On Review: Polygon Syncline 9


The Syncline is Polygon’s hardcore hardtail (HT) race machine announced earlier this year at Sea Otter. Using a light, stiff carbon frame, Polygon designed the this bike with race geometry, red carpet components, and years of experience around 27.5-inch wheels, resulting in a fast, snappy, and aggressive XC weapon. Geometry Polygon didn’t throw anything too wild …

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Review: Minimalist Armor From Bliss


Of all avid cyclists, the percentage who ride with protection (beyond a standard helmet) is pretty low. Many of us don’t regularly ride terrain that really demands pads, and for those of us who do, the inconvenience simply outweighs the benefit gained. That’s all assuming we don’t crash badly, in which case we will probably …

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Review: 2016 Scott Genius 700 Tuned Plus (27.5+)

Taking the hard line on the Wasatch Crest's rock spine. Rider: Greg Heil. Photo: Jason Sumner.

If you caught my previous plus-size article, you know that I think plus-size tires are the future of mountain bikes. You also read about my impressions of the Scott Genius LT Plus Vs. the standard Genius LT. But Scott is releasing several other plus-size bikes, including a couple different versions of the Scale hardtail and …

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Review: Lazer Ultrax Helmet


Lazer produces a wide range of MTB helmets from XC race to full-face DH. The Ultrax tested here is an all-around trail helmet that packs in the features for its inexpensive retail price of $89. Design Following current MTB helmet trends, the Ultrax provides extended coverage for the back of the head. Lazer also integrates a reflector into …

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Review: Backcountry Research Minimalist Mountain Gear

The Race Strap all mounted up

When I ride, I prefer to carry only the essentials with me: a tube, CO2 cartridges or a pump, and a multitool. I only break out the hydration pack for rides that are going to hit the 4- or 5-hour mark. But sometimes it’s necessary to carry a little more gear with you, especially when …

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Final Review: Scott Genius 930


The Scott Genius 930 is an unsung hero of a trail bike. While it forgoes some of the flash and bling that some other brands offer, the Genius has the ability to radically transform its demeanor and tackle a host of different terrain. This demeanor switch is courtesy of the shock mount chip in the …

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Review: The iSSi Trail Pedal


You may not have heard of iSSi yet, but they are making a strong bid to join the fairly short list of performance pedal purveyors. However, they have a slight twist: iSSi’s line of all-clipless pedals come in a variety of colors from simple silver to bright neon, covering most of the rainbow. The iSSi …

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