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added by gunnisonbrown Granny Gear on August 1, 2010
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Follow Kokopelli for about 2 miles. 2-track road gets rocky, loose and rutted out in areas, but contains fun jumps and fast action. There are a couple of short climbs. Stay on trail until you come to a cattle guard on the right. Cross the cattle guard and just ahead is a small 1-track (UPS) to the right. UPS is fun filled with some techno sections, steep drops and exposed areas to the right. GREAT views of Castle Valley. UPS continues to a campground area. Stay to the right and pick up LPS 1-track. LPS is techy fun. You will come upon a fork which will take you either to the "Notch" or down a steep drop on LPS. Both options are nearly unridable by most riders. If you take the "Notch", it will hook back up with the LPS trail below. Continue following LPS until you reach Porcupine Rim overlook. You can continue on with Porcupine Rim trail, or head back to town down Sand Flats Road.
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Fernierocks on January 10, 2015
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Review: I couldn't do the Whole Enchilada due to weather higher up so entered at UPS. I was fortunate that my wife didn't want to ride so I got a lift up with her vs having to pay a shuttle. Not knowing the area we went up the Sand Flats Rd and kept going and going up what was pretty much a very scenic and fun goat path in our little rental Kia. I think the shuttles must go a different route up but could be wrong. Got to a couple of vehicle parking lot on the right and headed up the trail from there which went up a hill on the left (heading uphill). I was surprised that initially I climbed for quite some time up a double track (jeep rd) before seeing the entry with a UPS sign on my left (I think what I was riding uphill to this point was the bottom of Kokopelli if you don't turn right onto UPS coming down). UPS was a really really fun single track. Nice and flowing, a few technical sections but nothing too challenging and never had to dismount. It was very well marked so no chance of getting lost. Beyond the first surprising climb it was all downhill. LPS was similar except one very technical section where I had to get off my bike once or twice. This flowed into Porcupine Rim which was great except there is a long section in the middle of Porcupine which is like a rocky jeep road. Not hard just repetitive for too long. Once you are past the long rocky monotonous part it goes back into single track at the bottom which is awesome for the bottom section. Liked UPS and LPS better than Porcupine. Felt Porcupine was a little over hyped but still well worth riding. Great views from top to bottom on the whole ride.

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k2rider on May 29, 2014
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Review: I reluctantly give this even 4 stars. I rode this as part of a modified Whole Enchilada from Hazzard County down. UPS was very fun and reminded me of Little Creek Mesa outside St George. However, all of the rocky ROAD riding on LPS was a severe letdown to me. The last few miles of singletrack leading down to the river helped save the 4 star rating.

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tsnsteelersfan on November 5, 2012
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Review: Rode UPS and LPS as part of the Porcupine Rim shuttle yesterday and it blew me away! I'll never ride the bottom of Porcupine again. Much of the ride is along the rim of the canyon, and the technical features are outstanding. Adding this to the Porcupine Rim Trail turn that epic ride into and EPIC ride.

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Greg Heil on June 22, 2012
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Review: Excellent lead in to Porcupine Rim. Much narrower trail than Porcupine, with excellent features: drops, slickrock, views, etc. Love it!

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dzpd23 on April 10, 2012
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Review: I've done this trail along with Porcupine, twice. I love it. Great mix of features. Drops, single track, exposure, views, fast sections, etc... Gets real slick in the snow.

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dug on October 26, 2011
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Review: This is the best part of the run all the way down to the Colorado via Porcupine. Some steeps, some tech, all fun.

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UPS And LPS MTB Trail 4.83 out of 5 based on 6 ratings. 6 user reviews.
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