News: Bell Built Grant to Award $100,000 to Build an Expert Trail in 2015


The Bell Built Grant is back in 2015, with a twist. In past years Bell has helped fund three $33,000 trail projects constructed by IMBA’s Trail Solutions company. But this year, only one trail project will win, but they’ll get … Continue reading

When Bandit Trails Go Legit: The Hangover Trail, Sedona’s Crowning Jewel


The Hangover Trail is the most intense trail of jaw-dropping ingenuity in all of Sedona… and one of the most creatively-built trails I’ve ever ridden. And it–along with all of the other very best mountain bike-legal trails in Sedona–began life … Continue reading

Access Update: The 2015 National Defense Authorization Act Results in Loss of MTB Access


In keeping with the wild and wacky ways of our government, the recently-passed 2015 National Defense Authorization Act (the law which authorizes military spending) included some unrelated riders.  One such attachment was the Columbine Hondo Wilderness Act, which establishes the … Continue reading