Watch: Trail TV Heads to Rapid City, SD, to Ride the Black Hills


Rapid City is home base for an incredible range of mountain bike trails that crisscross the Black Hills–singetrack that includes everything from fast and flowy to tasty technical trails littered with rocks, tree roots, and views that stretch on forever. All at 7,000 feet elevation and lower… Watch now as Trail TV provides a little …

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The Must-Do 3 Days of Mountain Biking in Moab, UT


Moab is considered to be one of the premier mountain biking destinations in the world, and has been ranked by singletracks as the Mountain Biking Capital of the United States. With hundreds of miles of trails, in addition to limitless jeeping trails and climbing routes, it is the perfect destination for any outdoor enthusiast. Aside …

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One Year Later: Is Sun Valley Still Worth Visiting after Losing MTB Trails to Wilderness?


Sun Valley, Idaho burst onto the radars of many mountain bikers in the worst way possible: by losing access to miles upon miles of epic singletrack. If you were reading mountain bike news about 12 months ago, Idaho’s Boulder-White Clouds Wilderness was splayed across the front pages of news sites like ours, with headlines like …

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Sun Valley, Idaho: Your Destination for Endless XC Singletrack

Rider: Greg Heil. Photo: Ray Gadd

“Sun Valley’s brand is high-speed riding on endless, well-maintained trails,” commented Adrian Montgomery, the Executive Director of the Wood River Bicycle Coalition, as we rode up the chairlift at Bald Mountain. And over the course of my three days and 80+ miles of riding in Sun Valley, I found that statement to ring oh-so-true true. The singletrack spiders …

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Dirt Bagging with the Millionaires: How to Mountain Bike Sun Valley on a Budget


If you visit Sun Valley, Idaho in the summer you will see a lot of three things: multimillion-dollar mansions, range upon range of mountains, and endless miles of cross country singletrack. What you won’t see? Crowds of people. According to, the average home listing price in Ketchum is about $1.3M, and the average monthly …

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The Ultimate North American MTB Road Trip: Riding the Top Trail in 56 States and Provinces

Featured Image

Singletracks recently published its annual list of North America’s top trails as determined by you, our treasured Singletracks members. At the end of that infographic, Singletracks Publisher, Jeff Barber, threw out the challenge for someone to plot out the best possible route for the ultimate mountain bike road trip, hitting all those trails. This is …

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