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Colorado Springs / Ulaanbaatar // MONGOLIA

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mongwolf   1 day ago
added a photo of Khargana Gol
Fast decent on Khargana Gol in big lonely country in north central Mongolia.
Isn't this part of CT Segment #7? Gold Hill THD to Cooper Mountain.
Very cool system Greg. That's either a really small tent, sleeping bag and pad as you have stated or ONE BIG BANANA. LOL.

So smooth on the top end of the travel. Great small bump compliance with minimal brake dive. 20mm through axle...
160mm of adjustable travel. 36mm stanchions. 20mm thru axle. High speed and low speed compression adjustments in addition to the...
Also just a point of clarification on a related topic. Sometimes I see a misuse of the term "conservation" on Singletracks. There are two primary terms and philosophies of land management employed in the US on public lands. They are conservation and preservation. Oftentimes, conservation is misused for preservation. Conservation is the sustainable use and…
Well, this post may not relate to the mtb issue so directly, but hopefully it add just one piece for better understanding Wilderness Areas and imo the abuses of the designation. One of the ORIGINAL intents and definition of Wilderness Areas was to designate large enough tracts of land that a person could take a…
mongwolf   4 days ago
commented on a photo
Happy pup !!!!!!! Go Tula.
mongwolf   6 days ago
updated District 15 Network conditions to Good
mongwolf   6 days ago
commented on a photo of Winsor (254)
Nice pic. I've been wanting to ride Winsor for some time. I NEED to make my first trip to NM...
Great work by STC and mountain bikers supporting their efforts. As a forest ecologist, silviculturalist and USFS forest land manager of years past, I can say that this is the first time I have ever seen a potential reversing in direction of the misuses of the original Wilderness Act. There are several misuses that have…
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The mountains are so much bigger than us. =)
Wow, what a moment in the mountains. Gotta love it. Definitely a POD moment. Not being critical because I absolutedly...
Wow, great idea ahtannerii.
mongwolf   1 week ago
commented on a photo of Pussycat trail
Gorgeous photo. it captures the beauty of the forest and the good times you all were having.
Thanks Greg. Great to know. I visit a couple of stores next time I'm in CA. I get some time in San Diego periodically with work.
Opps, that last comment was meant to be a reply to Greg's.
WOW .... .... UTTERLY jealous. =) Keep livin' the life. You've got a great "gig" going. The HD3 and SB6c don't surprise me. I can't wait to test ride those ... ... but can't do that in Outer Mongolia. LOL. Hopefully over Christmas this year. I've never ridden a Tracer but have had my eye…
So Greg, how did you come up with your list??? Maybe best reviews online??? I'm guessing you haven't ridden all these. If you have, I'm thoroughly jealous. =) Of the ones you have ridden, which ones did you like the most? Also, how about this for a tough question. These bikes are getting sooooo good.…
Kevin (on Facebook), I don't know what it is, but the Remedy has never felt right to me. Funny how bikes are different for each person. It seems you really have to go out an ride a bike before you really know if it is the bike for you.
Rene, every time I get on a Turner I am impress. Maybe it's just the fit for me or something, but their all mountain enduro type bikes over the years have always been super stable DH and yet great on on really steep ups (no wandering). The bikes just always seem planted both DH and…
mongwolf   2 weeks ago
added a review of The Cycling World

Service pricing increased significantly a few weeks ago. I guess I'll have to go elsewhere for service now. There are...
mongwolf   2 weeks ago
added 13 photos.
Where the trail enters into the forest.
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Great series John. I must admit that I'm pretty a junkie on Buckhorn, Upper Jacks, Lower Jacks, The Chutes, and Stratton. I love pedaling up the mountain from the high school to the top of Buckhorn. I usually go a little further up before I turn around and make the run all the way back…
I see online that the Fuel Ex does come in a 23" alloy frame (see I don't see a 23 for the Remedy.
Just curious Aaron, what length bars did Trek stock the bikes with? Also do you have a detailed listing of the geometry of each bike? A link?
mongwolf   2 weeks ago
updated Khargana Gol conditions to Good
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mongwolf   2 weeks ago
updated Chuluut Am conditions to Fair
mongwolf   2 weeks ago
added 3 photos.
Beautiful bird soaring over his domain. This year we saw more Golden Eagles (pictured) and other raptors (kites and hawks)....
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mongwolf   2 weeks ago
added 11 photos.
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mongwolf   2 weeks ago
added 6 photos.
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Our plant "friend" in Mongolia is stinging nettle. Fortunately, we have no poison ivy or oak. The nettle stings and burns immediately after contact and lasts for an hour or two. It is usually found only in disturbed areas. So on the trail it is rarely an issue. You have to be careful though in…
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