 2, 2009
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Review: This place has a great trail system considering where it is. There is not a ton of single track stuff but what is there is good. If you stick to the north east side of the park that is where the best single track stuff is. Also that's where most of the log plies have been built. To the west there are mostly fire trails with a few shorter single tracks between them. It's good for a loop though.

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West Hartford Reservoir MTB Trail 3.89 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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