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Twogood Loop
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This loop is all singletrack. Start on Warm Springs Trail #103. The trail climbs

gradually on good singletrack with some rocky sections. Watch for wild

raspberries where the trail crosses scree fields.

After a mile is the first junction. Go right and cross the creek.

The next junction is well marked, go left on Porcupine Creek Trail #205 to

Twogood Cabin. Here the rocky sections end and the trail is good singletrack

with gravelly sections.

Not too far beyond Twogood Cabin starts the serious climbing, gaining close to

2000' in about 2 miles. There are many switchbacks and most are ridable is

you can keep your balance and power.

Porcupine Creek Trail meets Warm Springs Ridge Trail #177, go hard left. The

trail stays near the top of the ridge rolling up and down for the next 3 miles

where you come to an old hunting camp.

Here the trail seems to deadend. Turn around and you will notice a faint trail

taking off to the left and back toward the ridge. The descending starts soon

after this.

After the first section of descending, and 4 big switchbacks in the woods, the

trail bottoms out and climbs briefly. Look for a sign for the Fire Creek Trail

#404 on a tree on the left.

Fire Creek Trail is never too steep but has many switchbacks. This is a super

fun descent.

Try to ride this early in the day before the lightning rakes the highcountry


added by chukt Doubletrack on July 29, 2012

Part of the Warm Springs Trail System trail system.

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