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Oil Creek State Park
Avg Rating: (4.00 out of 5) 2 trail reviews
Difficulty: Intermediate bike trail - Intermediate
Length: 70 miles Global Rank: #1833
Tread: Doubletrack Configuration: Network
Ridden: 7 Wishlist: 3
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the trails i've ridden out there are some of the most technical trails i've ever ridden especially the one that goes to the waterfall. the one that runs the ridge on the south is killer, it's fast hard packed dirt and used by some light vehicles.

most of the trails are hard packed old trails or a combo of animal or vehicle trails
you can email me questions if you want

added by redleg1-7FA Granny Gear on March 20, 2005

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schupp411 on November 17, 2008
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Review: Tons of uphill! I just rode this trail on 11/14/08 and there are a lot of leaves on the trail which made for decreased traction, especially on the uphills. The trail is supposedely over 70 miles but I only made it about 12 starting from the first trail head, near the park entrance, for Gerard hiking trail. The sun was setting fast and luckily there are many areas to get back to a road which provides easy access back to the beginning. There are quite a few wooden bridge crossings and steps obviously made for hikers with little to no trany which makes the trail technical. Take tons of water and go early to see how far you can get.

* Review edited 11/17/2008

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tjohnston on April 18, 2008
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Review: This is actually the Gerard hiking trail and it is against park rules to be on the trial in anything other then shoes. It is off limits to bikes. It's a great hike though.

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