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This trail network is typical of what Colorado has to offer... a technical granny gear ascent up 1800+ ft on the Maverick trail with spectacular views of the surrounding Rocky mountains and wildlife. The downhills can get pretty gnarly as well with lots of rocks and log dropoffs. We didn't get to ride the entire network because we got caught in a thunderstorm, luckily we hid out in a cave on the Mustang trail until the storm passed. Pick up a map at the parking lot as there are several trails to explore!
added by Guest June 27, 2004
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Trail features
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Q: Does it cost to park? -Guest

A: No. All Jefferson Country (JeffCo) parks are FREE FREE FREE. Just no overnight parking in the lower lot. If you are camping, then you have to drive around the back side and park there.

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Granny Gear

March 11, 2016
snell13 Granny Gear  
Review: Still some snow on Maverick and Sawmill but super fun. Only saw one other person and that was on my way back to the car.

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September 7, 2015
John Fisch Epic  
Review: Belcher Hill? It doesn't take long to progress from 'belch' to 'hokkaluggi' to full blown 'hurl!' What a climb! This joins Mt Falcon, Chimney and Bergen in the pantheon of gut-busting front range climbs.

Never fear, though, it's all quite worth it. Even with the crowds typical of front range/Jeffco parks, (they thin out pretty quick), this is a marvelous place to ride. That climb makes for a great descent, and other trails up high make for some great loops. Maverick in particular was great fun, as was Longhorn and Shorthorn. I'm looking forward to going back when the Mustang reroute is complete--it should make the place even better.

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Granny Gear

June 21, 2015
remarkpk Granny Gear  
Review: I had read the other reviews about the Belcher Trail being a pretty steep climb, and it certainly delivered. A few technical spots on the way up but mostly just steep and rocky (2 - 5 inches in diameter, no pebble). I would definitely recommend starting in the morning when the sun is behind you. The trails are largely uncovered and exposed, so a mid afternoon ride is going to be hot. Remember to wear sunscreen for sure. I joined up with the Longhorn trail for the loop back down. Fun, flat dirt singletrack and also exposed. Pretty steep with big steps going down in some spots. Unfortunately, I blew a tube and had to walk the rest of the way back, but the remainder of Longhorn is flat, fast, and non-technical. A few ups and downs. There is one steep climb after you cross a little stream, but from there it's mostly downhill the whole way back to Belcher. Bring plenty of water on a hot day. If you want a ball buster going up, this is your trail. I will be heading back to check out more of the trail system, and I'll be sure to bring a spare tube or two with me the next time!

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Bunny Hop

February 3, 2015
kaseytea Bunny Hop  
Review: Belcher hill is a lung busting SOB. Not a very technical climb but probably one of the steepest climbs in the front range. We went the Longhorn to Shorthorn trial and they were awesome and had really fun technical stuff to mess around on.

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December 9, 2014
rcraft6826 Trailblazer  
Review: I rode White ranch for the first time today, and must say its one of the steeper trails your going to find on the front range. To really get into the trail network, its about an 1800 foot climb to the top of belcher hill trail. While the entire way up is rideable, make sure you brought your extra set of lungs because the ascent will punish you if not. From there you can take a right onto the rawhide trail and get into the rest of the network which for the most part is flowey. For those that are wondering, the mustang trail is still closed from last years flood, so you can either get back down by flying down Belcher the way you came, or you can finish the loop out by heading down Longhorn trail, or connecting into whippletree at the very bottom. Overall I would rate this network a black only because of the steepness and length of the climbs, but overall the actual trail conditions are much closer to blues. I would recommend this trail for anyone who is looking to get some amazing views of Denver, but also someone who will enjoy the extremely fast descent back down!

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May 11, 2014
Ash Bobye Gramcounter  
Review: This was a great trail! I underestimated it as my first trail but I managed. My friend, however, had a harder time. The downhill definitely made the climb worth it.

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Granny Gear

April 30, 2014
paul304 Granny Gear  
Review: The climb up Belcher Hill isn't very fun but it's well worth the downhill. We rode up Belcher Hill down Mustang. We wanted to continue down Mustang but it's still closed due to flood damage at the intersection of Mustang and Sawmill, so we were forced to go down Sawmill. The portion of Mustang we were able to was good downhill single track technical. Sawmill was single track for a bit then turned into a road. Wish we could have done Mustang all the way down because Sawmill was a lame road. Once it linked back up to Belcher we road down to Maverick took that to Longhorn then to Whippletree back to Belcher then to the parking lot. This section was very fast single track downhill with some decent technical sections. I could do without all the flood logs but it's the price you have to pay sometimes. Overall awesome ride, I plan on doing this one many more times. I highly recommend this trail system.

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August 12, 2013
Review: Open, and in good shape. Belcher is a little sandy in places on the climb. A few rattlers out. Love this trail!!!

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June 25, 2013
jkey6 Gnarly  
Review: Belcher Hill is a really challenging climb because of all the loose rock that can be very frustrating on a bad day and the altitude makes for a hard ride. I was thinking I would be rewarded with some excellent downhill after close to 2,000 feet of climbing, but when I rode Mustang back down I was really disappointed by all the wooden retention bars placed all over the trail. This was clearly not designed with mountain bikers in mind. Without all the 2x4's in the trail it could have been really awesome. I took Belcher back up to Maverick, which was by far the best segment, and then down Longhorn which was plagued by all the wooden planks in the middle of the trail which made a good 1/3 of the segment unrideable for me. Then you have to hike your bike out from the bottom of Longhorn. Overall I might go back to White Ranch if I'm feeling particularly cocky, but it really made me curse a lot more than the other trails on the front range. But seriously, why is this the only trail around that has a ridiculous amount of wooden planks as part of the construction? This place could be so much better.

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February 5, 2013
JFahringer Poseur  
Review: Pretty sweet ride, there was snow on about a 1/3 of the trail (shady areas and one whole section of the rawhide trail) but it was still manageable. I think I made the mistake of riding the whole thing counter clockwise, I just turned right every time I could. There was 2 sections where I had to walk pretty much the entire climb, it was either to snow covered/muddy to get a good run at it or just to steep and technical. Next time ill definitely, do it clockwise.

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White Ranch MTB Trail 4.15 out of 5 based on 49 ratings. 49 user reviews.
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