Steezin’ in the Dakine Oakridge Flannel Shirt: A Review


Popularized by lumberjacks, farmers, woodsmen, and Pearl Jam, flannel–a lightweight, warm, soft fabric–is also a great option for mountain biking during those nasty, unpredictable transition months during spring and fall. This year, as snow levels recede, so will the layers of your clothing but, depending where you are on the map, spring time is not quite T-shirt time!! The …

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Nalini Miles MTB Shorts Review


Nalini calls the Miles their “baggy” mountain bike shorts, and I’m always excited to get more pairs of shorts like these. I use my bicycle every day to pick up my 5-year-old from kindergarten, and I already get funny looks from the parents and the staff. Somehow, I think they’d be even less accommodating if I …

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Polar M400 Lifestyle Watch Review

2016-02-01 13.30.16

I have owned a couple of Polar products and been pleased with them. The company appears to have a healthy relationship between industrial design and functionality that is rare. Consider the M400 here, alongside a wrist-mounted spaceship from a fruit-based gadget company. You’ll notice that the Polar has some of the same swoopyness without looking, …

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Lifebeam Genesis Smart Helmet Review


Lifebeam’s tagline, “We make the world’s most advanced wearable instruments for measuring human performance,” is a bold one, to be certain. Over the past several months, I’ve used my own cranium as a testbed to verify the efficacy of Lifebeam’s Genesis helmet and determine, once and for all, whether or not I’m as heartless as …

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Seeing Double on Norco’s New Optic Trail Bikes – Test Ride Review

Can you tell a difference between these two bikes?

There’s no doubt that today’s 150-160mm-travel bikes are extremely capable. Most of the current crop of long-legged trail bikes could blow older downhill bikes out of the water. That said, there aren’t many of us that actually need a bike that’s capable of winning an Enduro World Series race. I count myself among that camp, …

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Ritchey Vector EVO Streem Saddle Review


The perfect mate to the WCS Trail seatpost is the Ritchey Vector EVO Streem saddle. Coming in at a scant 175g, this minimalistic saddle will make any weight weenie proud. Putting things in perspective, the Vector EVO Streem is 278mm long and 132mm wide, with a relatively flat top profile. This makes it easy to …

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Dakine Nomad Review


One of my all-time favorite hydration packs is an older Dakine Nomad. It’s a good size for all-day rides, but not huge. The only thing I don’t like about it is the material it’s made from. It appears to be denim, and while that may look cool, it’s just like a pair of jeans: heavy …

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