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annistonfire153   on May 7, 2013
replied to mobile app problems
ok i no longer see those far away dream trails on my possible check ins. thanks. and the delete feature...
annistonfire153   on May 7, 2013
replied to mobile app problems
that would be great if you could delete those check ins for me. the check in options it gives me...
annistonfire153   on May 6, 2013
replied to mobile app problems
My acct still shows I have an unearned Sherriff badge for breaks interstate park and Virginia rider badge and Colorado...
annistonfire153   on May 4, 2013
replied to mobile app problems
My mobile app says that I have badges that I haven't earned and they are on trails that I haven't...
annistonfire153   on Feb 6, 2013
replied to "Do-it-all" bike for $3K?
Trek Rumblefish
annistonfire153   on Dec 7, 2012
added a comment on Singletracks Feature Friday: My Bike
My 2012 trek rumble fish elite isn't listed. Only the 2010 rumble fish and picture. Tried to upload a picture...
annistonfire153   on Dec 7, 2012
added a review of Coldwater Mountain

gscott, it was good to meet you both and we had a blast showing off our hometown trail. Be careful...
annistonfire153   on Dec 5, 2012
added a comment on Kenda Happy Medium MTB Tire Review
Is the third picture at Coldwater Mtn. Anniston,AL?
Thanks for visiting. I'm a local to the area and the trail and am always happy to hear of people...
annistonfire153   on Oct 26, 2012
replied to TN Trip
Yea I'll definitely have to go back. I've heard of FivePoints but can't find anything on here about it.
annistonfire153   on Oct 26, 2012
85 views and no insight at all?! Cane creek and LBS did some research and were very helpful at answering...
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annistonfire153   on Oct 26, 2012
replied to TN Trip
Headed out in the morning for a 3 day trip in TN. Trails on the list are Racoon mtn, Tanasi,...
annistonfire153   on Oct 17, 2012
replied to Got a "home" trail?
Coldwater Mtn in Anniston,AL. IMBA will be back here in a couple weeks to start building more miles!
annistonfire153   on Oct 2, 2012
Wondering if the cane creek angleset will work on my 2012 trek rumble fish. Wanting to slacken head tube angle...
annistonfire153   on Sep 20, 2012
replied to 29er wheelsets
+1 on Wigs Wheels
Iron Legs, and the rails at Coleman lake but Coleman lake might be too much drive time for you
Coldwater Mtn here in anniston is a must. Sylaward trail at lake Howard in sylacauga is fun. And the other...
annistonfire153   on Jun 26, 2012
replied to Endo
Thanks for some great advice. It is dual suspension. I hadn't thought about rear rebound. I will play with the...
annistonfire153   on Jun 21, 2012
replied to Endo
Question: I'm riding a Trek rumble fish elite. I'd say 75% of the time I get airborne, no matter how...
What time does this shindig start?
I live in Anniston and word is that by April there "should" be 10 or so miles to ride. I...
Thanks Weedy. That was very informational. Any thoughts on taking the 3x10 on the rumblefish and changing it to a...
annistonfire153   on Nov 5, 2011
added a review of Hurricane Creek

very fun place to try some skinnies and freeride stuff. beautiful scenery.
what size? shipping?
annistonfire153   on Nov 5, 2011
replied to DRCV
Anybody have opinions or reviews on Fox's DRCV 29er fork?
What about the DRCV fork on the trek? Anyone have any experience or opinions on this? Its about the only...
I'll check into that one. Thanks for the suggestion. The only drawback for me is that my LBS is Trek...
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Thanks man. Im new to this site and grateful for the opinions and help. Yet another reason im attracted to...
Thanks maddslacker. Definitely something to consider because there are times that i am very fond of my granny gear.
Another question. The "Fish" has a 3x10, the Stumpy has 2x10. pros and cons?
The one shop i deal with sells both brands. If i'm correct they both weigh close to the same at...
Im in the market for a new bike. I'm going from a 29er hardtail and want a FS. I'm torn...
annistonfire153   on Oct 30, 2011
added a review of Gene's Loop

This trail is no longer here due to logging
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This was a great set of trails before it was logged. It had a little bit of everything and suited...

Smooth, flowing singletrack. This trail will get your heart pumping from a few short climbs, and keep it pumping with...
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