Trail is Dry
on 4/11/14 by ajgertz
Avg Rating: (4.00 out of 5) 3 trail reviews
Difficulty: Beginner bike trail - Beginner
Length: 20 miles Global Rank: #1583
Tread: Singletrack Configuration: Network
Ridden: 10 Wishlist: 7
1 trail check-ins Climb // Descend
+1,200 // -1,300 feet
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Fun network of trails (Approximately 5 trails, Loop 1, 2, 3, Stream Trail, and Vista Trail.)

Some climbs, some tech, mostly fast singletrack. Back in the day there used to be Tuesday evening rides, 6PM, at the pond parking lot. Haven't ridden here in 10+ years.

Multi-use trails, so please be respectful!

added by 8valvegrowl Trailblazer on July 27, 2010

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Mike George on April 13, 2014
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Review: Well this was my first time riding here....I won't be back.....trails need tons of maintenance....trails are definitely, definitely beginners. Very little difficulty. Great if it's your first time off pavement. If you have ever mountain biked before go somewhere else these trails will be to easy.....Very nice park though.

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k.hart11268 on January 20, 2014
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Review: pretty well kept and well marked. ride these trails with my buddy a lot. always a good time. Nice climbs and descents with some flowy bits as well.

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8valvegrowl on July 27, 2010
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Review: Great place to ride, close to Westminster. this is where I learned to MTB. A little bit of everything to test/sharpen your skills.

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