On Review: Norco Torrent 7


Announced late summer 2015, the Torrent 7 is Norco’s “aggressive” all-mountain hardtail and also happens to be the BC-based bike company’s first crack at the increasingly-popular 27.5+ game. Located within earshot of the ever-so-epic, steep-and-deep trails of the North Shore, you can count on Norco designing their rookie mid-fatty with the capability to handle just about anything you can dig up. While the Torrent’s figures seem to equate fervently …

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SQlab 611 Active Saddle Review: Rider Tested, Urologist Approved


“Performance based ergonomics.” Perhaps just another way of saying, “If the shoe fits, wear it.” And if the bike fits, rip it! Yet there’s something very sexy in the suggestion of “ergonomic.” When we think of the term, we think: form-fitting, comfortable, an extension of our body, something God Himself would have created in The Beginning if …

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Hope Slick Chain Device Review


Along with their crankset, Hope sent over their Slick Chain Device for review. It’s a chain guide intended to be run with a 1x drivetrain. Unfortunately, the Zen TRAIL frame that I used for testing the cranks didn’t have ISCG-05 tabs on it, so I wasn’t able to use it on that bike. My Kona Process does …

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SRAM RAIL 40 Wheelset Review

The quick engagement of the rear hub is great for technical climbing where you have to ratchet your cranks

SRAM offers three categories of complete wheelsets to cover the spectrum of mountain bikers: Rise, Roam, and Rail. Those monikers probably give you a clue as to each wheel’s intended purpose. Rise wheels are for XC racing, Roam is a general-purpose set, and Rail is for more aggressive riding. Within that last category, SRAM offers the Rail 40 and Rail 50. …

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Mio Fuse Review


Earlier this year, our own Jim Hodgson tested the Mio Link. That unit was very basic, functioning solely as a heart rate monitor that you wore on your wrist, instead of a chest strap. The Mio Fuse, tested here, adds a display and a ton more features on top of heart rate monitoring, making it …

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Canfield Brothers Crampon Ultimate Pedals Review


Labeling anything as “Ultimate” sets a high bar, but that’s exactly what Canfield Brothers did when they released the latest version of their Crampon pedals. Specs Just like handlebars, rims, and tires, pedals are getting the “wider is better” treatment. The broad platform measures 105mm x 105mm (4.1in x 4.1in), which provided ample support for my size …

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Scott MTB Comp Shoe Review


Mountain biking is expensive. We all know this. The thing is, I hate the idea of having to pay hundreds of dollars for a pair of simple mountain bike shoes. Many top-end shoes cost $300 or more, which some people consider to be too much for a complete mountain bike. I thought, “there has to be a …

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