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added by Rob Gramcounter on September 27, 2006
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Take a compass or GPS, as this is a substantial trail network. There is forested single track, double track and a smattering of access roads. Grunt climbs, fast, twisty downhills, both technical and not, it's all here. Most of the trail is in the trees, with great results when the Aspens turn.
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jkey6 on July 13, 2014
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Review: This trail system is pretty awful. Just a confusing and ugly network of fire roads, campgrounds, and mediocre singletrack. After two years of riding the front range I can say I have never given a trail two stars but this place is a waste of time considering all the great places to ride in this region.

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gregval on June 12, 2013
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Review: The trails are decent, even with all the tree removal work done in the last year. A bit bumpy where the equipment has crossed. Sections are quite steep and rocky, and you will do some hike-a-bike there. The Hobbit trails were pretty good; Hobbit 2 had almost no trees now.
I couldn't get into a very good flow for much of the trails south of Haul Rd; steep rocky sections interspersed enough. Re-root was good, but again, much of the tree cover is now gone.
The trails north of Haul Rd really are rough and up/down quite a bit, with more horse activity in the east sections. (Stable right there near the main road)
I think the trail surface may improve some as more people ride them.
For me, the 50 minute drive is a bit too far to be worth it to come back.
THe maps at the TH match the trail marking numbers. I couldn't find a map like this on the ForestService site. I used a Boulder Mtn Bike Club map, which was pretty good.

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Guest on June 12, 2013
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Review: While the trails are still there after all the tree removal work, some of the trails are pretty bumpy now, a result of the equipment running over the trails. Hobbit 2, while a nice trail, is mostly in the open now, with almost all the trees removed there.
The ups/downs tend to be pretty steep and rocky, particularly on the north side of Haul Rd. (Really a waste to ride much of that)
Re-root is pretty cool and windy.
Never found a real good flow to any of the trails; there was too many up/down rocky sections to bike/hike through.
Horses use many of the trails, and can beat them up a bit. Lots of interspersed forest roads. Trails have Forest Service signs on them; not sure where you can get a map like the ones at the trailheads. That would help a bit. I got a map from the Boulder Mtn Biking club, which was good enough.
For me, this wasn't really worth the 50 minute drive; there are much better trails closer.

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alskoj on May 25, 2013
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Review: A nice change of pace from the Boulder and Lyons trails. A solid 3.5 stars. I enjoy the high country so I rated it a 4. We parked near the main road and biked about a mile to the trail head. You can drive to the trail head and save about a mile but either way it's no big deal. Bring a GPS device or a good map. Our Runtastic app on our iPhone helped us navigate through the area. Lots of campsites and logging roads also.

Similar Trail: Buffalo Creek

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Guest on May 25, 2013
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Review: This trail is a nice change of pace from the Boulder and Lyons trails. Very wooded at times. Has both smooth/flowy sections and very rocky sections. 20 degrees cooler here than on the front range. Elevation is almost 9000 feet so air is a bit thin. We used our iPhone and Runtastic GPS app to find our way around the area. It was very helpful.

Similar Trail: Buffalo Creek.

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John Fisch on May 26, 2012
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Review: I ran out to catch this one before the USFS closes it for the summer, maybe longer. As a highly touted trail network close to other trails I really like (Sourdough, S. St Vrain, Buchanan Pass), my expectations were high. In the end, I found it to be an okay ride, but not worth the drive. There were interesting spots, but long stretches of less interesting trail inbetween. I'm sure it's better to go with a local who's mapped out the best routes. Even taking that into account though, I can't account for the popularity of this trail.

Similar Trail: Sourdough, South St Vrain and Buchanan Pass and the entire network that connects these trails. Also Golden Gate Canyon State Park.

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Bwpaulk on October 5, 2011
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Review: A LBS near Boulder recommended this trial instead of Betasso. I wasn't disappointed. Found our way to Sugar Magnolia for a good down, then up hill romp. The TH map is vague and outdated, but re-root was great fun. Some sand, yes, but not much. Check out the videos

Similar Trail: Buffalo Creek, Heil Valley Ranch

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halfamonkey on August 9, 2011
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Review: I rode this today for the first time and it blows. There are logging trucks everywhere and sand pits around every bend. Driving up there from Boulder was a big disappointment. Should have just ridden the Betasso like I usually do...

Similar Trail: The sand pit at the Valmont Bike Park

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carsmcd on June 3, 2011
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Review: Awesome Trails!!! I will be coming here a ton!

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Hawkeye1846 on August 11, 2010
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Review: Good flowing singletrack. The key to avoiding the sandy trails and trails more heavily use by equestrians is to stay south of CR 132. More parking is available down CR132 not just by the hwy. Some newer trails are available where Root Canal is listed on the map called Re-root. Most of the trails in this area outline the camping areas. These trails often cross jeep trails accessing the campsites. The jeep trails offer easy access back to your car or to other trails.

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nejmensi on September 4, 2009
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Review: In response to the "negative" comments: The trick to enjoying the Nederland area trails is to know the trail network. There are LOTS of trails in the West Mag area of which the perimeter trails are the most interesting and fun, some run as far south as Rollinsville (Schoolbus comes to mind) easily building up to a 20, 30+ mile ride. Those trails are more technical and rewarding than just dinking in the immediate West Mag spaghetti network as those reviewers have. The East Mag trails (Red Dot, Blue Dot, Reboot, etc.) are not as popular or shown on most available maps and tend towards more challenging, technical and steeper climbs and descents. There are several spots I challenge one to ride over (log crossings, rock drops, etc.). The locals (myself included) don't readily advertise all the biking possibilities around Ned, of which there are many (including trails that bring you back to Boulder), and prefer it that way! Having said that, the best map to purchase is the "Boulder Nederland" one by Sky Terrain. Even then some trails are not listed and the best bet is to talk to some locals to find them...

* Review edited 9/4/2009

Similar Trail: South St. Vrain

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cromagno on August 30, 2009
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Review: Very fun twisty trails. Some good climbing and quick descents and a nice speedy run through an aspen grove. there is some sand in sections that you have to push through but nothing to kill your buzz. Very pretty in there, the forest is sort of magical feeling and earns the names Hobbit 1,2 & 3. My friends were complaining about too many unnecessary tight turns on the trail as it does snake a lot.

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kuala_tahan on July 31, 2009
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Review: Great trail network. I used to think there was nothing too tough here, but every time I go back I ride new trails and this place has everything; tough climbs, some fun downhills, real nice stretches of singletrack, rock gardens. Easy to get lost in this network, but that's half the fun of riding. Good place to explore some trails, as there has to be about 40-50 miles of trails back here. Go mid-day and explore like crazy.

* Review edited 9/30/2009

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dannyboy5280 on June 5, 2009
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Review: was not impressed with this trail what-so-ever. kind of view it as a waste of time. cool campgrounds though. trail was loose, and someone along the way babied the trail and doctored some of the very few "obstacles" to make them easier to get over. at one point the trail comes pretty close to a private home, looks like the kids that live there are experimenting with north shore ladder bridges and what not, give them a few years experience and that might be the plus to this trail, the only one

Similar Trail: high line canal or the bike trail (sidewalk) along south platte river

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erictw83 on September 16, 2007
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Review: This trail is really fun. Nothing spectacular though. Nothing really in the way of climbing or crucial decents but some nice rolling, twisting singletrack in sections. Worth a look. You can put in 15 to 20 miles easy winding through all the trails and dirt connecting roads

Similar Trail: Buffalo Creek!!

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Jurassic on June 15, 2007
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Review: Not sure what arnolda14 is smokin', but there are so many trails up here, West Mag, East Mag, Dot Trail, it's easy to get turned around. Good thing is at any given point, you're not far from where you parked. Lot's of tight sweeping trail, some quick descents through tunnels of trees growing over the trail, and some stellar views of the Indian Peaks and occasionally Longs Peak. Lot's of trail and routes up here to explore.

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arnolda14 on June 6, 2007
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Review: If you really enjoy slogging through inch-deep sand then this is the trail for you. It's almost completely flat and to call it "loose" would be a compliment. There's one cool spot called the Carwash where the aspen have grown over the trail, creating a kind of tunnel. But other than that, it's pretty disappointing. We had more fun just driving around but the tread was in too poor of shape for the bikes.

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West Magnolia MTB Trail 3.29 out of 5 based on 17 ratings. 17 user reviews.
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