Videos: Crankworx Whistler Coverage

Crankworx Whistler is in full swing, and videos are pouring out of British Columbia fast and furious!

By far one of the coolest events at Crankworx every year is the Air DH. Combine a high-speed downhill race with massive tabletop jumps, and you’re guaranteed some awesome video footage:

Speed and Style is a relatively new event, although it isn’t the first year it’s been run:

Catch all the action from Crankworx Speed and Style. It’s a race against the clock, where big tricks equal time deductions and strategy is key.

Catch some video coverage here:

The best trick competition is always guaranteed to bring out some massive tricks and some massive crashes along with them. Check out this video from the best trick comp:

With the first Crankworx Whistler held back in 2004, 2013 marks Crankworx’s 10th anniversary. Check out this video which takes a look back at the previous 10 years of Crankworx:

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