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Is it alot less crowded on week days at Blankets? Everytime I have been, which was on a weekend each...
Harry_Swisher   on Oct 10, 2012
added a review of Pinhoti Trail

It is a 3 hour travel from where I live to get to these trails, and it is worth it...
Harry_Swisher   on Oct 5, 2012
replied to Camping near Bull Mountain
Hey fellow riders / Dahlonega locals. I am coming to ride Bull Mountain and wish to camp near the trails....
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Harry_Swisher   on Oct 5, 2012
replied to Camping near Bull Mountain
WOW Nevermind, after further reading, I see that there are camping spots at the bottom of the hill. lol
Harry_Swisher   on Sep 18, 2012
added a comment on Packing for the Big Bike Trip Trip
Luke, what kind of motorcycle do you ride when taking these kind of trips?
Harry_Swisher   on Sep 10, 2012
replied to choosing hardtail
Of the 3 bikes you just mentioned, I would go with the Giant Talon. I have heard many good things...
Harry_Swisher   on Aug 21, 2012
added a review of Trek 6500

I have owned my 6500 for 3 years now. I put it through hella abuse and it takes basically everything...

Wonderful place to ride. Usually when I come here I combine Bear Creek with Pinhoti 1 &2 for a great...
Harry_Swisher   on Apr 20, 2012
added a review of Henry Farm Park

Checked out these trails yesterday while jogging. The inprovements made are much appreciated. Great place to squeeze in a couple...
I am going to try to make that. I love riding Blankets when I get the chance. Also looking forward...
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After Pedalpalooza, a couple of friends and I are driving up to Ellijay, camping at Mulberry Gap and riding Pinhoti...
Harry_Swisher   on Oct 30, 2011
added a review of Iron Legs Trail

Good place to polish your climbing and tech skills. Not a lot of fast parts, but fun nevertheless. There are...
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The BEST in the south I do believe. This is a must do for every biker!!!!
Harry_Swisher   on Oct 30, 2011
added a review of Sylaward

Great trails for beginners or people new to mountain biking. Would love to see some obstacles (log rides, jumps, wooden)...

Wow, what can I say about this trail? FUN! Easily the best trails in the area. All of the climbs...
Harry_Swisher   on Oct 26, 2011
added a review of Cheaha State Park

Trail is close to my home, so I ride it at least once a month. A climber's dream. Super fun...
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