Trail is Dry
on 9/28/13 by swerverider
Nature Center
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Length: 8 miles Global Rank: #2217
Tread: Singletrack Configuration: Loop
Ridden: 8 Wishlist: 4
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This trail is kinda a butt kicker. You start the climb steep right out of the parking lot and continues for 4 miles. Then you stop at the bathroom witch looks like a wood outhouse. The trail will be on the left. Its pretty shaded with oak canopys and there is at least a 40 foot drop off to the side on some parts. Once you get down most of the way you will hit a split in the trail at a camp spot. You go left and keep going till youre at the nature center buildings then find pavement road and turn left. You cant miss it. Just a word of caution. Be NICE to the hikers. Bikers are bairly allowed on trail.

added by Altitude30 Bunny Hop on March 20, 2010

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