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Aqueduct Trail
Avg Rating: (3.67 out of 5) 3 trail reviews
Difficulty: Intermediate bike trail - Intermediate
Length: 6 miles Global Rank: #4882
Tread: Singletrack Configuration: Out & Back
Ridden: 38 Wishlist: 40
2 trail check-ins Climb // Descend
+1,900 // -2,000 feet
Average Speed: 6 mph Average Time: 2hr 25min
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Begin riding up Keystone Gulch Road.About 1/4 mile up Keystone Gulch there is a beaver pond shortly after the beaver pond there is a doubletrack on your right that crosses the creek turn right.You can either cross the creek here, or upstream about 50 yards there is afoot bridge. Follow the trail downstream. After a short distance the trail becomes obivious.The trail follows the aqueduct for 2.5 miles. There are some trails that take off to the right that go down to Keystone Ranch Road and Summit Cove so stay to the left on the main trail.You cross a couple of subdivision roads. At the end of the aqueduct the trail turns to the left uphill. The next few miles is nicely flowing singletrack. It does'nt get any better than this. There are many miles of singletrack just like this in Summit County. You will come out on a road and should be able to see Keystone Ranch in front of you. There are a maze of trails that take off from here. So if you are unfamilar with the area this is a good place to turn arround. If you want to do some exploring, the trail that takes off to the left climbs to the Colorado Trail.Or if you take the road in the direction of the ranch there are some trails that take off to the right. Although this trail is nothing special . It really is. Is the beginning and the end of many great rides in Summit County.It also has a couple miles of singletrack that is so much fun you could ride it all day.

added by lostcause Gnarly on August 29, 2005

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BPCook on July 18, 2009
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Review: Great flowing single track! Really busy so get an early start. Watch out for horses. (The guides don't like bikes.) The first 2.5 miles have some bridges, be careful they are hard to get on and off and the pipe is very slippery. After the bridges the trail is great fun! Not too techy, gets pretty fast so if you're a strong rider watch out for the tourist. After crossing the roads and starting up hill to the left the single track is really good. The downhills are fun and fast and the uphill is challenging but not too hard.

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RideorDie on June 19, 2009
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Review: I think this is a great little trail. It has some stuning views at the top, some hair raising 6 x plank bridges toward the end, and some decent stuff in between. A signifigant potion of the trail that is rated "Easy" on the map is old double track, but thanks to riders staying on one track only, the side is nearly completely grown over with vegitation turning what would have been almost lame into very tight buff 6" wide single track. Very nice. This is a great trail to combine with several different options in the area. A great combo is to ride up gulch road, ride a potion of West Ridge Loop, down Colorado Trail and then link into this one back to the bottom of gulch road.

Similar Trail: Colorado Trail

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jeeper on July 23, 2008
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Review: I rode this trail as a connector between Keystone Gulch and Keystone Ranch trail. That is really all it is. I can't imagine doing this trail just by itself. With that being said, if you are riding North/South to or from keystone gulch take this trail instead of the paved rec. path. It is a lot of fun for what it is.

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