Brockover Mesa - Corncob Loop

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↑ 2,600 ft
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added by norski Doubletrack on November 12, 2010
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The "corncob Loop" is a 12.45 mile loop with 1,930 feet of total climbing
over the entire route. That elevation is generally achieved through very
gradual, steady uphill sections that you hardly will notice. But you are
rewarded with many miles of gradually descending downhill. All in all, a
very fun and scenic trail that gets you to the further west areas of the
Brockover Mesa / Turkey Springs mountain bike network of trails. See
additional trail network info at

Route instructions:

Reset bike computer/GPS unit at Gate 5.
Ride west on Lower Newt Jack Rd. following the fence line.
At about 1 mile, you descend a rocky hill with a frog pond on your left. Walk
this if you are not a comfortable “downhiller.”
At mile 1.15 you come to a gate with a green, bike cattle guard on your left.
Cross the cattle guard and immediately pick up a trail branching right off of
Lower Newt Jack Road.
Follow this trail (“Happy Meal Trail”) for two miles. At mile 1.55 there is a
fork in the trail with a branch going right. Take the left fork. (Note: The
right fork takes you to Gate 3 off Fremont Court.
At mile 3.14 you reach Newt Jack Road. Turn right.
At mile 3.23 (150 yards) the road turns to the right. There is a single track
exiting on your left. Take it (This is “Horseshoe Trail.”)
At mile 3.75 you reach Park Reservoir (Pond). Just before the pond, take a
trail going to your left and down a short, steep hill. This is the start of
“Park Avenue.”
At mile 4.05 you intersect another trail (X-C Ski Trail). Turn left onto this
At mile 4.67 a you reach a trail exiting to your left (Corncob Trail). Take it.
(At this point you are very close to Turkey Springs Road and can see it
through the trees before you turn onto Corncob Trail.)
At mile 6.08 you intersect another trail (Elk Run Trail). Turn left. (At this
point you are very close to Brockover Road and can see it right in front of
you before you turn onto Elk Run Trail.
At mile 7.04 a trail exits to your right (Round Park Trail). Take it.
At mile 9.38 you intersect Silk Thread Trail. Turn left.
At mile 9.51 a trail exits to your right (Creek Trail). Take it.
At mile 9.95 you intersect Martinez Spur Trail. Turn left and climb the hill.
At mile 10.05 you reach the top of the hill and see a trail exiting to your
right (Boy Scout Trail). Take it.
At mile 12.45 you arrive back at the Gate 5 Trailhead.
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norski on November 12, 2010
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Review: A nice 12.45 mile loop in the using the sweet singletrack in the Brockover Mesa / Turkey springs network of MBT trails.

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Brockover Mesa - Corncob Loop MTB Trail 5.00 out of 5 based on 1 ratings. 1 user reviews.
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