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added by Iknowyou ForSure Granny Gear on March 2, 2004
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This trail system is directional, with a generally counterclockwise flow beginning at the trailhead. It is hard packed singletrack with a mixture of log jumps, dips, intense climbs, and fast flowing sections. There are downhills that offer the chance get up some speed and switchbacks that are technical enough for just about any rider. You'll also find a couple shallow water crossings. There are about 14 miles of trails to make it worth the drive. Plenty of connections/bailouts are available to change up the order of trails and make a full day of riding.

Trail 2 begins just after the Haul Road gate at the trailhead. This trail is easy singletrack around a meadow and is a good trail to warm up on for the rest of the ride.

Trail 2B begins at the end of Trail 2 with a short, steep climb called 'surprise hill'. It is wooded singletrack with a large ravine crossing near the middle. The ravine decent and climb are moderately steep.

Trail 3 is a short, easy section which begins at the bailout at the end of Trail 2B. It is a wide singletrack through a meadow area. The front half is a steady, slight incline, while the second half is a fast, moderately straight decline.

Trail 4A has wall ride turns, a drop section, water crossing, and a long climb called 'heartbreak hill'. It follows a twisting and slightly uphill path along ravine tops. There is an optional dip into the steep ravine called 'I-74'. Occasional log piles and skinnies are scattered throughout. At the end the rider can choose to continue straight to Trail 5 or switch to Trail 4B.

Trail 4B begins at the end of Trail 5 and the connector from Trail 4B. It is long, fast, and downhill with a drop midway and a table top at the end. The trail is relatively straight with good sightlines.

Trail 5 is a loop beginning and ending at the end of Trail 4A and the start of Trail 4B. It has a number of steep dips, log jumps, and a few narrow spots. There is a fast, flowing section before coming to the 'playground'.

Trail 6 starts out with moderate descents and climbs that soon lead to the 'three kings'. The 'three kings' are a series of steep climbs and descents with a couple dangerous switchbacks near the end. This section will certainly test any rider's skills.
Trail 7 begins on Haul Road just a short ride from Trail 6 and provides a return route to the trailhead. The trail contains a few ravine dips prior to the major ravine crossing near the middle. The ravine includes a water crossing and a steep climb and switchback. The remainder of the trail is moderately level and exits onto Haul Road.

Devil's Gulch has a fast off camber downhill turn followed by a tight windy climb. At the top of the climb is a sharp right to a log drop and a short steep table top. It continues through bench cut ravines, jumps, and log piles. It is touted as one of the most exhilarating portions of the system. A bailout connects the end of the trail to Haul Road.

Haul Road a dirt/gravel road running alongside the west side of the trail system. It is generally an easy ride that has several modest up and down hill portions. There are bailouts allowing riders to exit, or enter, the system. Bailouts are located at the end of trails 2B, 3, and Devil's Gulch.

Heaven and Hell is a complex section of the system beginning with narrow, bench cut downhills and tight switchbacks. This leads to a quick rise and drop in the middle before the trail begins an arduous climb back to the top of the ridge
Nirvana begins roughly in the middle of Trail 4B and consists of a fast, steep downhill that transitions into flowing singletrack which gradually climbs up to meet the beginning of Trail 6. Alternatively, there is a connector prior to the end that joins near the beginning of Devil's Gulch.

Playground Loop is on the interior of Trail 5. A climb sets the rider up for a fast downhill with a number of jumps in succession. This is followed by another climb leading to a second faster, longer downhill with more jumps.

Session traverses the area between the beginning of Trail 4B and the middle of Trail 6. It slopes gradually downhill away from Trail 4B and is nearly straight. This is a great trail to use to reset your ride to the beginning of Trail 4B, Heaven and Hell, Nirvana, and Devil's Gulch.
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on Sep 22, 2013
cynergy68 on September 21, 2014
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Review: This trail was a lot of fun. I drove about 200 miles to get there and I'm glad I did. The trail was tight and twisty with some miserable climbs (hells hill). There are some bail out sections should you want to head back. There are a lot of roots but absolutely no sand. All hard pack. The scenery is awesome.

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svenster16 on August 3, 2014
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Review: I haven't ridden on many mountain bike trails, but this was by far the best one I've ridden on. Well kept and fun. 5 stars.

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Iknowyou ForSure on February 8, 2014
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Review: This trail system is very well maintained and well thought out. It is a mix of technical riding, fast downhills, and some intense climbs. The trail is long enough for a few hours of riding. Two parking lots allow you to start your ride in different locations and mix it up. Check out the interactive map for detailed information about each trail. They even have elevation profiles per trail. You'll want to be sure to fully explore every aspect of the map interface.

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esettles on September 21, 2013
0 out of 0 readers found this useful
Review: Great trail, well Organized and lots of fun.

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teedawg on September 5, 2013
3 out of 3 readers found this useful
Review: I am from out of town and have only been here twice but enjoy the trails. Lots of everything with elevation, jumps, fast switchbacks, and overall great trails. I did however get deep into the trails and after 60 minutes pf rising had to find a way out because I needed to get back on the road and that is not the easiest task to do on these trails. Many trails criss cross each other and I ended up going backwards to get out. I passed another rider (the president of the bike club) and he chewed me out because I was going backwards. I explained that I just needed to get out but he didn't seemed to care. There is ONE sign that I saw at the very beginning of a side trail on the right which I didn't see as I came in at another entrance to the trail down thw road but saw NO other signs anywhere else. If it was that big of a deal I would expect to see "wrong way" signs for the incorrect direction but there were none of those either. I understand the reason but do not pitch a fit to riders who are not regulars about a rule that is not clearly posted throughout the trails. It is a REALLY fun trail......just not the greatest experience when you are being cussed at by the president of the club.

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rangelinenaturepreserve on February 15, 2013
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Review: I love this trail. It's mostly natural terrain. All single track. There is a main loop with a few off-shoots of expert trail than rejoin the main loop. I think the loop with expert off-shoots is approx 10 miles, but not sure. The guys usually ride the expert sections then meet back up with girls where the trails rejoin. A map may help you, but you really cannot get lost if you follow these tips. From the parking lot, head down the narrow gravel road for about a mile. Look for the trail to the right which goes up a short climb into the woods. Take it. At about 1/2 the way around you come back out on the road at a different location. Turn left on this gravel road. Go a few hundreds yards and look for the trail again on the left. This trail will take you back to where you started.

Good clean fun trail. Nothing too scary, but still plenty challenging.

Similar Trail: Rangle Nature Preseve with less obstacles

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hurlow on September 23, 2012
0 out of 0 readers found this useful
Review: Nice- may be a bit much for total beginners- since you have to travel through some 'black' areas, which can be a bit daunting. Well maintained, not too challenging for intermediate riders (though I will admit having to walk a couple sections in the difficult areas). Overall it is a great place, a map is recommended.

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buzya619 on July 19, 2012
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Review: Very nice trail

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DoofenDoofer on April 9, 2012
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Review: Came out here with a good friend and no real expectations and had an amazing time! We got caught by nightfall the first time through, but decided to come back two days later. Definitely the next step for beginners who are looking to try more technical trails.

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stumpyfsr on March 24, 2012
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Review: Wow, I didn't expect to find such a great trail system in Illinois. It's hard to figure it out at first but on my 2nd and 3rd laps I was flying. P&P has nice jumps and Haven&Hell include tightest and steepest switchback with even steeper climbs. Trails are well marked kinda hard to follow a map for some reason - maybe new construction... Direction here says to take an Exit 207 from I-74 - there's no exit 207. So, to get there take Exit 210 and follow "Kikapoo State Park" signs. Thanks to everyone who build and maintain this trail. It's deffinatelly worth of a couple hour drive.

Similar Trail: Lebanon Hills, Hillside Park, Beird Creek but nothing close in this area

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DDDonny on August 30, 2011
0 out of 0 readers found this useful
Review: Illinois is underrated as far as elevation changes we may have! But for the terrain we do have, our mountain bike trails are AWESOME! Palos, Kickapoo, and Peoria all simply kick ass!!!

* Review edited 8/30/2011

Similar Trail: Fort Custer Recreation Area - Augusta, Michigan

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shawncumby on April 14, 2011
0 out of 0 readers found this useful
Review: Kickapoo is a fun place to ride, definitely worth an hour or two drive. I had a blast, nailed my first skinny there and almost broke my leg on the next one. Good times.

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RoadWarrior on August 1, 2010
0 out of 0 readers found this useful
Review: This is a real gem. Fast, flowing, lots of log piles, ravine crossing, Air it out section (P & P loop), even a small Half Pipe, and lots of fun. Also easy sections for newer riders. Could kick myself for all the times I've ridden by and not stopped. Trail is now on my ride often list.

Similar Trail: Farmdale Reservoir Indy

Was this Review helpful? Yes | No
ericmetcalf on October 3, 2009
0 out of 0 readers found this useful
Review: This hard-packed single track is my favorite in the Midwest. It has a great flow and can be ridden fast or you can take your time with some of the technical riding spurs. Mini downhill has some great jumps between trees. A very entertaining loop that has me anxious to return.

Similar Trail: Outback Trail (Portage, IN)

Was this Review helpful? Yes | No
droc on December 31, 2008
0 out of 0 readers found this useful
Review: I'm a local (about 30 minutes away) and I absolutely LOVE this trail! I don't have a huge repertoire of trails under my belt, but as far as midwest mt biking goes, this ranks with the best of them. Tight & twisty, fast sections, fun playground with jumps. Word 'round the campfire is, KMBC (the amazing club that maintains the trails) might add a downhill run, too. I highly recommend it to anyone in & around Illinois.

Similar Trail: Farmdale Reservoir in Peoria, IL

Was this Review helpful? Yes | No
Joshua_Thomas on April 23, 2007
0 out of 0 readers found this useful
Review: This trail is beautiful. While it does border the sate park and horseback riders share a short portion, the trail is still very well maintained. There are two trailheads, unless you're a local and know all the secrets. Several loops exist, ranging from novice to experienced. Some of these trails even intertwine allowing for endless enjoyment by all levels of riders.

Was this Review helpful? Yes | No
jeff82 on September 10, 2006
0 out of 0 readers found this useful
Review: Just rode here again this weekend. The trail is in good shape. It is completely dry and packed nicely. Get there early in the morning and you can see several deer along the prairie sections of the trail.

Was this Review helpful? Yes | No
jeff82 on June 1, 2006
0 out of 0 readers found this useful
Review: Great trail. The guys who maintain this trail did a great job. The trail is as technical as you want it to be (sort of). Although there are no rocks there are plenty of log piles and jumps to make it a great trail.

Was this Review helpful? Yes | No
wielywilly-g on July 25, 2005
0 out of 0 readers found this useful
Review: This trail is a 10.3 mile loop and can be riden fast by bypassing the features like log piles, jumps, teeters, and log skinnies, OR... riden technical by taking them. :) Sweet!! It is fun and exciting.

Similar Trail: Farmdale Reservoir in East Peoria, IL

Was this Review helpful? Yes | No
disfigured_figure on October 11, 2004
0 out of 0 readers found this useful
Review: Kickapoo is a simple loop trail system that has gotten better every year since I've started riding. There is a new section with a few difficult logs and a series of jumps that is one of the funnest rides around. Although most of the trail is packed singletrack most of the logs have been developed into jumps instead of hops and the few climbs wont wear you out. I recommend doing the loop twice or at least riding the jumps more than once.

Similar Trail: Dirksen, Farmdale (peoria area)

Was this Review helpful? Yes | No
quickKarl on August 6, 2004
0 out of 0 readers found this useful
Review: This area hasn't been mined since 50's. trail is in heavy forest, many deep ravines, and lake views. Local club has added many jumps and obstacles, very good ride. Forgot to add ratings on side and can't edit that area. I would say, 6,7,7.

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Kickapoo MTB Trail 4.65 out of 5 based on 21 ratings. 21 user reviews.
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