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added by oldnoob Bunny Hop on August 18, 2010
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run the trail south to north. the downhill at the end is amazing! Stunning views and rock out croppings most of the way since it is a ridge trail. This is an advanced, big and epic ride for sure. It is also in jeapordy of becoming a wilderness area, so get on it now! Just google North Fork Mountain trail and see how special it is
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Berghunde on April 9, 2013
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Review: anyone have the lat/long for the southern start point?

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patstrader on July 27, 2012
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Review: Rode for the first time recently, and just a note on conditions: There are quite a few trees down across the trail, and several of the trail markers are down as well. Incredible ride, with scenery that is amazing. Wide variety of trail from grassy double track, technical single track, steep climbs, and very fun downhill to complete the ride. Some advice for first timers. Southern Trail Head: There are no markers along the road. Look for the tower, with two gates, at the top of North Fork Mountain. You can find the first trail marker not too far in along the grassy double track. Expect two very challenging climbs riding south to north. Also, towards the end, past Landis Trail, expect a downhill section of large, technical rocks. Take plenty of water.

* Review edited 7/28/2012

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jfigel76 on October 25, 2011
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Review: Rode this trail from south to north with a shuttle. Took about 3 hours. Saw 2 snakes and the overlooks are great. Epic ride. Sorry to hear access might be an issue. Last downhill is awesome.

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Outdoornut on October 18, 2010
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Review: Also rode this for the first time during the second IMBA awareness ride on Oct. 17th. Spectacular scenery and a technical riders dream. Did the same ride up Redman and then north on North Fork Mtn Trail to the trailhead on Smoke Hole Rd. then back up the road to the parking area.

Similar Trail: Huckleberry Trail and Judy Springs Trail as the IMBA Epic.

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RoadWarrior on October 4, 2010
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Review: Just did this as part of the IMBA awareness ride (had appx 50 riders) Awesome is the only way to describe this trail. Did the ride as a loop starting at Redman TH then riding to the northern end and riding the road back (19 mile loop) this is as much as most riders would want to do without a shuttle. For more info on saving this trail.

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oldnoob on August 18, 2010
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Review: wow..scenery, amazing singletrack, amazing downhill, tough climbs and technical sections. epic ride...period.

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North Fork Mountain Trail MTB Trail 5.00 out of 5 based on 6 ratings. 6 user reviews.
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