Most Popular Mountain Bike Trails in the US and Canada, State-by-State (2016)


Each year Singletracks ranks the most popular mountain bike trails based on the number and quality of Singletracks members’ reviews, along with the number of visits riders make to each trail during the year. This year, we’re also including select Canadian Provinces in our list for the first time! There are many familiar names on this year’s list, but …

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Top 10 Best Mountain Bike Destinations East of the Rockies

Kingdom Trails, Vermont. Photo: Rob Whelan.

See Also: “‘Pisgah Y’all!’ Marin Mountain Bikers Get Snob-Checked in Appalachia“ See Also: “Yes, We DO Have Mountains in the South“ In fact, the entire Singletracks staff has developed a special love and affinity for the mountain biking found in the ancient mountains known as the Appalachians. While maybe you won’t find the same thousand-mile views …

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Riding the Springs, Part 3: The Southwest Complex


Over the past two days, I’ve shared what I believe to be three of the best city/state parks/open spaces for mountain biking, all of which reside in the mid-sized city of Colorado Springs. As great as those parks are, they are just that: parks, oases of rock and pine in the midst of urban development. …

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How to Identify and Treat Poison Ivy and Poison Oak Exposure: The Mountain Biker’s Bane

poison_ivy2 - 1

Mountain bikers are generally a pretty tough and resilient lot. We’ll point our bikes down ridiculously-steep slopes, plow through rock gardens at mach speed, and launch ourselves into the air without a cushion in sight. But there are two plants most mountain bikers just don’t want to mess with: poison ivy and poison oak. Technically, poison ivy and poison …

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Riding the Springs, Part 2: The Other Major Parks: Ute Valley and Cheyenne Mountain


While the riding in Colorado Springs justifiably revolves around Palmer Park, it is but one of many great trail networks in and around the city. The Springs abounds with city and regional parks and open spaces, most of which are highly-worthy mountain biking venues.  Even though they are all part of the same city and fairly close …

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Riding the Springs, Part 1: Palmer Park

With 14,115 ft Pikes Peak always either in your face or over your shoulder, you can't get truly lost at Palmer Park. Photo: Lisa Fisch.

Why Colorado Springs? In 2014, Singletracks published an article rounding up the Top 10 Mountain Biking Cities.  Since then, we have published more in-depth coverage on some of them, but I hadn’t really realized we had not yet given more insight into what made Colorado Springs, my home town, so special to singletrack devotees. When I retired …

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8 of the Most Technical Mountain Bike Trails in the USA, According to the Singletracks Community

Photo: Bob Ward

Technical trail obstacles are the difference that separates mountain bikers from road bikers, sort of in the same way that opposable thumbs separate humans from, say, turkeys. Of course not all mountain bikers enjoy technically challenging trails, but for those who do, we put together a list of some of the most technical MTB trails the USA has …

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Trail Check-in Contest Starts this Friday, July 1! Prizes from Bell, JensonUSA, Light & Motion, Sombrio, and WTB


Singletracks is kicking off a contest on Friday to see who can ride the most unique mountain bike trails during the month of July! Members can “check-in” at trailheads all over the world using our free app or by connecting their Strava and Singletracks accounts. The three Singletracks members who check-in at the most unique mountain …

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