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Ridge Trail To Pole Steeple Overlook
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Difficulty: Easiest bike trail - Easiest
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Tread: Fire Road Configuration: Out & Back
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This is a gravel and hard pack fire road that goes out the ridge (~North). Good views, easy climbs, not real tough but requires some athletic ability.

Ride this trail out about three miles to the left turn (described later). NOTE: This road comes to a split, go left. It bypasses an old section of the fire road here. They rejoin after a short climb.

(After the bypass) Take the SECOND left. It will go a short distance and cross the Appalachian Trail (This is legal, do not ride on the AT!!) This is a 5 way intersection. Two major trails cross and one narrow single track.

The narrow single track shoots off BETWEEN the left turn (AT) and the straight forward (The trail you are on). There is a sign posted on the tree.

Take the narrow single track about 1/4 mile to the base of Pole Steeple overlook. You'll come to a bench. Drop the bikes and walk up to the overlook. (a lock may be a good idea but I rarely see other people except on sunny weekends) Return the same route.

Binoculars, plenty of water, a snack and a camera all come in handy.

added by Slow Gramcounter on April 2, 2010

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Slow on April 2, 2010
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Review: Just adding the difficulty. Expect climbing. Fire road is not smooth.

* Review edited 4/2/2010

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