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added by Guest on December 31, 2002
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Trail starts as a fireroad and climbs. You can do an up and back to a water tower which is about 2 miles total. Not technical but good little quick climb. Another option is to take a left at double-track about 1/4 mile before the water tower. Take this up and stay to the right, you will be above the water tower. Keep going and you get to a point where you pickup your bike and carry it for about 10-20 minutes. You will eventually T a trail which run's parallel to the mountain (you can see it from where you parked). Go right and it is an awesome singletrack downhill with a lot of big rocks to pay attention to and some tight turns and fairly steep drops. You will eventually cross into Air Force Academy. At first major trail intersetion (double track) go right. You go downhill and then up. Open and close first gate. Keep heading south and you will hit second gate (I usually bunnyhop through the left side) and then into a subdivision. At road head left and then you will hit Woodmen, head right and you will hit your ride in about 3 minutes.
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Guest on July 19, 2012
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Review: As of 7/17, the trail is closed due to recent brushfires in the area.:(

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Railbiker on June 10, 2012
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Review: Neat little place. The service road offers a easy climb to the top, and then "Perrigran?" trail down is a pretty quick and good singletrack ride. There are more trails the farther up you go. Not bad.

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John Fisch on September 30, 2011
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Review: There's more to this place than first meets the eye. It does have a boring fire road as the main path and there's plenty of hike-a-bike to be found, but there's also lots of nice, tight&twisty singletrack. If you're not up for the grand tour including the brutal climb and unauthorized foray into USAFA property, there's a few loops off the main trail that will definitely give you a good workout. If you want a sustained singletrack climb, take the Red Squirrel trail up to the road to the Gambel Oak Trail to the Douglas Fir Trail. If you've still got the legs and the lungs for it, you can climb even higher on the Wagon Wheel trail, but this is badly rutted doubletrack, so it's less fun, but the scenery is great. Go here with a sense of adventure and a willingness to explore and maybe dismount for a climb or two and you'll have a fine time. I agree that this one is best saved for after you've exhausted the many other great biking opportunities in the CSPrings area.

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Kwyle on July 16, 2008
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Review: Not a fan of this trail. Maybe fun to hike if you lived nearby. Ute Park is very close and much more fun to ride. This trail gets real narrow and it's not fun riding through bushes. Much better rides so don't waste your time on this one.

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utedude on June 1, 2007
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Review: This trail is fun when you want a good and diverse workout. There is a ten minute stretch where you need to carry your bike but it is a great upper body workout. It might be a fun idea to have a bike and hike race to the top of this peak with a friend or two. Overall, i had a good time but it is definitely not a trail tailored specifically or specially for mountain biking but I would recommend it if you live close by like myself or if you are visiting the Springs for a couple of days but it is definitely not the best ride in the city.

Similar Trail: ute valley park, mule creek

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shhlacker on May 31, 2006
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Review: Nice little trail. Would be great if it wasn't for the hike-a-bike near the top. The ride is nice and mellow on the way up to the hike-a-bike section. After you get done carrying your bike the downhill is fun and fast. Big loose rocks on most of the downhill keep it interesting. The views alone are worth checkin out IMO. Check out for more information and pictures.

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Purplesmurf on February 2, 2006
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Review: I wouldn't really consider Blodgett a biking trail... but I'm a lowly MTB newb... The trail to the summit (the left trail when you level out after climbing past the water tower) is incredibly steep. Me and my friend had a hard time getting ourselves up the mountain climing on all fours, muchless riding a bike. The scenery, when you can see it, is spectacular! I would very much reccomend hiking up just for the views.

Similar Trail: Mt. Herman

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telemarkdude on September 12, 2005
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Review: This is a nice ride if you live or work nearby. Definitely take the option to the left on that last turn before the tower (as described above); -- this ride is just not worth doing to the water tower alone (it's a smooth, well graded and wide dirt road to the tower).

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Jeff Barber on June 23, 2004
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Review: The directions and description above are right on. I had hiked this trail many times but never thought to bring my bike. I finally made it and the loop described will end up being a little less than 4 miles. At the end of the dirt road you'll find a fairly long hike-a-bike section but once you hit the top it's a nice downhill. You'll climb about 800 feet when it's all done, alot of climbing and descending in a short period to be sure.

Similar Trail: Parts are like Stratton Open Space, also Mt Herman.

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Blodgett MTB Trail 3.33 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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