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added by Guest on July 24, 2003
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first thing you have a killer climb for over 1 mile. followed by some sweet twisty singletrack then a descent with some rock sections and some nice sweeping turns. the second loop is easier and faster with one major climb half way followed by some fun rollercoaster type fast and twisty downhill. building more trails across the river. look for the bridge in the campground
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walzjl07 on February 5, 2015
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Review: This was the first real trail I ever rode, and up to this point, it's been my favorite. I lived just a couple of miles away, and would ride the short loop (the first 4 miles, with a cut that brought you to the 24m marker) multiple times a week. The full trail is AMAZING though. I just wish I had taken better advantage of the close proximity of the trail when i had it. The first mile is pretty rough, then goes into some fun twisty trail.. I think around mile 7 or 8 it really opens up for about a mile, a long straight slight downhill. There are a handful of challenging rock gardens and some spots are pretty root-filled. All in all they keep exceptionally good care of the trail. (At least they did when i was there)

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danemls07 on August 3, 2014
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Review: One of the most technical trails I have ever done but it was awesome. I hope to be here in the future and ride this trail again!

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PierreR on October 13, 2013
8 out of 8 readers found this useful
Review: Mohican trail is truly a fantastic trail. Very worth while going out of your way to do. Drainage is good and the trail us usually rideable when other trails in the area are to wet.

scenery is beautiful, especially in full autumn colors (3td week in October). There is nice camping all around this area as this area is one of Ohio's best recreation areas.
This is not a wimp trail due to the length and amount of climbing involved. This is not a trail you toss a bottle of water into the bottle holder and off you go. The climbs will put most riders into the anaerobic exertion range enough so that proper fueling, sleep before hand, fueling along the way and hydration with electrolytes is necessary for a good days ride. For most riders allow about 4 hours for the entire 25 miles. It's a very good idea to ride this trail with another person as there are plenty of places where a crash can send you out of sight to others. There is a 100 mile bike race on this trail yearly for those that are beyond my advice.
If you have more than one vehicle in your group it is a godsend to spot an extra vehicle at the covered bridge or at the mile 15/16 parking area with food and ice cold drinks. There is no trailside water along the trail except a detour at mile 8 to the left.

I am not in the group that considers the first climb to be killer. There are enough flat breaks in it to relax enough to keep the burning down. After the first climb the trail follows the ridges up and down with fair flow. There is a rock garden with a few switchbacks around mile 3-4. There is a bail point at mile 4.4 that goes back towards the parking area. This first 8 miles of the trail are two way so be cautious. In the section from mile 4.4 to mile 9 there are many rooty climbs and benched out areas along the way. There is another bail out at mile 8 and at 9. After a winding climbing section from mile 9-10 the trail is mostly fun fast down hill to mile 11 at the covered bridge.
The climb from the covered bridge starts a hundred yards up the road on the right. Get ready, this is a killer climb without any breaks. If you are having any trouble up to this point or are low on energy you may want to continue up the road to where the trail crosses back over the road or continue up the road to the mile 15 parking lot. From the bridge to mile 15 section is mostly uphill and lacks downhill sections. Many people bypass this section.
From the mile 15 parking lot the trail has more downhill than uphill and is the flow section for the whole trail all the way down to mile19.5 where it crosses the road again.
Passing across the road and up the trail for many bikes is very tough. The trail looks like another tough climb and the road is all downhill back to the route 3 parking lot, civilization food and beer. Tough choice.
From the mile 19.5 to the camp ground at 24 is mostly downhill with shorter climbs. There are some switchbacks with technical sections, lots of fun. From mile 24 back to the parking area is a short interesting section of mostly down hill but you can encounter mud and more hikers.
If you completed the entire trail congratulations, many say they did but did not actually do it all. Many skip the covered bridge to mile 15 but consider it complete as the road climb from the covered bridge to the mile 15 parking lot is still a long relentless climb.

Similar Trail: In a class by itself locally. Maybe Vultures Knob.

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malva on August 17, 2013
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Review: The first mile or so were a smack in the face for me since J havent bikes in a while. Good amount of climping with a lot of rock gardens and rooty sections that would make hill climbig tougher. I did not do the whole 25 miles, had to bail out but its pretty well marked. The trailhead is just to the left of the entrance (park office) across the parkig lot.

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passmeanotherredbull on August 1, 2013
1 out of 1 readers found this useful
Review: Best overall trail in Ohio. Rideable just about all year around. Plenty of climbing, plenty of downhills, plenty of pedaling. Technical rock sections. Nice scenic views. Great maps, great trail markings each mile. The 24 miles are pretty tough, you are happy to be done. I usually start at the covered bridge for my loop. Plenty of places to camp in the Mohican River area, plus canoeing trips. Loudenville have some decent food choices, pizza place right down the street is preferred. Place is great!

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Rghjr7806 on May 16, 2013
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Review: What a great trail! This is 24 full miles of mostly winding singletrack with good flow. Although it is not loaded with technical features, there are plenty of roots, a few log piles, and some fantastic rock gardens to challenge you.
Due to the length of the trail and the absolutely killer climbs, bring plenty of water and some food too.
This is the best trail I've ridden in the Great Lakes Region.

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rangelinenaturepreserve on February 20, 2013
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Review: 5 star for sure. I drive 8 hrs round trip 2x per yr just to ride this trail. I really like the single loop trails instead of networks. Little chance to get lost. Just ride and follow the PVC mile markers. No map needed because there is only one trail. We can ride with a group and the fastest rider only has to stop at planned rest stops. And I believe it is directional, ccw. At least that is the direction I see everyone going.

One of the best trails I have ridden!

Similar Trail: I dont know of any other single-loop single-track with good mileage

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Guest on February 20, 2013
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Review: You can park across highway 3 from the park entrance and ride the trail under the bridge into the park. That short trail will merge with a paved road. Follow it to the park entrance. Cross the park entrance road and go into the woods. You should see the trail. Off to the left as you enter the trail is a message board, but it is easy to miss. Climb a few feet and look for the narrow single track trail on the left. This is where the climbing begins.

There is a killer climb for the first 1.5 miles. Steals all your energy before you get warmed up. And if it's a cold day, you will be sweating within 1/4 mile. Hot day...well, um, just take lots and lots of water. The climb is rideable, but long. Once past that there is some fine single track for many miles. The trail is marked every mile with mile markers. There are a couple of questionable turns. Look for the mile markers. If you go more than 1 mile without seeing one then you took a wrong turn.

At some point you reach a grassy lane with rolling hills. You can really get some speed there. Follow this for about a mile then be looking for the bike trail to the right. This spot is easy to miss because you will blow right past it on the fast grassy lane. Plus, for some reason, there is a sign that says "Trail" pointing down the grassy lane.??? Confusing. This is a three way intersection. Take the narrowest trail that switchbacks hard to the right.

When you cross a stream (approx 1/2 way), climb up the gravel/dirt road to the covered bridge. Go through the bridge and pedal up the paved road for couple hundred yards. Look for the trail on the right. Do not take the hiking trail immediatley after the bridge. Pedal up the pavement a ways. Keep your eye open for the trail because it is easy to miss. It is narrow and is another long climb so be thankful for the pavement section.

At mile 15ish, you cross a paved road and enter a parking lot with picnic tables and restrooms. I suggest you use them both. I know 15 miles does not sound far, but the climbs made me hungry. Plus there are more climbs later. The next couple of miles were the funnest for me. Twisty trail through pine forest. Real neat looking.

At around mile 23 the trail crosses a small wooden bridge and dumps you out onto a paved road. This is the road that goes through the park. Trail markers are lacking here. As you come out of the woods keep going straight over the 2-lane concrete bridge and directly into the woods on the other side. As you enter the woods you turn right. In a very short distance you will turn left and be climbing what looks like an old jeep road. Be looking for the bike trail on the right. It's not very far up that road. Once you make the right turn you will start seeing campsites below you on your right. You will see them all the way to the end of the trail. The end dumps you out almost at the same spot you started. 24 miles total.

This is a very fun trail. 99% of it is well marked and maintained. I consider this an Epic Trail and is on the top of my list.

Similar Trail: I know of none that has this much single track in one loop.

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Oldcog on August 30, 2012
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Review: I've ridden a lot of trails in Ohio, and this is the best one by far. It is a 25 mile loop. It has great scenery. It will *kick your butt* if you are not in shape. Most of it has great flow. There are a few technical sections that can catch you by surprise, especially at the end when you're whipped. Make sure you take a break at the covered bridge and stop at the fire tower (you can climb to the top for a good view). I don't know if it's possible to have an "epic" ride in Ohio, but this is as good a trail as I've ridden anywhere in the US.

Similar Trail: Nothing like it in Ohio that I've ridden. Maybe Lake Hope in Appalachia comes in second.

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Demonrunner on August 23, 2012
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Review: If you like uphill climbs you'll love this trail Lots of uphill climbs with plenty of downhill rewards..overall this trail was a blast I just wish I lived closser so I could ride it more often

Similar Trail: Vultures Knob

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irishpitbull on June 8, 2012
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Review: Awesome trail. Should be an IMBA epic.

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thegaurdsman07 on June 7, 2012
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Review: This trail is no joke, really great time though. A LOT of climbing. Sent me home with some stiches but overall tons of fun, all 24 miles of it.

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oneeyeredeye on February 27, 2012
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Review: rode 2/19/12 in good shape. couple of muddy sections had to dismount and acouple of trees down around 13 other than that just a great trail. big climbs big downs.

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mtn417 on November 12, 2011
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Review: A 24 mile ribbon of singletrack with a fair share of roots and rocks. I rode the today 11/12, gorgeous day. Had never been and rode the the entire thing. Was concerned about leaves before riding, trail was pretty clear for the first half but the second have was quite covered, especially the last few miles. I was hoping for awesome flow, this trail does not have that. It is 24 miles of pure singletrack that you dont need to dismount from but hard to get speed up, the downhills are short and not gradual, just seems like a lot of long ups and very quick downs. Granted, this is still an AWESOME trail, just not fast flowing like I had hoped, averaged like 8mph

Similar Trail: Lake Hope - Way better flow Findley - shorter, but also more flow.

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rabbitt on November 4, 2011
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Review: Flow is fantastic . Options of starting and ending points . Nice climb from Covered Bridge .

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oneeyeredeye on October 10, 2011
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Review: great trail. lots of climbing. good downhills. make sure you got plenty of water. atleast two litres.

Was this Review helpful? Yes | No on July 23, 2011
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Review: Rode it first time today - awesome fun flowing roller coaster ride - can't wait to come back!

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MINIC on November 3, 2010
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Review: start with a nice gradual climb and you are on your way. Has lots of rolling switchbacks. Another climb and then weave your way back down, repeat multiple times for a fun ride. Very well marked.

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watch4me on October 18, 2010
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Review: 24.5 miles. I wouldn't recommend riding solo. Trail isn't really technical. But if you crash you could fall along way down. Big hills to climb. And also big hills to ride down. Place beats me down. But I love it and will ride there any time I find someone to ride with.

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bikenut1 on August 17, 2010
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Review: nice trail. good climbs. some nice steep downhills. need to have atleast a half gallon of water with you. but the only thing i didnt like is how rough the entire trail was. lots and lots of roots and rocks. loved the natural rock gardens though. right now trail will beat you to death unless you ride fs.

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JoeDurst on April 24, 2010
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Review: Mohican State Park's 24+ miles of singletrack kicks a$$! Went there for the first time on 4/21/10 with a friend. Stopped by Kim's Bikes in Loudonville first to rent a MTB. (Support this local bike shop, you won't regret it) Trail was in fantastic shape, has a great tempo and has some of the best scenery of any trail in Ohio. It is also very well marked and has a mile marker at every mile. Bring plenty of water, I would recommend at least 2 liters if you're planning on doing the entire 24+ mile loop. Cheers!

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shonkjp on June 17, 2009
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Review: First off, this is a 24.5 mile loop, not a 12 mile loop. My friend and I went camping at Mohican State Park and challenged the full 24.5 miles. This was the most physically challenging thing I've ever done. There are steep hills to climb. We ran out of water at mile 18. I suggest brining a lot of water. I'm in pretty good shape, but this whipped my b*** pretty good. Enjoy it, but be careful! I also would advise to pack plenty of tubes and tools for your bike. The course has a way of beating up even the most expensive bikes!!

Similar Trail: Only ridden at Mohican and MOMBA, but Mohican is much longer and better.

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JT29er on April 13, 2008
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Review: We started at the main trailhead across the street. That is the worst part of the whole thing, no changing area. I guess we could have drove across the street to change then drive back but that is a waste of time. Anyway the trail was so much fun the whole ride is just get after it. Starts with a nice slow switchbacking climb then you encounter some fun rockgardens, the best part of these is they were already there and the builders just laid out the trail right over them. The trail had a lot of climbing as the profile map shows none should best you and most are pretty fun to climb. From mile 9 to the covered bridge it is pretty much sweet downhill. After the bridge the serious climbing begins. You pretty much go up for the most part till mile 15 when you hit the other trailhead. I think we are going to start from here next time. After this the downhills begin and it is a blast. You pretty much go down more than up but you still go up a bit all the way to mile marker 21. From 18 to 19 it is so fricken fast feels like a 10th of a mile marker you pass in your car on the way here. That is a great bonus here are the mile markers every mile. Once you get to mile marker 23 you will get to the campground from here go across the bridge and go back on the trail to the right. This was the worst part of the trail very mucky in sections since it is the flatest trail here. All in all 25 miles from the parking lot back to it. 90% singletrack a bit of double but some take you through grids of pine trees like I saw riding in Wisconsin at Kettle Moraine

Similar Trail: Mountwood, Lakehope, BCSP

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buxfan75 on March 27, 2008
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Review: Amazing trail! 2800+ feet of elevation gain. That's more than some of the good trails out west! It drains better than any other trail in Ohio - it's almost always rideable. It winds through some beautiful old pine forests and along ridge tops... very scenic! Anyways, start at either the main trailhead or the covered bridge. Carry plenty of water and spare tubes, the trail has a few nasty rock gardens. Love this trail, thanks to all the volunteers that made it happen!

Similar Trail: Mohican Wilderness, Lake Hope, Great Seal, anything in Colorado or Moab!

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Jeremiah_Hoeflich on August 16, 2007
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Review: The beginning of the ride from down near the intersection of SR 97 and SR 3 there is a nice 1.5 mile climb with plenty of switchbacks but it is still a good work out... great trail with plenty of challenge as well as some speed.

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tstmarie on July 16, 2007
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Review: Great ride. Pretty well marked trail. When you first start uphill make sure you go left when it forks. Otherwise you will be going up the DH trail. Once you finally make it up the long climb, the rest is a blast. The only thing to be careful of is that the trail crosses the DH trail several times, so just make sure and look uphill before crossing. There are some decent rock gardens, nothing like the advanced sections of Dillon State Park, but still a lot of fun.

* Review edited 7/16/2007

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tstmarie on July 10, 2007
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Review: FUN, FUN, FUN. Well maintained and just a blast to ride. Also, the trail is very well marked. However, you better be in mountain biking shape if you expect to finish the whole 24 mile loop.

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kleinman on June 13, 2007
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Review: Trail is now a 24 mile loop, as the good people at the Malobar Bike Club have added a lot more trail. Start out for the first 8 miles as described before. Then just before mile 8, there is a shart right for the new section. Follow this and a few miles later it will spit you out at the covered bridge. Now time to climb. Cross the bridge and about 50 yards on the right the trail starts again. Climb up some pretty steep switchbacks and eventually you will arrive at a gravel parking lot. Next section of trail runs through some pines, and is a great flowing section. When you cross the road, things get a little more technical, with some rocks, climbs and drops. The last mile though is a great downhill, and drops you out in the camp site. Cross the bridge over the river and pick up the last half mile of trail before the road turns right. This drops you back out at the trailhead. This trail rocks, and is well worth a visit.

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rcarselle on May 24, 2006
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Review: Mohican State Park Land has long been an untapped resource of land ripe for mountain biking trails. The only thing previously there was snowmobile trails that were of no interest to mountain bikers. Thankfully, this has all changed with the building of the new Mohican State Park Trail. This Trail has more in common with Lake Hope than with its big brother Mohican Wilderness. About the only similarities to Mohican Wilderness are that you start off climbing and the trails are both about 8 miles in length. You will begin by gradually climbing for the first mile or so. Itís a nice gradual climb that is completely doable in middle ring for most. The trail designers made nice use of switchbacks to wind up the hill. I found this a much more pleasant climb than Mohican Wildernessís initial long brutal climb. After the climb you will start doing some ridge riding. You will encounter some roller coaster type terrain and the trail begins to become faster and the miles start flying by. There are a few rock gardens for all you tech heads. Nothing as extreme as Dillon or West Branch, but a decent challenge nonetheless. When you hit mile 4 the trail is very fast and you start encountering some downhills. Miles 5-7 are the highlight of the trail. Youíll get into some very fast downhills and hit 2 bridges that are preceded by a 90 degree turn and a short steep drop. Fun Stuff! Towards the end you will hit a climb that is a challenge in middle ring. When you reach the top you will be on a ridge with breathtaking views to your left. This ridge is 400 feet up and drops both sides. Mile 8 comes all too quickly. You can ride the trail back or ride the road back. I rode the road back and if you take the covered bridge roads back, you get an awesome set of downhills and climbing. Good workout.

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Mohican MTB Trail 4.75 out of 5 based on 29 ratings. 29 user reviews.
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