Rocky Point

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added by LIMTBKR Bunny Hop on July 9, 2005
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One way trail of challenging single track. Several uphill climbs and lots of turns. The main loop is about 13 miles. There is an optional Westside loop that will add 4 miles. Follow the yellow trail markers. There a few black diamond loops in the northwest section of the park. You need a Department of Conservation Permit to ride here. It's easily acquired for free. Look on
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LuciaD on August 18, 2014
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Review: Great continuous flowy single track. Very few roots and rocks. Some sandy parts and some moguls. Not much elevation change.

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General_Zod on April 3, 2013
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Review: The main loop is 13 miles with 7.5 additional SBD and DBDs. The trail is mixed in with plenty of fire roads but you have to know them if you want to ride them, otherwise stay on the trail.

The first 5 miles is the westside which is relatively flat with one part that has a good slow gradual elevation gain. Lots of pine.

When you cross over Rocky Point Rd. to the east section you will find a total of 15 miles there. There sections are all different and there's some log roll overs, moguls, and plenty of flats to pump hard on. The trail flows really well. It is marked well.

The climbs in the diamond sections are pretty good but some features have a some drops that are choppy like staircases and would be way too hard for a beginner to go down with any confidence.

Plenty of families ride the main loops in the summer.

This is a great trail if you like high miles. Once you're in though you are in unless you know the fire roads as mentioned above. Most of the diamonds are optional off the main loop so you can pick and choose what you want to do if you don't feel like doing the entire 20.5 miles

There's a new section called Mogul 3 that's right after Shorty. It was build as a result of trees that came down during Hurricane Sandy in Oct. 2012.

This trail is maintained well by CLIMB. It closes for hunting on Nov.1 and reopens on April's Fool's Day normally.

If you are looking for something technical then this trail won't do it for you as there's very very technical sections for the 20.5 miles of trail.

Similar Trail: Cathedral Pines/Calverton

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bikingflyer on April 25, 2011
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Review: I loved it. No, the main loop isn't the hardest BUT it's a great track, well maintained and marked, fast, and the side loops add plenty of tougher terrain. My favorite so far.

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8valvegrowl on July 26, 2010
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Review: Some of the best riding on Long Island. When I was a grad student @ Stony Brook (2004-2007) I spent a lot of time riding out here. Fun, fast singletrack that was well designed/maintained.

Similar Trail: Cathedral Pines

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denchavarr on September 11, 2009
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Review: The best trail on L.I. Long trail but well worth it. Scenery changes from wilderness to desert to grass fields, very nice. Black Diamonds are challenging and all routes are nicely marked. Wouldnt advise using the bailout points got me lost once and going in circles but there is an online map of it that might help out. Plenty of narrow twisties and some moderate up and down hills.

* Review edited 9/11/2009

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Osamainmypants on August 6, 2008
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Review: This was my first serious bike trail after switching over from bmx, and was very enjoyable. The main loop is pretty flat and easy but plenty of challenging side loops. And the optional 4 mi. westside loop has a couple of nice long climbs and downhills. Overall an awesome trail.

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Rocky Point MTB Trail 4.33 out of 5 based on 6 ratings. 6 user reviews.
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