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added by norski Doubletrack on May 16, 2012
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This is a series of 7 trails ("Magnificent 7") which make up a new (mostly) single-track incarnation of the classic Gemini Bridges shuttle descent. The
seven trails are: Bull Run, Arth's Corner, Little Canyon, Gold Bar, Golden
Spike, Poison Spider and Portal. Gold Bar is 1.2 miles of singletrack and 2.3
miles of 4x4 road. Golden Spike is 5.2 miles of nasty 4x4 road. Poison
Spider is 7.4 miles of rough, churned up 4x4 road. Choose your poison.
The singletrack at the upper end (including a loop called the "Great
Escape") are great fun and make any inconvenience totally worth it. The
attached GPS map suggests a variation of singletrack down to the end of
"Little Canyon," then take the "Gold Bar Rim 4x4 back to Gemini Bridges
Road to it's lower terminus (and where you want your shuttle vehicle to be
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Gold Bar Rim
Portal Trail
Bull Run
Great Escape
Little Canyon
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cchristoph on May 7, 2014
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Review: Skip the shuttle, save yourself the dirt road finish, Portal portage, and some $ - the loop we rode was awesome. Park at Upper Gemini --> Bull Run --> Great Escape --> Little Canyon --> Arth's --> Get Away. Rocking downhill, great rolling flow back up.

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blutzski on May 1, 2014
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Review: Mag-7 is an awesome trail. Definitely in my top 3 favorite rides in Moab. But the topo map isn't of Mag-7. It is Mag-3. As noted in the description, the topo map goes out on Gemini bridges road after the first 3 sections. The first 3 sections are great, but what elevates Mag-7 to one of the best rides in Moab is then climbing up to Gold Bar rim and traversing the entire rim over to the Portal trail (or Poison Spider). Riding Gemini bridges road out to the highway eating ATV dust is a buzz kill. As a side note, the full Mag-7 is advanced, not intermediate (expert if you ride all the drops on Gold Bar and Portal).

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justin70 on April 9, 2014
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Review: Got a shuttle to the top with Coyote Shuttles.
Really enjoyed the downhill sections of singletracks and slick rock.
The exit road after Little Caynon is a bit tedious, but gives you time to think of what a good time you had.
Rode back to town via Brand M and bike path - easy and fun.

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timmurphymt on January 15, 2014
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Review: I like riding out the Gemini Bridges road back to 191. Great uphill to finish on!

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Greg Heil on October 5, 2013
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Review: Fantastic singletrack/slickrock descent with some bomber, technical trails and world-class views! Some of the most entertaining desert riding I've ever done, hands down.

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jimmyc on March 21, 2013
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Review: Just got back from doing the Bull Run and Auth's corner section. Both solid intermediates with constantly changing scenery; not jaw-dropping, but still very cool. Bull run has probably 400 foot elevation change, and is a lot more fun going down. I suggest entering Gemini Bridges (also called Little Canyon) road from the road to Canyonlands, i.e. Rt 313. You can bike down to the way-cool arches on the trail, then bike up on the road to make things easier.

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ByronV on November 28, 2012
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Review: Just did the first 4 bits and then exited on the 4x4 trail. Really really great riding - fun, scenic, not too challenging and lots of chances to get up some speed and do some drops etc. You must ride these.

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norski on May 16, 2012
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Review: Gemini Bridges Road has long been a classic Moab ride largely because it was a (mostly) fast and easy descent. Now you can see the same scenery and accomplish the same elevation drop following some new and well-designed singletrack.

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Mag 7 MTB Trail 4.50 out of 5 based on 8 ratings. 8 user reviews.
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