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added by bikeit420 Gnarly on August 16, 2008
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The beginner loop is 4.8 miles and is beginner to intermediate. Nice tight singletrack with only small elevation change. Some technical sections on the main loop. If you add all the diamonds it is 11.7 miles. Pretty good signs (Thanks CLIMB) and surrounded by streets and developments. Your never to far from civilization. Maps and more info available @ climbonline.org. Parking is on the street anywhere near the trailhead.
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Mad Mateo on August 8, 2014
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Review: This is a fun trail. It is not very techinal, all though there are a quite a bit of nice switch backs. I didnt make them all but I made the majority of them. It was my first time riding, and about 7th time trail riding overall. My home track is Cunningham. I am not sure how much of the back diamonds, I hit but there are some really cool rolling hills towards the latter part of the trail. Its really cool. There is another section called monster mash. It is a pretty steep climb and a switchback. I think this is a great cross country trail. Not many obstacles or too technical so you can really get some speed going, however be careful becuase there are some dodgy turns that can really catch you by surprise. I would say if you are going for your first time and havent been trail riding atleast two dozen times, dont go alone it can get pretty desolate out there so go with a Friend and stick together. There are quite a few bailouts with more to come in the future. I met one of the Trail ambassadors, he showed me about half a dozen bailouts that are cleary marked, and there wll proably be another half dozen. Very nice trail, well maintained, Lots of fun. takes about Two to Two and a half hours to complete, maybe faster depending on your fitness level. Bring At least 32 oz of water and a little snack and you should be golden!

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matthewjoseph on September 13, 2014
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Review: NOT very technical. You must have not hit the full trail. Theres a section called the Chambers that will take down the strongest of riders.

Theres also a west side loop. There are simple singletracks but it is by far NOT an intermediate only trail. Similar Trail: Manorville Hills
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General_Zod on April 3, 2013
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Review: The East Setauket trail is just over 15 miles of singletrack trail. The main loop is approximately 5 miles and isn't that beginner friendly oriented as it is more like a single black diamond compared to other Long Island trails. The main loop has some tight spots,switchbacks, moguls, climbs, that may make a beginner think it's too much. An intermediate rider will have no problem at all.

The 10 miles of diamond are the most intense that Long Island has to offer in terms of climbing. The downhill gradient is the steepest for any official Long Island trail that you will find.

The trail map at CLIMB is obsolete. There are a few new sections such as an extended black diamond coming out of Wild Laurel that take you into a DBD climb, known as Monster Mash, that aren't on the older maps. The Monster Mash Climb is the hardest official CLIMB climb that exists since it's is fairly long with a decent gradient over some off cambered slope sections with tight spots. After that there's a section known as Twisted Sister that isn't on the maps as well.

When taking the main loop you will cross over an open field where you can see power-lines as far as you can see. You cross over and continue on the main and loop around into the first diamond known as BJ's way. You do that and then go back on the main and the next diamond is Wild Laurel followed by Switcharoo and then back to Wild Laurel. Then you go into the black diamond that takes you into the new DBD Monster Mash climb. After that you come out and you go into the main for a bit until you see a sign for Twisted Sister BD. After that you exit and are in the Far East and come back on the main to the power lines and cross back over. You continue on the switchbacks of the main and you'll see a very sharp left that you can easily miss that is a bailout and will take you back to parking lot on Belle Meade Rd. If you do that you have done the first half of the east side of ES which is about 7.5 miles. If you don't take that bailout you will continue on the black diamond for a bit that will take you to the second half of the trail. The first diamond you will see should be Roller Coaster followed by No Dab and then enter the Chambers DBD which is 7 good hill climbs and downhills one after the other. After that there's 3.5 more miles of other diamonds that take you back to the main and to the parking lot. All said and done it's just over 15 miles of the most intense cardio workout that is part of the Long Island CLIMB association.

There's a hiking trail on the west side of the road that is an additional 4.5 miles of even harder climbs then what's on the east side. It has a more natural feel as it isn't maintained as much but it still very quite ride-able and private people seem to maintain it. The trees are marked for hiking trails but you can't necessarily just follow those if you want to do all 4.5 miles of the biking section. This section is very tough and you have to be fit if you are going to make all these climbs.

This trail isn't beginner oriented but it's great for an intermediate rider who wants to get stronger, cardiovascular.

Similar Trail: Manorville (But that's not justice since ES is a beast)

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CoryKraemer on October 23, 2012
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Review: Love this singletrack!! Well maintained and easy to follow. Some areas are easy / flat with some tight turns and narrow areas between trees. Black options are more challenging due to rocks and roots, short/steep hills (up and down) with lots of rocks and roots to make things challenging (need to know how to climb/shift to make it without jumping off the bike). I have hit most of the trails including one black loop in the middle with a grand total of 13 miles. I was with some less experienced riders so it took a while waiting for them from time to time but if youíre in shape and donít have to wait for anyone you could prob average like 6mph. Some fun roller coaster sections where you get to rest if you pick a good line that are lots of fun. Overall one of my favorites on Long Island thus far.

Similar Trail: For another good trail that is less technical and has less hills try Rocky Point.

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Johneblz on September 29, 2010
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Review: This is a tight trail that is surprisingly fun. Quite a few fun ups and downs. Handful of slow steady climbs with quick descents. Not all that technical. Black diamonds are mostly on the back so it lacks a little flow. Definately be hitting it again.

Similar Trail: Glacier Ridge, Cathedral Pines, Rocky Point RCA

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bikeit420 on November 30, 2008
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Review: West side loop is hilly. Not too much flat ground. Lots of short steep climbs. Intermediate to advanced. You need lungs. About 5 miles or so.

Similar Trail: Stillwell, East Setauket (diamonds), Glacial Ridge

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bikeit420 on August 16, 2008
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Review: Sweet singletrack. Lots of diamond options. Tight and technical in spots. Some elevation around 200'. Haven't checked out all the diamonds but the few I have ridden are a blast. Lots or rollers.

Similar Trail: Glacier Ridge, Cathedral Pines

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East Setauket MTB Trail 3.83 out of 5 based on 6 ratings. 6 user reviews.
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