Five2Ride: Mountain Bike Trails in South Africa


While much of the international MTB awareness of South Africa centers on the Absa Cape Epic stage race, you don’t have to sign up for 800km (500mi) of racing and 15,000m (49,000ft) of climbing just to enjoy the great trails that South Africa has to offer. While central South Africa is home to a quintessential …

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Shhh! 15 Under the Radar Mountain Bike Destinations


As mountain bikers, we’re always in search of the next great adventure. While it’s interesting to debate which destinations are “up and coming” and which ones have already arrived, there’s an entirely separate class of mountain bike destinations that are flying under the radar. In putting this list together we consulted multiple sources, including our …

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Five2Ride: Mountain Bike Trails in South Carolina


South Carolina is in many ways the definition of the Southern US. It was the first state to vote to secede from the Union on December 20, 1860, and the cotton heritage still looms large with expansive fields, rural communities, and sprawling plantation houses from the 1800s (source). While one might think that all there …

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Your Next MTB Trip: Spending a Week In Wydaho


Located between Curt Gowdy and Sun Valley, straddling the Teton mountain range is a destination combining the best of both mountain biking worlds from Wyoming and Idaho, affectionately referred to by locals as “Wydaho.” Unique to Wydaho riding is both its geography and infrastructure, providing convenient access to a plethora and diversity of trails. Teton Valley is …

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Slickrocks and Skyscrapers: Molndal Area, Gothenburg, Sweden

Riding the Slickrocks Trail with Gothia Towers and Liseberg Amusement Park in the background. Photo: Greg Heil.

From the outside looking in, the trail networks that infiltrate the city of Gothenburg are indistinguishable when you move from one to another. This is just one of many reasons why hiring an expert local guide is the best bang for your MTB buck here in Sweden (check out this article for more info). But …

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10 Gothenburg Attractions to Entertain Your Family While You Ride Sweet Swedish Singletrack

2015-05-28 20.28.28-1

Let’s face it: most mountain bike destinations are small towns way out in the sticks that just so happen to be surrounded by massive mountains and vast webs of trails. Very rarely do such destinations have anything to keep a family with kids busy while Mom or Dad are out shredding singletrack. However, a city …

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