10 Gothenburg Attractions to Entertain Your Family While You Ride Sweet Swedish Singletrack

2015-05-28 20.28.28-1

Let’s face it: most mountain bike destinations are small towns way out in the sticks that just so happen to be surrounded by massive mountains and vast webs of trails. Very rarely do such destinations have anything to keep a family with kids busy while Mom or Dad are out shredding singletrack. However, a city …

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Gothenburg, Sweden’s Maze of Singletrack Is a Technical Mountain Biking Playground

A classic slimy, technical Gothenburg descent. Photo: Greg Heil.

I first learned of the mountain biking around Gothenburg, Sweden via Hillside Cycling’s amazing photos, which we’ve featured as Photos of the Day many times here on Singletracks. I saw that there was great technical riding and entertaining trails to be found there, but when I started doing more research on it and realized that …

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Video: Coldwater Mountain Shredit With Eric Porter and Cody Kelley


The mountain bike trails at Coldwater Mountain in Anniston, AL are incredibly fun but no video (including my own) had been able to capture how truly excellent these trails really are. Until now. Check out this video from IMBA showcasing the Coldwater Mountain Trails with riders Eric Porter and Cody Kelley. Warning: You may end up …

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Nominate a Trail as an IMBA Epic

2014 inductee, Australian Alpine Epic, Mt. Buller, Australia. Photo: imba.com

Last year we wrote about IMBA removing a number of trails from the Epic list and “retiring” them to the Epic Hall of Fame. Well, if you’ve always thought that IMBA had the list wrong and was missing a key epic trail, now’s your chance to nominate it! IMBA has opened up online nominations for the latest …

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Mountain Bike Oregon: Kickstarter Campaign to Make “Randyland” a Reality

Photo: Randy Dreiling

For 11 years, mountain bikers from all over the world have been coming to Oakridge, OR as part of Mountain Bike Oregon, a 3-day “mountain biker’s dream vacation.” Both 300-rider summer sessions routinely sell out, which just goes to show what a great event Mountain Bike Oregon has become! Now, Mountain Bike Oregon promoter and …

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Five2Ride: Mountain Bike Trails in Western Australia


Western Australia is Australia’s fourth most populous state with just under 2.5 million residents. However, given that Western Australia covers roughly a third of the country-continent, the state’s population density is less than half that of the least densely populated continental US state, Wyoming. Much of the state is actually arid and uninhabited, with roughly …

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Trail Ninja Video: Never Mind The Quantocks – Chris Smith And Dan Milner Ride Southwest England

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 12.52.17 PM

Green hills, rocky trails, enchanted forests and wild otters – the Quantocks have it all. The Quantock Hills are one of south west England’s best natural riding spots and the Trail Ninja joins local bloke Chris Smith for a fast lap of some of its best offerings. The fact that Chris races 4x, is ruddy …

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Five2Ride: Mountain Bike Trails in South Dakota


“Mountain biking in South Dakota?” you might say. “Really??” Answer: Yes, really. However, the 5 highest-rated South Dakota trails on Singletracks are all located in western South Dakota, which is actually quite hilly. Perhaps you’ve heard of this area before: the famous Black Hills. The top South Dakota trails are split pretty evenly between two …

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