Big Bear Lake

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added by Outdoornut Singletrack on February 6, 2008
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There are several loop options with some blacktop used to link them. The one my son and I like the best is their 21 mile loop. It has a few very technical spots, but the majority of the trail system is awesome singletrack. The map is a bit difficult to make out at first because there are no trail names, just numbers. They do list the trails according to beginner, advanced or expert. You can make sooo many different loops you can ride all day and not feel like you hit any trail twice. The 21 mile loop puts you on nearly every trail in the park, (nearly). Also, check out Coopers Rock State Park just west of here toward Morgantown. Great riding there as well.
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TheWVPedaler on February 14, 2015
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Review: This is some sweet, but challenging singletrack. I have only ridden there once. I did a race there some time back but just now getting around to writing a review. I feel I would have enjoyed this trail even more if I wasn't racing that day. All the other people and the lung buster start was rough. I would like to make it back there some day. Not very close to my home. Once you finally make it to the top of the mountain there is some awesome singletrack in a pine grove that ends with a great view.

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drock30 on September 18, 2014
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Review: Very fun! Amazing scenery! Lots of up and down. Only about 500ft elevation, so it's not too brutal

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dubinjs on July 10, 2014
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Review: Awesome trails! We rode about 18 miles here and had a total blast! The trails are technical and some sections are challenging. Some great features along the way that some riders may chose to walk over instead pif ride, but they are all rideable with the proper skills and confidence;)
The foliage in the summer time is magnificent too. We are heading back up this weekend for another round. It is definitely good to have a guide show you around the park. there are so many trails and knowing which ones link up and the best direction to travel is key. You can easily ride all day and note get bored!

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Dave Hunt on May 27, 2014
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Review: Singletrack heaven. Bury me and my salsa el mariachi here.

Similar Trail: North Fork Mountain

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monkee3700 on August 24, 2012
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Review: These are amazing trails. Very emwell maintained. My brother and I spent three days riding this summer and it was different each time. There is a lot to keep you on your toes. The climb up the mountain to the Pine section is brutal no matter which way you go. But once you are there, there are so many different ways down. My favorite was a new unmarked trail that was marked with orange tape. The ground was loose dirt and pine needles, so you had to keep moving, or you'd wipe out. Then came the great rock slides. An epic trip. I've only been riding 4 months or so, and these trails really taught me how to step up my technique and ability.

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sgham151 on December 24, 2011
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Review: trails are great single track with alot of variety climbing and decending. Some very technical stuff and some very fast stuff. I love the place.

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eastwood on March 19, 2011
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Review: Rode here back in 9/09 and 9/10. On both rides we rode mostly on the race course. Didn't find it overly technical, but you can find rock gardens to keep you challenged. Great ride to just get out and rack up miles. LOVE the pine tree grove, so much fun. As you would expect, you do get in some grinding climbs. Makes for a beautiful epic ride.

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Outdoornut on October 26, 2009
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Review: Hey just to let everyone know that Big Bear is closed to mountain biking from October through December. Usually reopens in January.

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Outdoornut on August 25, 2009
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Review: New trails found in Big Bear. These are not on the map but if you like technical stuff and sweet singletrack lumped together you'll love 'em. You can find the first one right behind the Maintenance Building on the right behind the parking lot about 150 yards in from the gate. Park here and ride to the left of the Maintenance building. As you start down this grade there is a old road / trail to your right. About 50 yards into that trail you will see a trail cross, go left onto singletrack. This newer short trail will dump you out below the dam. When you come into the field just ride straight ahead, down across the creek and up the other side along the wood line. You will see the sign "Voo Doo Rocks trail approved by the WV Nightclub". It's awesome... and not on the map. If will bring you out in about 6 or 7 miles at the #40 on the Big Bear map. Then just add some more trails to make a great loop.

Similar Trail: Don't forget Quebec Run just north of Bruceton Mills, in PA or Coopers Rock just a few mile east of Big Bear.

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ScubaSchaef on December 26, 2008
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Review: This trail is perfect for me, it has some tough climbs which rewards you with sweet downhill...I also love the pine forest section, it's like your in a different world carving tightly around trees which are in perfect rows.

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Outdoornut on June 24, 2008
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Review: Have ridden the trail at Big Bear Lake a couple times in the last month or so and enjoyed the 24hr race held there in June. The trails are in great shape, some minor reroutes around some of the bad mud holes.

Similar Trail: Coopers Rock and Quebec Run in Forbes State Forest just north of Bruceton Mills just into PA.

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Big Bear Lake MTB Trail 4.82 out of 5 based on 11 ratings. 11 user reviews.
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