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Difficulty: Intermediate bike trail - Intermediate
Length: 15 miles Global Rank: #1525
Tread: Singletrack Configuration: Network
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Average Speed: 7.4 mph Average Time: 2hr 4min
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Nice twisty and technical single track with some jeep roads, situated across the Snoqualmie river from the small farming town of Carnation, WA. Follow the signs to the John MacDonald park and after unloading the bike head across the suspension bridge (be sure to walk the bike) to the trails. Once across the bridge, head straight up the hill and into the woods. The steep 1 mile climb to the top will give you a REALLY nice warm up. At the top are some jeep roads and a whole bunch of single track snaking through the dense woods. Best to go in with someone that is familiar with the trails as it is very easy to lose your bearings even with a map.

added by mtnmojo Gramcounter on September 18, 2004

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fat_squirrel on December 22, 2012
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Review: This area is more oriented towards XC/Trail riding. Plenty of options for almost any level of rider. Most trails are twisty single track with a roots, rocks, and roll-overs. The initial climb up IAB (It's A Bitch) is a good warm up on those cool mornings. There are many trails in the area, way more than can be conquered at one go. Though a few words of caution as you may come across a few horseback riders during the peak riding season.

Similar Trail: Saint Edwards/Big Finn Hill

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stempson on October 18, 2006
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Review: Just went to Carnation the other day...really nice singletrack...not too difiicult but a nice cruisers, found amateur map online that helps some to navigate but lots of trails not on the map.

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mtnmojo on May 7, 2005
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Review: 1 mile climb up to the trails. Once there, lots of single track to explore.

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