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Paris Mountain State Park
Avg Rating: (4.73 out of 5) 13 trail reviews
Difficulty: Intermediate bike trail - Intermediate
Length: 11 miles Global Rank: #117
Tread: Singletrack Configuration: Network
Ridden: 79 Wishlist: 43
10 trail check-ins Climb // Descend
+1,300 // -1,900 feet
Average Speed: 1.5 mph Average Time: 5hr 14min
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From the front of the park, park in the big parking lot with the islands. Hug the uphill side of shelter 4 which is near the Park Center. This is the start of the Mountain Creek Trail. Take this through the CCC amphitheater. At about 1.5 miles the trail becomes the Sulphur Springs Trail.Stay on the right fork. .5 miles take a left on the Archery Range Trailhead access. On the pavement take a right an gear down. At the top you can pick your options because they all come back to here. Firetower Trail / Suphur Springs loop is a technical climb if you go counterclockwise with a surfing downhill on the way back. Clockwise is a moderate climb with a tight technical downhill on the way back. Brissy Ridge to Pipsissewa to North Lake is a five mile lollipop trail with big ramps and a surf down to the water. Taking the Sulphur Springs trail next to the gate brings you back down to the bottom and onto the Mountain Creek Trail, but stretch your brake fingers because this is an old hiking trail and the steepest technical there is in the park. Its steep and if steep is not your thing take the road back to the Archery Range Trailhead and get back on the trail to go with the flow back to your car

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Guest on March 30, 2014
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Review: living in Greenville SC i ride this trail as much as i can ~ 3 times a month or so. great variety of sections, lots of technical stuff that rewards you with great down sections. total blast.

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afullsodacan on March 5, 2014
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Review: I just rode here on Monday on the way back to Florida from North Carolina. I was very impressed with the trails and terrain here.These are great "old school" natural trails. Everything seems pretty untouched--lots of rocks and roots. The trails are pretty technical and challenging. I had a lot of fun, especially on the Sulphur Springs downhill; although I was bummed to find out that they apparently modified it to be slower and easier a few years ago. Some of the climbs on Brissy Ridge and Kanuga were pretty brutal and I had to walk in some sections. I could see those being a lot of fun to ride clockwise since they would be mainly downhill. The area around the lake was very beautiful and I would like to come camp here some time. When I rode it had just recently rained and the trails were pretty wet in some areas, but seemed to handle the rain pretty well.

Some downsides to the trail system are that the trails are closed to bikes on Saturday and the system is relatively short.

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Guest on July 3, 2013
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Review: Love this place! Sulpher Springs bombing down is soooo awesome and fast, but one hell of a climb back up to the top. An awesome variety of trails from mean/brutal climbs to some sweet singletrack, to one hell of a fun blast DH Sulpher Springs. I highly recommend this State Park, especially a camping/riding adventure. All trails, service roads, and paved roads are CLOSED to cycles or MTB's on Saturday within the State Park. Paris Mountain State Park is actually located in Paris, SC, just outside Greenville, SC.

Similar Trail: Gateway Bike Park (Travelers Rest, SC), Clemson, Brevard (NC)

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jnomad on September 22, 2012
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Review: Not open on Saturdays...

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luv2mtb on February 17, 2012
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Review: Nice trail system. The climb up Sulphur Springs is a pain in the nether regions; going back down is nearly impossible (for my skillset). Actually they're redoing this section of the trail by carving switchbacks up the mountain. When they're finished it'll be less technical, but more doable. Didn't have time to check out all this trail has to offer; looking forward to coming back in a month or so. Road this trail 1 day after heavy rain and it was in good shape.

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efalk1181 on August 13, 2011
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Review: Wanted to ride here but trails are closed on Saturdays!!!

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NolanSritan on September 24, 2010
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Review: just rode this one today and it was really nice. my first time to Paris Mountain and i'm very pleased. i rode all the trails but Kanuga was my favorite, i didn't even have to pedal. and the loop around North Lake is awesome. they also have "primitive" camp sites around the lake that would make a perfect bike/camp trip. very good trails up there. go hit 'em up.

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Guest on September 23, 2008
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Review: Awesome DH race this past weekend! Great MTB trails on this mountain. AAAA++++

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jaybird57 on July 21, 2008
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Review: A very nice trail system in a beautiful state park. A lot of up and downs to get the ol' ticker pumping and a few tech sections to keep it interesting. Some very nice views on Brissy Ridge and Kanuga can be stinken fast!!! Look out for other trail users esp. hikers as there have been some user conflicts since the system has expanded. As stated previously the trails are CLOSED to mtbers on SATURDAYS. I haven't ridden all the trails in the park but so far Kanuga and Pipsissewa are my favorites (CW direction). Kudos to Upstate SORBA and all the volunteers who have made Paris Mtn what it is... a great trail system!

Similar Trail: Isaqueena

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Grizzattack on March 31, 2008
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Review: Paris Mtn SP just gets better with age. The park hosts some new trails at the time of this review and updated trail map can be found at the fine folks at Upstate SORBA:

* Review edited 10/19/2010

Similar Trail: Dupont State Forest, Issaqueena, Croft State Park.

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CJB on February 23, 2008
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Review: Today I drove down to Greenville from Asheville only to find out that the park was closed to mountain bikers on Saturdays. It is a real lame hair brain rule but I thought I would mention it just so no one else makes the same mistake I did.

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clemsontigers90 on July 10, 2007
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Review: trail is fast and fun. lots of hills for great cardio workout. i rode this trail for about an hour before i hit a root and got a flat. i had to walk over 2 miles to my car yet i still can say i had a good time because of the beautiful scenerty this trail presents.

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Grizzattack on December 22, 2006
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Review: This is my old stomping grounds and a lot of work in recent years has gone into these trails. Kudos to the park superintendent and all the others that have put in hours of hard work to help offer a much needed trail network near Greenvegas.

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