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added by Pain_Is_Relative Granny Gear on August 18, 2004
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This trail is fairly easy except for the first climb. Take a look at the trailhead for the route you would like to take. The trail changes in several directions and make sure you watch for no bikes sign. A lot of this open space is closed to bikers. Nevertheless, ride up to the first intersection over the canal bridge and take a left. This will head east for a bit and then you will start you descent with will u-turn it way back heading west. Follow this trail all the way until it ends at HWY 93. Look over the road to the southwest; there you will see a trail that leads down into Eldorado Canyon. Take this 4x4 road until it ends. At this point it is up to the rider if you would like to head back or make the route into a loop by heading north and then taking paved roads back to the trailhead. Explore around the entire open space. On ascent, you can actually take a jeep road which will take you all the way back to Superior. However, if you do not know the area, stick to an out and back format for your ride. This ride is great for a recovery ride or great for beginners looking to get comfortable on there bike.
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Guest on January 6, 2014
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Review: 10 miles total with 2000 ft total elevation climb if you do skyline, the loop and go over rim trail. Great views of Napa Valley from the top of rim trail.

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bcall0420 on May 6, 2011
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Review: Brief loop around Marshall open space. As stated earlier, a fun evening ride for after work. Nice views of the FlatIrons as well!

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jeeper on October 14, 2006
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Review: An easy and fun trail for a quicke ride at low elevation. I was surprised that this trail could actually be ridden as a loop without crossing hwy 93. Start out going left after the bridge for a good little climb up some single track. The steepest part of this climb is fairly short. Once at the top you merge with the Community Ditch Trail. At this point the trail is double track, rocky (not rough) road. The trail continues like this all the way to hwy 93. Instead of crosssing the highway I took the singletrack down which led back to the trailhead. This section of trail is a fun, fairly smooth singletrack with some rolls and dips and it is all downhill. If you take this route you will only log about 3.5 miles for the whole loop but you could aways go around again or explore some of the other trails. There are a lot of hikers with dogs there so watch out for them. Also, there are a lot of coyotes, you may see one or two.

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Rebus on August 28, 2005
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Review: Connect this trail up with the Greenbelt Plateau trail and you can really log some descent miles. The Greenbelt Plateau has one steady climb that can be used for speed work, and a loose track downhill that you can really fly on. Going down the connector trail to the Community Ditch/Marshall Mesa trail is a bouncy rocky affair, but any beginner can manage it. The ride to the Marshall trailhead is very quick and uneventful. This would be good trail to take the kids.

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HACBIKES on July 21, 2005
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Review: Trail is mostly for begginers. One very short OK downhill section. Good trail if you only have an hour or so.

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Marlin_D/H on August 18, 2004
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Review: This is a good trail for begginers or someone looking for a quick ride in the evening. It can be fast and if you do deciede to take the road back to the parking area, it can provide a really good aerobic work out for most of it tends to be an up hill climb.

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Marshall Road Open Spaces MTB Trail 3.33 out of 5 based on 6 ratings. 6 user reviews.
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