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added by ositoking Epic on March 29, 2006
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Approximately 9 miles of a combination of singletrack, fire trails, technical switchbacks, rocks, and some sand and roots. Most of the trail is intermediate. Some parts of the trail are really advanced. Great Trail for SW Florida.
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wildmangolfer on July 8, 2014
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Review: Rode this trail over the 4th of July 2014. This trail has some potential as it's pretty technical with roots, switchbacks and some elevation changes as it follows the Myakkahatchee creek. You can see at one time this was a very nice trail, but has largely not been maintained recently and had several areas that are over grown. The best area is from Oaks Park on Mandrake Terrace south 3-4 miles

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Guest on May 2, 2014
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Review: Let me just say I've ridden all of the trail systems in Florida and nothing comes close to the technicality of these trails. The only reason people give it a bad review is they have no bike handling skills. If you can conquer these trails every other trail in Florida is quite easy. I've run into people at other organized MTB parks and asked them why I haven't seen them in north port any more? And 95 percent of the time they always say it doesn't flow. The only reason they don't come back is they can't ride a stinking bike worth a darn. If you are a competent bike rider you will love these trails. Hats off for mike for all of the trail maintenance he does.

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Ufdah on April 5, 2013
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Review: This really is a great trail! I happened to run into Mike who has been a major part of taking care of the trails over the years and he was also great! I appreciate his willingness to help me out and show me around since there are no markers. Mike actually shared that there are no "right" ways to ride it. There are A LOT of roots and it's a pretty twisty trail so speeds aren't too high, reducing the need for set directions. Overall this trail is a blast to ride if you don't mind having to pick lines and go a little slower because of BIG roots. There are a number of challenging sections and short climbs that push your bike handling skills. As others have said there are only a few wooden structures left and they are a little rickety but the sheer number of trails and varied terrain from tech to flow makes up for it. Mike said there are now 18miles of trail. The problem is that you have to know where some of them are and you'd never find them without being shown... Even just staying on the main trails you can get completely spent in 2hrs of riding and not ride the same thing twice. If you live within an hour of North Port I highly recommend checking them out!

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skimja on March 23, 2013
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Review: Right in my backyard. This trail is great, definitely enough to get your fix in. Although if you come without a local you may start to kick yourself in the ass. Some sections can get a little crazy with the palmetto roots, And hardly anything is marked, and there are many trails that crisscross. But once you find that right line it can be quite fast and flowy. That being said North Port is a town with a large family population, so there are alot of teenagers that need a place to party. The woods are a great place for that, so you will see the occasional beer box/bottle/can but its not as bad as some make it out to be. Alot of the wood jumps/berms/bridges that are in the pictures are long gone, I will try to get some pictures of what is out there this month. If this was not in my backyard, I probably would not drive more than an hour to an hour and a half for it. Side note, some stuff sneaks up on you, so you may want to ride through once before you ride all out.

Also if anyone knows who still takes care of it please message me, I will like to help out

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dingdangit on February 25, 2013
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Review: The trail is very hard to find. Park on the side of the road. There is no signs of any signage on the trail. Lots and LOTS of roots. There are no wood features left except a few shady bridges. It is rideable, but has no flow because of excessive roots.

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Pake on August 12, 2012
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Review: My wife and I just rode these trails (Aug. 11, 2012). For the most part it was an enjoyable ride alongside a meandering river. With that being said, the trails are in much need of maintenance. The wooden structures are in a sad state of disrepair and it was a bit disheartening to see that people have used portions of the trail and the parking area as personal dumps. I am willing to help out with the task of repairing these trails and have contacted the local newspaper regarding such. I am sure we will ride these trails again. A local diamond in the rough.

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hollern on March 17, 2012
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Review: This trail would be great anywhere in the country and a rare find in Florida yes you share some of it with quads and it needs maintained but someone spent alot of time and effort to create this trail and if someone knows of better singletrack near Venice we would like to see it.

Similar Trail: laurel Mountain Forbes State forest (Somerset CO) 80 miles East of Pittsburgh.

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Specialized_Rider on January 21, 2012
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Review: Trash Everywhere, Trails are in poor condition, Wood jumps and bridges are all torn down. Wont make the trip back thre.

Similar Trail: Go to Alafia or even CRP. Dont go here though

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bravecycles on January 11, 2012
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Review: After reading the most recent comments it appears that most riders don't realize that this trail system has been blazed and maintained by locals for years. It is NOT a state, city or county maintained trail. The MAMBA group was started by locals in an attempt to have these trails recognized and adopted by the city. The group had many meetings with department heads, managers and commissioners and made some progress but interest by members soon wayned and now the group is defunct. So the lack of signage, maps etc. is to be expected. As far as the confusion when riding the trails are concerned.....many attempts were made to stop all new trail building (in the MAMBA days) and concentrate on maintaining and improving the current trail system but that was looked down upon so the unregulated building continues and so does the confusion. These trails are a great place to practice you tech. skills and the few locals who continue to maintain the system work hard and should be commended since there would be no trail at all without them.

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theUfan on December 28, 2011
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Review: I parked at the ball park and found a couple of loops under the bridge. For the most part the trail was pretty cool. It was a little confusing in places but not to bad. The trail can be quite a challenge. Lots of roots and some nice quick elevation changes. Ride if your in town but don't travel for it.

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aetheridge on December 8, 2011
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Review: This was the first trail I rode after moving to FL from TN. I live not too far so it is defiantly convenient for me to ride there. Lots of sand! I haven't ridden in much sand and that posed it own challenges for me. There is a main double track that ATVs frequent that runs the entire trail. The single track intertwines through the double track on both sides. It is defiantly confusing to navigate. I am going to bring my GPS with me and map what I can just for the sake of doing so. Most of the wooden stuff I found was destroyed or not safe to be ridden on. I found a few dirt jumps with the help of some local kids I ran into that were hitting them on their BMX bikes. Poor guys had to push them through all the sand to get there. Not a bad place to ride if you live local but I for sure wouldn't travel or make a special trip to come ride it.

* Review edited 12/8/2011

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Descend-Demon on December 2, 2011
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Review: Singletracks are pretty decent if you can find your way around them. No signs anywhere except for a few blue marks on trees and some bridges. There is garbage all over the place including beer cans and bottles. There is a couple of high bridges to go up and down but they are pretty shut, when I got on one of them it made a cracking sound. I wouldn't recommend this trails unless you live close by and have the time to get to know them and work on them. Never found the crazy jumps on the pics and I rode for 6 hours.

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carlitosway on December 2, 2011
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Review: This is like gost town all trail are destroyed, beer botles everywere!!! Is great for 4 wheelers thats about it...rode for 6 hours never found does misterious jump!! This trail suck... Go to alafia, balm bouyette, markham park great parks around south florida

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stucco1 on December 29, 2010
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Review: There are many trails to ride there that are hard to find,Best to go with someone who knows the trails to get the full experience.

Similar Trail: Boyette,alafia,carter rd. and santos

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mytmic on September 5, 2010
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Review: This trail is a nice ride but has some fundamental challenges like... I was disappointed that there are no available maps for the trails, it was a guess as to which way to start. There is a nice sign on the lady slipper park stating that it is a mamba recognized park. Once on the trail there are no signs or trail markers so once again it was a guess. This being my first time there we wound up getting lost on the south side of Price Blvd. That being said, it is mountain biking and without challenges and adversity it would be just a ride in the park. I will do this trail again and would like to meet with the wed. night folks and pitch in.

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superdrew on June 6, 2009
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Review: This trail is FUN it is tight technical yet flowing once you learn it,you can avoid some of the tech stuff if you wish, but not all.If you like fast easy singletrack THIS IS NOT FOR YOU this is fast about 30 percent of the time or so.The rest is a variety of tight tech turns and a lot of small elevation changes with exposed roots and a few stunts along the way.The palmetto sections are a little bumpy at times but a fun challenge. For first timers you can park at Ladyslipper trailhead,then i suggest parking at the sports fields by school by the Price blvd bridge until you learn the trail.South of the bridge has some loops once you get out there so pay attention at intersections maybe take a few ribbons to tie on branches,and take water.June/July has some wet spots but there are bridges where needed.If you can go with a guide a couple times it helps. In the dry seasons there are a few sandy spots but not too bad thats a good excuse to rest.Overall its a a versital fun trail especially once you learn it .The Wednesday night ride crew maintains and trims very well, usually we try to get together the last weekend of the month.To rap it up the trail is shady through an oak hammock most of the time,the mornings are cooler it does get muggy in the summer and bug spray if your gonna rest alot wouldnt hurt anyway HAPPY TRAILS

Similar Trail: its unique ,South Florida trails are simaler but ,this is technical,only 5to10 ft elevation changes but its a workout

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bcallan on March 13, 2009
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Review: This trail is great if you go with locals. If you ride it by yourself you will miss most of the trail and will most likely end up in the sandy double track areas. It is a very difficult trail with many challenges. This trail will make you an better stronger rider. I would recommend this trail for experienced technical riders.

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milosrq on December 22, 2008
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Review: Ok, there's been some good and some bad here, so let me set you clear. These are good trails. they are sometimes really tight singletrack with elevation changes along a river network. This is Fla nd there are some sandy bits down low or when we haven't been getting much rain. if you are going to the trails on the West side of price you've got some really tight looks with logs, roots and elevation change. Most of the bridges in this area are OLD and not rideable at the time of this post. Starting at lady slipper you have a really long awesome ride to the spillway. There are some technical areas which are awesome, fresh cut trails. Some of the bridges etc need repair. From talking to locals there are kids in the area that have been known to disturb nice handy work, but despite these trails are nice. To connect the two sets of trails you have to cross a spillway and Now someones back yard. You wil also find yourself running into a golf cart pass where you will have to go a VERY short bit to connect to the other part of the trails. This is recommended. I've put allot of hours and more then one ride on these trails before submitting this.

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03zya on August 17, 2008
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Review: first time riding a real trail. was great experience. the trail offers u 2 options, the easy route or the more advanced.

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kenpotf on November 14, 2006
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Review: I went to this trail this past weekend, and I had to tell you that I was disappointed. The trail was sandy, and ALL of the stunts were damaged to the point of being unridable. Parts of the trail were overgrown; apparently, they haven't kept the trail up.

Similar Trail: Carter Park, Balm Boyette, Alafia

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ositoking on April 2, 2006
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Review: I ride this trail today. It is a very good trail along a river. It has some fairly advanced challenging sections.

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North Port Mountain Bike Trails MTB Trail 3.43 out of 5 based on 21 ratings. 21 user reviews.
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