Projekt Roam’s Weekly Wander: Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, Oak Mountain State Park, AL


Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride lends tires blissful singletrack with a snug, tree-hugging turn from time to time, mixing it up a little bit. When ridden in a counter-clockwise direction, the trail is a smooth, flowing, enjoyable experience. Mr. Toad’s Wild … Continue reading

Projekt Roam’s Weekly Wander: Back in Black Trail, Lake Stanley Draper Trail System, Oklahoma City, OK


The Black Loop, “Back in Black,” is a mile-long trail that is a little slice of awesome in the heart of southeast Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The Black Loop trail provides riders with a jump line, elevated skinnies, and plenty of … Continue reading

Projekt Roam’s Weekly Wander: Berma Trail, Zuni Mountain Trail System, Gallup, NM


When ridden in the downward-sloping, clockwise direction, the Berma Trail is a 3.3-mile straightforward singletrack through ponderosa and mixed pine forest with many wide open sections to accelerate in, and plenty of water bars and rollers to send or pump … Continue reading

Projekt Roam’s Weekly Wander: Brent ‘n’ Mike’s Trail, Wikins Peak Trail System, Green River, WY


When ridden in a clockwise direction for a more descent-oriented route, Brent ‘n’ Mike’s Trail provides a good warm up with a gradual climb. This leads to a sweet singletrack traverse with some grin-worthy descents and undulating terrain that includes … Continue reading

Projekt Roam’s Weekly Wander: Lightning Trail, Oak Mountain State Park, AL


Lightning Trail is a directional, downhill flow trail packed full with jumps, drops, bermed corners, rollers, a step down, and some mandatory pedaling. This playful trail is located in the heart of Oak Mountain State Park in Pelham, Alabama and … Continue reading