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added by Jeff Barber World Champ on December 31, 2002
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This old rail bed leads from Colorado Springs to Cripple Creek. The rail grade makes it a fairly gradual climb through the mountains and some beautiful terrain. You'll go through multiple tunnels so bring a light if you're afraid of the dark. After you've had enough riding, turn around for the quick descent back to the parking lot. About the first 10 miles of the road is closed to vehicular traffic (except dirt bikes, ATVs, etc.) but the rest shares the road with cars. If you're a wuss you can shuttle vehicles to make this an all downhill ride. Several trails diverge from this road as well.
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John Mark Knepper on August 23, 2014
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Review: Alright, went up hoping to ride jones down chock full of power bars and a sandwich but turns out old stage road is closed still. Went to gold camp parking lot, took a freaking incredible. Winding hardball descent to the bottom down Cheyenne, turned around and hooked a right after the parking lot after the green monster water tanks, hopped on chamberlain trail and road by the reservoir took the gold camp trail at the fork and went up to gold camp road. Took the hardball turned left onto the gravel and pushed hard back kt the parking lot passing everyone in sight. Leg burning, lung stinging awesomeness. So I didn't get to go 22 miles or whatever but still awesome fun. Gold camp trail sucks on bike btw and unless your endurance is excellent and your balance divine you will have to hike and bike some of the annoying washed out railroad tresses.

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Greg Heil on May 9, 2014
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Review: For a gravel road ride, this is actually pretty sweet! The views of the canyons while climbing up from Colorado Springs are absolutely photo-worthy, and riding through these long, dark tunnels blasted through the mountain is just so much fun!

Of course, this dirt road is best used as a means of accessing some of the great singletrack trails in the area, such as Captain Jack's.

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Jeff Barber on October 29, 2013
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Review: Gold Camp road is not a mountain bike trail but it is a scenic off-road route that's car-free with a nice grade for really cranking. Not too steep and--bonus!--it's almost all downhill on the way back.

Similar Trail: Any gravel road with scenery.

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John Fisch on September 30, 2010
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Review: Concur with below--this is not so much a mtb trail as it is an automobile free dirt road you can use to hook up with a variety of singletrack options. In less than a mile, you hit Buckhorn (great loop with Captain Jack's) and Seven Bridges (Often unrideable up--more fun down, very popular hiking trail). A little further, just after going up and over the collapsed tunnel, you hit St Mary's Falls Trail (brutal climb/shortcut to Pipeline and Jones Park downhills). If you stay on the road, it's about 16 miles to the top of the Jones Park and Pipeline downhills (badly rutted from motos). The grade is very moderate, so you don't have to be superfit unless you're going all the way. And yes, the scenery is great. But it's still a road.

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mtnspectre on June 21, 2009
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Review: Used this trail mostly as a link. My favorite all time ride was starting at Cheyenne Meadows, up the chutes to lower gold camp to upper gold camp to jones' downhill to captain jacks to lower gold camp back down the chutes and done.

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vbeckman74 on March 13, 2009
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Review: This is a well used road by bikers and Sunday drivers. I like to start at High Drive parking lot, go up Gold Camp and then take Jones's Downhill back to the truck for an awesome day ride.

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teamfreak16 on July 7, 2007
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Review: Just rode it. Great climb, and fantastic scenery. Pretty fun ride for it being just a fire road. And, on the way back down, I dropped in and treated myself to a groovy run down The Chutes. All in all, it was a good day of riding.

Similar Trail: The dirt road portion of Waterton Canyon

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bikeamaroq on March 29, 2007
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Review: Gold Camp Road is a large fire road used by cars to access Captain Jack's and a few other trail heads. Dirt bikers also enjoy riding on it. It is dirt for part of the way and paved for the rest. It isn't really a trail, so unless you live close to it, drive your car up it to get to the upper end of the Chutes or the bottom of Captain Jack's. It has many bumps and isn't really that great a ride. There are worse trails, so I gave this one a 4.

* Review edited 3/31/2007

Similar Trail: Besides an interstate highway, none in particular

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JohnsXCbike on March 19, 2007
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Review: one of my favorite rides in the area, great for a casual ride or working on distance and climbing without worrying about technical singletrack, can pretty much ride as far up as your legs can take you, up to rosemont reservoir, up to the top of Mt Baldy, the options are endless. I'd often just ride out and back on the section that cars can't go on

* Review edited 2/7/2011

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utedude on August 5, 2006
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Review: Its a road. Simply put. It does have some great views and can be a great cardio workout. It isn't exactly a thrill ride though. If you like biking dirt roads, this one is very scenic and probably the best in Colorado Springs.

Similar Trail: Boreas pass road, Breckenridge

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shhlacker on June 23, 2006
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Review: This is one of my favorite rides so far. Tjeeperman, myself, and another friend rode from High Drive parking lot to St. Peters Dome. The only sigle track on the whole ride is goin up and over the tunnel and then going back down to the road. That is the only technical spot which can make some bikers have to dismount. Biking the old dirt road is was a great change from the usual single track and lets you focus more on the great views around than on the trail. The ride is constantly uphill with some sandy spots. I was able to keep it on the big cog without much trouble the whole time but some other bikers had to rely on the granny gears in other spots. The grade isn't too bad until you hit Old Stage Rd. Once there the climb gets tougher and you have to worry about cars, but the road is better maintaned. After all that uphill tho the ride back is great! It only took us about 15-20 mins to get back to the car! You can goto my web site for more info.

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c3667 on August 7, 2005
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Review: Started form the chutes. This is a good long cardio workout . the road is good and the traffic was not too bad we road to High drive (where it was closed) . The tunnels were interesting , I was not sure to lead and hit what was in the tunnel first or let someone else first and find all the pot-holes. This pretty much is just a good access road.

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Guest on December 31, 1969
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Review: We used to do this ride starting from Cripple Creek. We would shuttle our bikes on the gambler's bus, get a bite to eat at the casino, blow a few quarters in the slots, then take off. Head out of town on the highway towards Colorado Springs for a few miles to the mine. Ride up Gold Camp to the high point at Hoosier Pass (not the same Hoosier Pass that's outside of Breckenridge). Start flying downhill! When you reach the old townsite of Clyde, take a left on the Forest Service road. Grunt uphill for a few miles. Top out at about 11,300 feet by the watershed gate. DO NOT trespass on the watershed/resevior area (BIG fines!). Take a right and hike your bike up the 4WD road 'til you top out. Go thru the woods on the 4WD road. A few ups and downs and then you begin an incredible descent back to Colorado Springs. Check with the Forest Service office for a list of 4WD and multi-use trails. They are marked and well known. This ride is a GREAT long day ride. In the late Summer/early Fall there are tons of bolete, chantrelle and scaly tooth mushrooms to be found. These are delicious gourmet mushrooms, but get a mushroom class before you start picking. There are also lots of deadly ones in the same area. Enjoy the Ride!

Similar Trail: Barr Trail to the top of Mt. Manitou, then fly down the Forest Service fire road to the Ute Pass Trail.

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Gold Camp Road MTB Trail 3.15 out of 5 based on 13 ratings. 13 user reviews.
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