Brockover Mesa - Canyon Rim Loop

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added by norski Doubletrack on November 8, 2010
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This scenic loop is part of the “Turkey Springs/Brockover Mesa Mountain
Bike Network” in the San Juan National Forest.

The trailhead is only a few miles outside Pagosa Springs. Starting at an
elevation of 7550 feet, these fairly flat, meandering trails are not technically
difficult, but are just plain fun to ride.

This network allows for many different “variations on a theme” – tying
different trail segments together into different loops. 118 miles of possible
routes are currently mapped on After you’ve done
all of those, do all the loops backwards (they look and ride differently).
That’s 236 miles of fun singletrack to entertain yourself with! Or explore
and create your own route to fit your schedule and mood. Visit if you want to see more information.

Route mileages and details:
Reset bike computer/GPS unit at Gate 5.
In less than 100 yards take one of two trails crossing the drainage to your
left. This is a section you might choose to hike your bike. Once back up on
the mesa, you will pick up a trail following the Martinez Canyon rim. This is
the Boy Scout Trail. Follow it for 2.4 miles.
At mile 2.4 you intersect with Martinez Spur Trail. Turn left and descend the
At mile 2.46 you reach a creek on your left. Cross the creek. (Recommend
hiking your bike here, too.)
Continue up the hill on the other side of the creek and continue following
the Martinez Spur Trail.
At mile 2.8 you reach the edge of a large meadow with a power line running
through it. As soon as you have descended to the edge of the meadow,
take a trail branching to your left.
At mile 2.93 you intersect lower Brockover Road (aka Power Line Road).
Turn right.
At mile 3.02 (you haven’t gone very far) a trail branches to your left. Take
it. This is the start of “MBT” which continues along the canyon rim for a
ways before it turns to the right (west). Keep following MBT.
At mile 4.81 you intersect Lower Brockover Road. Turn right.
At mile 5.23 you are back at the edge of the big power-line meadow. A
trail exits to your left. Take it. This is the start of the Silk Thread Trail.
At mile 6.69 a trail exits to your right. Take it. This is the Silk Thread Cut-
off and will take you to Lower Newt Jack Road.
At mile 6.95 you intersect Lower Newt Jack Road. Turn right.
At mile 7.64 you arrive back at the Gate 5 Trailhead.
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on Aug 21, 2014
JSherwood1987 on August 21, 2014
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Review: The trail was missing a bit of flow from beginning to end. It also felt like a perpetual rock garden on a hardtail. The canyon was much better than the trail about a 1/2 mile in from gate 5. I recommend FS or prepare for a good jostle.

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norski on November 8, 2010
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Review: Nice, mellow loop with views down into Martinez Canyon and towards the continental divide east of Pagosa Springs.

Similar Trail: The Best of Brockover

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spogburn on May 28, 2014
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Review: I rode a number of the trails starting from gate 5 outside of Pagosa Springs. Coming from Phil's World, I personally didn't find them all that fun. They were full of small, loose rocks and I never felt like I could get a good flow going. The terrain is pretty, but at least on a hard tail I felt like I was always bumping around and couldn't get in the groove. It wasn't technical really; it just wasn't that flowy or fun either. Similar Trail: Heil Valley Ranch in Boulder
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Brockover Mesa - Canyon Rim Loop MTB Trail 4.50 out of 5 based on 2 ratings. 2 user reviews.
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