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added by fadeto Granny Gear on October 13, 2005
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There are a few trails in the park; Otter Creek, Valley Overlook and Red Cedar. Trail maps can be picked up at the park (see map link above for a copy). The Information Center (1.4 miles from the entrance, just past the Nature Center) is open all the time. The Nature Center and the Office should also have maps on hand. The trails allow you to make up your own loops, ask a local for recommended routes. The trail has some hills and technical sections with plenty of log crossings, roots and rocky sections.

The trail system is managed by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife. It is open from Wed to Sun. It costs $10 a rider to ride. The two MTB trails are Otter Creek Trail and Valley Overlook Trail. KyMBA Louisville leads trail work every fourth Sunday at 2:00pm. Real time trail status can be found at
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on Sep 27, 2013
cavedweller on October 23, 2014
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Review: The $10/head gate fee was a deal breaker for me. The trail isn't terrible but def not worth $10 bucks. i have paid $5 for IMBA Epics....this is no Epic. I rode here a few weeks ago, the trail was sorta maintained...downed trees were cut but the trail has several wide, rooty eroded areas. There are a few spots with nice views but they are off the main trail. This trail has potential but needs a lot of TLC and and big price cut at the gate.

Similar Trail: Cherokee Park

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rpmarheine on October 6, 2014
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Review: A once great trail system has lost its appeal due to high hate fees and poor management. The main trails have been widened to allow park officials atv access. Other trails have seen little to no care and have gotten overgrown.

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MrHainey on April 23, 2012
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Review: The trails are now open and available to the public again. It currently costs $10 a rider per trip or $100 for an annual pass. Trail work volunteers ride free on trail work days. Trail work is the 4th Sunday of each month at 2:00pm. There are over 12 miles of trails open to mountain bikes. Check the KyMBA Louisville page for trail status, trail work and group rides. We're working hard to get it dialed in.

Similar Trail: Obannon Woods SP, Indiana, Waverly and Cherokee/Seneca Parks, Louisville KY and Youngers Creek in Elizabethtown, KY.

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erinsings on June 25, 2011
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Review: This park is open again and the trails are open. just went there today. There is one section that is covered in sediment from recent flooding but is not closed. It does cost $3 per person to get into the park now but I wanted to make sure to get out the info that the park is reopened.

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Travis_Clester on June 23, 2009
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Review: This park has been closed due to budget cuts.

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mikehills on July 22, 2008
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Review: be ready, its a good trail alot of backtracking if you ride to the ohio river. some parts really difficult if just beginning

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RideorDie on June 6, 2007
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Review: Great trail system to work your technical skills over obstacles such as roots and rocks. This place has a lot to offer in the local area and is a great spot for someone just getting into the sport to expand their capabilities. There are also plenty of variations to try, so you won't get bored by hitting it over and over if you live in the local area.

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fadeto on May 17, 2006
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Review: "All information on this trail was written by Scott Cropper and came from the KYMBA official website. It was completely plagiarized to get the word out and maintain a consistency in content. Please visit their site for trail maps and other great information. Fadeto"

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rtate on April 9, 2006
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Review: This trail has a lot to offer. There are many different loops you can do. You can use the paved park roads to make your own custom trail by jumping around. There is a nice mix of downhills, roots, mud (in season) and ruts. You can get some good speed up, but always be alert for the next challenge! Some portions of the trail are shared with hikers and horses, but it never seems to be too crowded. I love to ride past the campgrounds and smell the campfires burning...

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Otter Creek MTB Trail 3.29 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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