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added by TMac Trailblazer on February 10, 2006
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Not a very technically challenging trail, but deceptively challenging to your fitness level. Nice loop.
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rangelinenaturepreserve on February 17, 2013
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Review: 1900 S County Road 275 W, New Castle, IN is the listed address, but that won't get you to the park entrance. The "map it" is slightly off too. Type
"2036 S County Road 275 W, New Castle, IN" in googlemaps.com and that will take you to the park entrance. After passing the guard shack stay right and follow road about 1/4 mi to first parking lot (on left). Park there and follow bike signs painted on pavement to trailhead (approx 1/8 mi further down the road).

The trail is directional. It goes counter-clockwise around the reservoir and is easy to follow.

A short distance into the trail it will merge with the horse trail. Please be courteous. This is the only shared section and it is very short (100yds?). Follow signs to stay on bike trail. The trail crosses the horse trail a couple more times, but does not share. The direction of the bike trail at these intersections is obvious (straight across at 90 degress).

The trail is deceptively long. It is exactly 10 miles, but seems much longer. Take extra water, a tube, and CO2 or pump. It's not real technical. It's just a good long loop. The trail has a natural look and feel. Other than a couple of obvious bench cuts it seems like no tools where used to create the trail tread. That's one of things I like best about it. I rate it intermediate although there is nothing hard. It is narrow single track with a few climbs that beginners might have to walk. There are eleventy million bridges which make it interesting. It wraps around the reservoir so there is no shortcutting back if you get tired or break down. Make sure you are prepared when you leave the parking lot.
Approx ride times:
Racer: 50~60mins
Fast casual riser: 1 hr
Casual: 1.25~1.5hrs
Beginner: 1.5~2hrs

Westwood is near the top of my list of favs.

Similar Trail: Rangeline Nature Preserve's intermediate trail with more climbs

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Bubblehead10MM on November 19, 2012
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Review: Bare Right from entrance to TH parking. There are separate Horse and bike/hike trails, bikes ccw hike cw. Park maps claim 10 miles but by GPS it's 7.8 with 2006 ft climbing with only a little over 200ft from the base of the dam to the high point. This is a tough trail, but not very technical. Just a ton of trail with some scary exposures to shear drops. Awsome work out. Some minor features like a log pile and water pipes , and burms. Hope I get back to do it again.

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roach4092 on October 12, 2012
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Review: Got to ride there this summer. Was awesome. Wish I had the time to had done another loop but was just traveling through Indiana back to Pa.

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rickb on June 7, 2012
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Review: After 700 miles of paved trail this year so far, this was my first real MB trail. Paying attention is key! Be ready for the unexpected! Heart racing climbs and exciting downhills! Watch the many roots! Overall a blast! When can I go again?

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KKeg14 on May 13, 2012
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Review: This trail was a fairly easy ride but watch out for some tough climbs that come out of nowhere (especially toward the end of the trail). There are also a lot of roots on the trial. I kept catching the roots as I was going uphill and it made me loose my momentum. I counted around 20 bridges on the trail as it wound around the lake. There was also a lot of overgrowth on the trail when I was there; my legs were pretty cut up by the end from all the brush. The best part was the nature on the trail, especially seeing 2 deer! Overall, a very enjoyable ride that I'm ready to do again!* Review edited 5/13/2012

* Review edited 5/13/2012

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treky92 on October 5, 2011
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Review: This is a great trail that seems to be rarely used but still well-maintained. Most of the trail is hardpack with one washout that has a temporary bridge currently. There are several short climbs and a ton of roots in the trail. Overall, it is not too technical though.

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cmfergus on September 27, 2008
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Review: This is a fun trail. Not very crowded, I think I was the only one on the trail the last time I was there.

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HollidayRoad on November 13, 2007
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Review: This is a very fun trail. See deer about everytime i ride it and a few new technical challenges have been added in last year. It's easy, but a good aerobic challenge with longer, steeper hills towards the end. Never too busy, but see a few riders and share trail with horses now and then.

Similar Trail: Brown County

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dolittle63 on July 15, 2007
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Review: This was a very fun ride. The curves are quick with a few sharp, hair pin turns. For a fast loop with fun terrain, ride this trail. We rode this mid July and the loop was in great condition. Definately the fastest 10 miles I have mountain biked. This trail can be ridden by any level riders, but is also fast and fun for advanced riders. ** Also coming in from I-70, the road you turn on, CR-200S is marked as Riley Rd. at the intersection of Rt 3.

Similar Trail: Ceasars Creek, Waynesville, Ohio, just south of Dayton

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TMac on August 9, 2006
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Review: Some nice trail work here! Smooth singletrack with a lot of variety. It takes you through fields, pine trees, and tight flowing singletrack. Nothing too technical, but deceptively aerobic.

Similar Trail: TRTP

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malaby on June 18, 2006
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Review: I am so impressed with the work being done by HMBA across the state. Westwood Park is a well maintained, dedicated mountain bike trail that, when dry consists of 5 miles of big ring blaze and 5 miles of aerobic ups and downs. It gets really boggy when wet and does not drain well, however, so avoid it for a while after it rains. I wsh there were route options, or the occasional side trail - maybe someday. Also, HMBA membership helps with entrance fees!

Similar Trail: Easier would be Town Run in Indy, Winona Lakes is a bit harder and equally aerobic.

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Westwood Trails MTB Trail 4.09 out of 5 based on 11 ratings. 11 user reviews.
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