Review: B-Labs B-Ring OVAL Chainring


Oval chainrings are not a new invention. Those that have been in the sport long enough will likely remember Shimano’s Bio-Pace chainring, and possibly even shudder. It’s important to note up front that the B-Ring OVAL chainring is not a distant relative of the Bio-Pace. But just as with bell bottoms, many fashionable items will …

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Test Ride Review: Commencal Meta AM V4


Let me preface this by saying, the trails surrounding the venue at the Sea Otter Classic do not require a 6″ travel full suspension bike. You could ride pretty much everything on a road bike, and you might even be faster too. That said, you work with what you’ve got at your disposal, right? Commencal is …

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Test Ride Review: Trek Stache 9 29+

2015-04-17 bontrager IMG_0141

The big story at the 2015 Sea Otter Classic is the widespread introduction of the 27.5+ wheelsize. For those unfamiliar, this is a mid-fat wheelsize featuring approximately 3-inch tires. Stay tuned for a more detailed analysis of this progression in the plus size trend once the show has finished. The Trek Stache reviewed here is …

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Review: Northwave Extreme Tech MTB Plus Shoes


Interbike is a lot like a gentleman’s club for three reasons. First of all, it’s in Las Vegas. Second, there’s lots to look at, but you’re usually not supposed to put your hands on anything. Most importantly, it is considered rude to ask about weights, date of manufacture, and “street price.” I broke all those …

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Review: The Shimano Enduro Racepack U4E


Let me start by saying that details are light on this particular piece. It has not officially hit the street yet. The Singletracks team obtained the sample I have at Interbike’s Outdoor Demo and I got to keep it because I had room in my suitcase. I made room for it by throwing away all …

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Review: Hincapie Soigner Jacket

2015-03-27 soigner

Cycling apparel can be split into two different categories: one category of gear will draw wide-eyed stares and will have mothers covering their childrens’ eyes if you wear it anytime you’re off the bike, and the other category will blend into normal, everyday life and serve many purposes. Thankfully, more and more mountain biking gear, such …

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