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added by Feltrider Gramcounter on September 14, 2008
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Tke the Goldmine trail (approximately 1.1 miles uphill on wide trail) Take left onto SanTan for approximately 1.5 miles. At this point you will reach a T. Go to right for the San Tan trail and approximately 4 miles of singletrack or hang a left to shorten the ride on Moonlight. San Tan takes you back into the park to some nice scenery. There are some sandy parts in the beginning due to the recent monsoons. Trails are fairly well marked.
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Tom Geml on March 24, 2015
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Review: Very challenging trail for me, I'm used to less steep single track and road riding. The first 1.5 miles is a steep winding rocky climb from goldmine trailhead. When you've reached "the bench" you've essentially finished the hard part of the climb from goldmine.

The climb is worth the reward, forward from the bench is some nice downhill and moderate climbs, this trail is a MUST VISIT if you live near it!

Make sure to give the hikers and horse riders warning, I tend to slow down and make my presence known so i don't roll through them and 20mph coming down hill.

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Guest on January 15, 2015
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Review: I really love this place!

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bowhunterwalker on December 7, 2014
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Review: The description doesn't do the track justice. Best to park at the end of Wagon Wheel Road off Empire. There is only one entry from there. A couple hundred yards up the start is a turnoff to the right, Dynamite Trail, or straight onto Goldmine. Goldmine sucks for MTB. Very very steep and rocky. Dynamite is a pretty cool trail climb to the summit. If you want to keep it short, turn back at the summit for some pretty fun and flowing DH. 3 mile round trip in all. For longer, drop off the summit and. Follow the trails signs. In all, there is roughly 20 miles of trail. Watch for hikers! They pay no attention at all!

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ChristoStad on December 30, 2012
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Review: Nice ride. Some sandy spots in washes. Plenty of riding even if you avoid the sand. Some rocky climbs, etc. nothing too challenging, but a good workout, pretty scenery and fun trails. Lots of horses ... not sure why some riders have a problem with them ... all the horsey people I have net are really nice. All in all, a very nice ride.

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kirkastroth on December 24, 2012
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Review: Had a great time following the Dynamite Trail up and over the pass and down into the main trail area near the eastern trailhead. Very doable but stay off the steep main trail.

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moncor on December 4, 2010
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Review: I was riding San Tan park the 4th of dec 2010 for the first time and what a deception it was. Tracks are not too bad until I tried PM (malpais) trail and the south east part of SA (San Tan) trail. It is a farce, ending pushing my bike more than 1 hour in deep sand following arroyos (dry river bed) more than 2k. I returned to TH. at Phillips road pass dark, not a good experience for a new trail. I guess the designer of this trail hates mountain bikers and hikers too, we never ask the horses sharing the trail if they like walking in deep sand for so long. It is just too bad they did not bypass these sand traps because the rest of the trails are not too bad, rolling desert, sandy but managable. With all the excellent trails around Phoenix you can forget San Tan park.

* Review edited 12/4/2010

Similar Trail: Usery Mountain Regional Park or Mc Dowell Mountain Regional Park for same level without the sand

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Feltrider on January 5, 2009
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Review: Yes, Hedgehog has been widened to a double track width but switchbacks have been added and I have to say with the rain over the last several weeks the trails have compacted quite a bit and it has returned to a fun trail. Not too difficult but fun. I ride SanTan to Hedghog back to SanTan and down Goldmine which adds up to roughly 5.5 miles each time around. I agree though that Moonlight is fun too. Make sure to keep an eye out for horses. I have not had a ride there in a while where I have not come across a few.

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dgswiss on December 30, 2008
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Review: I was there last a year ago. I loved the loop Santan to Hedgehog, continue onto Santan and return on Moonlight. It's only 4.2 miles but it's so much fun, I could ride that loop all day. Has that route been affected by the "trail improvement"?

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Feltrider on November 23, 2008
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Review: The park management has apparently decided that taking buldozers onto the trails and widening the singletrack into doubletrack and making it 6 inches of loose sand and dirt is a good idea. This trail is loose and a struggle to ride especially the back portion of San Tan trail. Goldmine and moonlight are still mostly untouched. Unfortunately I think the horseriders have pushed this concept and convinced the right person that ruining the trails in the name of an animal is a good idea. I am very disappointed at direction they have taken and unfortunately I have to say that I would not recommend driving all the way to Queen Creek to check it out anymore. I would spend my time going elsewhere. I hope over time this changes.

* Review edited 11/23/2008

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Feltrider on September 28, 2008
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Review: Recently added new signs and new names to trails. Start with goldmine over to SanTan and then left on Hedgehog back to SanTan (take left) and head back in for a roughly 6 mile loop. You can also add an additional 4.1 miles by staying on SanTan rather than going down hedgehog, but this is a new addition and I have not been that way yet. looked like some parts were pretty sandy.

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Feltrider on September 14, 2008
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Review: Trail has a nice combination of uphill climbs with some downhill reward. has singletrack with some technical riding as well as fire road-width trails. Good trail for beginners and intermediates (weekend warriors like myself). Every once in a while cross pass with horses. Ask station for map when you are there. They are very friendly and will answer any questions they can for you. Park #'s: Main- 480-655-5554 and after hours- 602-526-0843.* Review edited 9/28/2008

* Review edited 9/28/2008

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San Tan MTB Trail 3.18 out of 5 based on 11 ratings. 11 user reviews.
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