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added by maddslacker World Champ on September 13, 2009
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This is a 1 mile bike park/pump track. The climb is straight and very gradual and the downhill has banked corners with a few berms thrown in. There is nothing technical about the singletrack at all, but it is fun for a few laps.

The trail is a one-way loop and the direction of travel is clockwise.

There are no hikers allowed so you can go nuts on the downhill without fear of running over anyone coming up.
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Keven_Winder on October 19, 2013
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Review: Rhyolite bike park keeps getting better! There is a team of volunteers as well as great community support from Castle Rock Bike & Ski and the 6202 cycling club. As a result the community makes steady and incremental progress so each year the downhill lines get smoother, burms get dialed in and more people enjoy this place. They even have a youth downhill race in the fall ages (5-17). This year the new sessions park arrived with 3 very decent lines that will improve as they settle in. This is a great place for kids to develop solid skills and for the skillful to have a blast. Every skill level has something to enjoy here and if you don't want to jump, then take a few laps around the top of quarry mesa. I'm excited to have it in my back yard and I invite you to try it out soon.

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Joshb976 on June 27, 2012
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Review: For a place like Castle Rock, CO to have it's own downhill park...well that's pretty progressive of them. Although this is not the most amazing park it does have a lot of potential as long as people are willing to raise it to that bar. there is a map at the bottom of the hill that explains how the trail system works and the signs at the top are simple to understand so you don't end up on the wrong trail. The initial uphill to the tracks is pretty easy so beginners should not be worried. Once at the top just follow the signs to the difficulty of the trail you want to ride. The beginner trail is very straight forward with some ok downhill and a few pump sections with turns. The intermediate area has slightly more aggressive downhill sections with a few jumps mixed in (beginners have no fear they are simple jumps) with some nice banking turns. Here's where this track falls a bit short of it's goal. The bridge between intermediate and difficult is very big. You go from very simple jumps on the intermediate system to much larger jumps on the difficult area (granted they mark this area with double black). All in all if you want to try something different this is a fun place to get a few runs in. As this area is expanded I think it could be something special for the area.

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Guest on April 21, 2012
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Review: There are 3 different down hill sections rated: green, blue, black. The black has wooden ramp jumps and a bank board. Allows for jumps and tricks. All three down hills are quick half mile decents. It is a half mile easy climb to run the down hills as loop. The pump track is very short and seems suited for bmx. The climb up to the loop is easy but it is a good climb. The praire loop at the top is easy and can be ridden fast. The loop is about 1.2 miles. I rode 10 miles there which took many loops on the system. It is nice to see a town make a bike specific trail system. Now we need more technical single track between Parker & Castle Rock.

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John Fisch on July 12, 2010
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Review: There's a mild climb up to a couple non-technical downhill runs. Nothing to get excited about as of now, but it looks like there's big plans for numerous skills development areas. May be more wirth the trip when complete.

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lycrafightshortsguy on September 17, 2009
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* Review edited 9/25/2009

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maddslacker on September 13, 2009
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Review: One-way, one-mile pump track loop

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Rhyolite Bike Park MTB Trail 3.00 out of 5 based on 6 ratings. 6 user reviews.
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