Trail Report: Fat Biking Argentine Pass in Silver Plume, CO


Silver Plume is a small historic mining town located along the I-70 corridor in central Colorado, one of many kitschy attractions en route to the ski resorts that dot the same stretch of interstate. Located in Clear Creek County, an old railroad grade snakes up the mountain that has become a secretly-popular place for hikers and cross country …

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Five2Ride: The Best Mountain Bike Trails in Arizona


In my opinion, Arizona is a largely under-appreciated state when it comes to mountain biking. Too often it’s overshadowed by nearby states Utah, Colorado, and California with better-known mountain biking opportunities. Sure, you’ve probably heard talk about riding in Sedona, but there’s so much more to Arizona than just Sedona. And you might be surprised …

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Five2Ride: Mountain Bike Trails in the Philippines


The Philippines is a mountainous island country in the Pacific “ring of fire,” located just north of the equator. Comprised of more than 7,100 islands, this tropical nation of more than 100 million people features stunning topography, dense rain forests, and incredible beaches. English and Filipino (also known to many as Tagalog) are the official languages of the Philippines, …

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Five2Ride: The Best Mountain Bike Trails in Florida


While the rest of the United States has been blanketed in snow, rendering all but the fortunate owners of fat bikes left to dream of summer singletrack, Florida has refused to participate in the month of January. As usual. While winter is generally a terrible time to consider going to the beach and frolicking in …

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45 Mountain Bikers’ Bikes Confiscated for Riding Unauthorized Trail

photo: Xerien

Over the weekend authorities confiscated more than 45 mountain bikers’ bikes after the riders were found trespassing on Marine base property in California. The riders started out on trails in the Sycamore Canyon area and claim to have unknowingly followed trails into the off-limits area. Military officials confiscated bikes and escorted the riders off the property, leading many …

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Five2Ride: The Best Mountain Bike Trails in Mississippi


The existence of “mountain” biking in the state of Mississippi is a testament to the tenacity of human beings. Not willing to settle for riding skinny tires on pavement, the residents of one of the flattest states in the nation–and the fattest–have built trail networks all across Mississippi that are worth at least checking out …

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The 9 Best Winter Mountain Biking Destinations in the Southwest

Dry slickrock in the foreground on Captain Ahab, the snow-capped La Sal mountains in the background--perfect winter mountain biking! Photo: Heysockmonkey

While the Southeastern US is a popular mountain bike getaway for northeasterners and midwesterners during the dead of winter, riders in the northern rockies need an escape, too! Thankfully, the desert Southwest is flush with epic destinations that receive very little–or no–snow. See Also: The Northerner’s Guide to Southern Singletrack For the purposes of this list, …

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Five2Ride: The Best Mountain Bike Trails in Georgia


photo: Matthew Koehnemann (horton581). While reviving our Five2Ride series as the northern hemisphere plunges headlong into winter might not seem logical, the reality is that mountain bikers around the world are still riding dry singletrack… even in January. One of the best places in the US to ride during the winter is actually the state of Georgia. While …

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