Mammoth Lakes, CA: Home of the Kamikaze Games, and Miles Upon Miles of Sweet Singletrack


“So the thing about riding Mammoth is…” Somehow I knew Gabe Taylor, head of bike park operations at Mammoth Mountain, would comment on the elevation. Was it my gasping and sputtering that made him offer this nicely-packaged, handy excuse for me? The one I was just about to deploy? I don’t know, but I was …

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Embarking on a True Adventure: Overnight Heli Biking in New Zealand

Picture 9

When you’re looking for adventure, you can’t do better than heli biking: it’s your ticket to rarely-ridden singletrack and stunning scenery. But you don’t have to stop there; why not take it to the next level and create an overnight experience? As the experts for guided mountain bike tours in New Zealand, JustMTB was the …

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Into the Labyrinth: Mountain Biking the Fjords of Norway


As we fly over snow-capped mountains, glaciers, a rugged west coast that cuts deep into the inland mountains and steep-sided fjords, we are for sure coming into land in Norway, for an unrivalled mountain bike expedition. Why are we embarking on this expedition in Norway? We learned that the Norwegian fjords are relatively under explored …

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Jug Mountain Ranch Is Central Idaho’s Country Club for Mountain Bikers


I was gearing up to ride at Jug Mountain Ranch in Central Idaho last summer and talking to David Carey, who runs the resort/golf course that also has mountain bike trails. He mentioned they had built a new trail called “Berm and Ernie,” and the name made me laugh. It sounded like a great starter …

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“UnVailing” the Aspens in Colorado’s High Country, Part 2: An Epic Ride in Vail’s Backcountry


For day two of my aspen weekend in Vail, the goal was to get well out of town and hit some new-to-me and rarely-ridden singletrack. My map study had revealed an epic loop, rideable from town, which would include exactly that, along with a couple more popular local trails. But it was only accessible by …

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“UnVailing” the Aspens in Colorado’s High Country, Part 1: Vail Mountain and its Extensions


Rediscovering Gold in my Homeland I spent almost the entirety of my adult life moving from place to place across our great nation, and in each new location, I would find things at which to marvel.  When I would share my pleasure in these revelations with my new neighbors, they would cock their heads and …

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Top 10 Bikepacking Routes in the US

Bikepacking in Colorado. Riders: Lindsay Arne, Neil Beltchenko, and Philip Sterling. Photo: Greg Heil

Bikepacking has taken the mountain bike world by storm, with the upper echelon of bikepackers continuing to shatter time barriers and pioneer incredible routes, and even many average mountain bikers are tackling sub-24-hour overnight trips. We first published this list of the Top 10 Bikepacking Routes in the US back in 2012 and since that …

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Watch: Trail TV Heads to Rapid City, SD, to Ride the Black Hills


Rapid City is home base for an incredible range of mountain bike trails that crisscross the Black Hills–singetrack that includes everything from fast and flowy to tasty technical trails littered with rocks, tree roots, and views that stretch on forever. All at 7,000 feet elevation and lower… Watch now as Trail TV provides a little …

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