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added by Guest on September 3, 2004
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most start by going across the damm (it`s ok to ride across it) then ya can take the red trail all the way around the lake counterclockwise,at the north end ya have to go out on the road rt170 then back on the trail at the r/c air port parking lot thats about 9.5 miles.the other is to start the same way but take the yellow trail at the start by the red go right take that to the blue then the white then the green to the orange to another green to another red (that`s the clif trail real kool) down the hill and out to the road again to rc parking lot start back the red on that side till ya see a white trail on your right up the hill take it back to main lot.that is about 17 miles but its better if ya go with someone who knows the trails,i`am always available.
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on Aug 17, 2014
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Guest on November 5, 2014
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Review: Sorry I don`t want to put anyone down or bash on people but if you find this trails system hard then really it`s more your skill level & fitness level because I ride here all the time on a rigid singlespeed & never have a problem & I`m in my 50`s

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Jeff White on August 17, 2014
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Review: not for the faint at heart. bolder rock crossings, stumps not cut flush,uphills are steep..

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Guest on June 5, 2013
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Review: I rode this trail yesterday--started at the dam and rode counterclockwise. I took the east loop around the east side of the reservoir and the west loop around the west side. Overall, the east side is more difficult (technical and more climbs) than the west. The trail is very well signed throughout and a map was very helpful to have along for my first time! This trail system seems to be very well maintained, too--I didn't come across a single downed tree on the entire loop!
Maybe this next part is just because I am visiting from Michigan and used to the trails there, but this trail system seems to be a hiking trail first, biking second. There are MANY rocks and roots, making it very difficult to build any speed at all and forcing the ride to be extremely strategic and technical. There were even some areas that I was forced to walk (granted, I have a bike without suspension :-)).
I truly do appreciate this trail system and the hard work that people have put into it--I will be back to it to go running for sure! :-) However, between the pounding on my bike and extremely technical riding, I will probably stick to running.
Again, I'm not trying to knock the trails at all--I just want to make sure that people know what they're getting into! (and take into account that I'm a flat-lander from Michigan :-))

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shopkins74 on May 29, 2012
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Review: When I arrived at the park, I was briefly disapointed to discover that the dam area was closed. I was almost led to believe that the entire park was shut down due to dam construction, but I drove down to the boat ramp on 170 and was relieved to find out that it is indeed open to the public. My ride started clockwise from here and I went as far as a 45 minute ride would take me in that direction, turned around and spent another 45 coming back. All in all, an excellent area for the intermediate/advanced rider looking for some tight singletrack and fun surprises. The West side of the lake is extremely tight single track, rooty, rocky, but visibly maintained. Not too much climbing on this side, but enough change in elevation to change up your speed a little. If I wasn't alone I would have probably picked up the pace somewhat but since it was my first time at Prompton, and with little to no cell signal, I didn't want this ride turning sour real quick. The west side ends in an open field and from there you have to briefly ride 170, make a right at the first intersection, and continue your ride on the right side entrance (this is another good place to park if you want to skip the west side entirely). However, parking is very limited. The north side is where it really got interesting. Bike in, cross the little wooden bridge and start climbing. This is a really soild climb and would compare it to most of the climbs at Wiss Valley in Philly. You will be rewarded the entire climb with cliff like views, pine forest, and the the sound of the creek to your left. Beautiful. Once up top you have some choices on trials. I decided to ride Cliff Trail, Blueberry Trail, and Pine Creek Trail. By far, Pine Creek Trail was the best simply for the constant switchbacks, compact surface, stream crossings, log and rock overs, and the speed I could afford to build. This is surprising well-maintained by some generous fellow riders (hats off to them for this). The trails are clearly marked and directional signs are posted at trail intersections so you can customize your ride. I didn't have the time to explore like I would have liked but will definately spend more time up there next ride. I came back down Cliff Trail and decided to ride Sidewinder Trail on my decent. Again, very tight single track, "rockovers" galore, and a general switchback motion all the way down. A challange especially if you want to hit it with speed. This is about as far as I got before I realized I was out of time. I will return to hit the remaining 3 quarters of the park but will need to bring some fellow comrades to get the competitive juices flowing and put my "loner hesitation" too rest. I definately could have shaved 10-15 minutes off my ride time (in a good way) if I wasn't worried about trail markers or ending up lost, or even worse...Lost and Hurt.

* Review edited 5/29/2012

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dirtrider6 on October 30, 2010
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Review: My first time there, Lee had a good knowledge of the loop, Trail conditions wet and very slippery, tons of moss covered rocks and thousands of slimy roots on the trail. Trails are very rural, meaning they are not groomed, very rough tough n.e. PA. singletrack. Check out video I'll be adding, Lee is on a Redline single speed 29er, I'm on a Gary Fisher HiFi Deluxe 29er.

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alicegershuny on April 25, 2010
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Review: I work up in this area during the summer - I've been told this park is currently closed for redevelopment for at least 18 months or so.

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Robert_Ost on July 28, 2008
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Review: Ride this trail many times 5-6 times monthly. Always finding new hidden gems in the many secondary trails. This is the best trail in Wayne/Pike counties. Must be added to all singletrack wish list.

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sckinz1 on June 20, 2006
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Review: Very good ride. Crossed the dam and went straight back to the periphery trails. These follow the ridge for the most part. Lots of twisty single track, rocky areas, and surprises. In many places it was difficult to see the trail ahead. I plan to go back but this time I will make a complete loop around the reservoir. This was just far enough above my skill level to make it challenging but frustrating. Many muddy areas that could use some attention.

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Prompton St Park MTB Trail 4.17 out of 5 based on 8 ratings. 8 user reviews.
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